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Monday, December 30, 2019

Looking ahead to 2020

Yvonne at Quilting Jetgirl is hosting a 2020 Planning Party.
I thought I'd join in, and then I thought I wouldn't but now I've decided I will!
Planning for the new year is something that I've done in the past with limited success. One thing I do quite well is write a post in January and then never really thought about it again!!
But I'm thinking that, at least if I join the planning party, it's a start with trying to focus, prioritise and putting ideas into words.
It's a springboard for further thought, a little more accountability than if I do nothing!
At the start of 2019 I drew up a simple mind map that included the important things I wanted or needed to work on. It included things I'd committed to financially (particularly those things that have a bigger outlay) as well as other wants and needs for the year. Being a good size, visual and right next to my desk, I found it a useful piece of paper. I did actually refer to it often and I did actually double check it when I was finishing a project or starting something new.
It wasn't necessarily something I stuck to, and everything on it wasn't necessarily made/finished/etc but it was a useful tool.

So I'm going to do that again - I've got the start of a chart and will add to it as I get myself sorted.
Gosh my planning has barely started but it's getting full already!
I'm very good at getting my projects to a certain stage, putting them aside to come back to but not doing so. With that in mind I've signed up to two year-long parties for finishing projects. By doing this I hope to have some extra motivation and answerability which may help me meet some of my goals. A bit of cheering on from the sidelines never goes amiss either :-)
The first sign up —
Cheryll of Stitching Cubbyhole has issued a WOOFA challenge (Working On or Finishing A UFO).
For this, Cheryll is making a -list of projects to work on ... or even better... finish during 2020 (to quote her words).
So I'll be adding her WOOFA button and a list of projects/ufos to my sidebar when I get a chance.

And the second sign up —
Screen Shot 2019-12-06 at 11.47.00 AM
Quilting Gail is running the PHD project in 2020.
I'm going to accept this challenge as well. It would be amazing to achieve my PHD in 2020!
(Where PHD stands for Projects Half Done.)
How does this one work?
To quote Gail -
We finish UFOs and we FINISH all projects that we start in 2020. We finish what we start so that the UFO list does not increase! (And, gulp, we have to list at least 12 of those projects.)So this is a pretty tough challenge but, if I can pull it off,  it will be most beneficial!

Plenty to think about, and to add to this year's mindmap.
Scrap Invasion —I sewed a lot of small scraps this year and made more blocks for my Omigosh quilt. Because it takes 1" strips/squares, it doesn't use up a lot of scraps.
I love making these but they don't use enough scraps fast enough!
And my scrap bins are overflowing, I cant walk past a lonely scrap without scooping it up and putting it in a (scrap) bin. This coming year I need to re-join Angela and the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I love some of the quilts made where participants have sewn the same block all year e.g check out Sally of Objects of Design and her Piglet Mayhem quilt. Preeti did the same with her International Sisters quilt blocks. So I'm thinking I'd like to do something like this with my scraps in 2020. Watch this space :-)
The above plans make me seem very virtuous. While I will be busy meeting my goals (I hope!), I do know there will be the odd DREAMi and Squirrel moment. I love the regular linky Sandra of mmmquilts does.
Activities I Host on the Blog
This celebrates those - ahem - moments we have where we have to drop everything and start something new. As this happens to me, I'm sure I'll be linking up too. 

I think this is enough thinking for now. I need to make my lists for the WOOFA challenge and PHD work.

Just to finish, I looked after two small children today. I was very happy to see the beanbags I made them for Christmas in use!

'til next time (on this 30th day of continuous blogging!),
happy stitches,


  1. I've just been having a catch up on your last few posts. You have been busy and I've enjoyed seeing what you achieved during the year. I've been trying to set some goals too, but haven't put them to print. Maybe tomorrow. I'm trying to keep it rather simple and achievable. I hope you achieve all you wish for. Have a Wonderful new Year and hopefully our paths will cross at Baradine.

  2. Yesterday I finished the top of a 1930's applique quilt that I have been working on off and on for 4 years, Such a satisfying feeling to have finally got that far. Although I really really want to start a new project I have waiting, I will be disciplined to work on current projects. Wish I could carry that determination to other areas in my life!

  3. Sounds like awesome plans and goals to work toward.

  4. Like you Raewyn I have joined Cheryll this year for WOOFA , also will sign up for OPAM with Kris and make my list of UFOs to sew along with the Sunday Stitchers .....Good luck with your projects this year.
    I will be joining RSC this year for the first time....

    Love the beanbags being transported in the John Deer truck!

  5. I wish you a fun and quilt filled New Year!

  6. The Oh My Gosh quilt is sooo pretty. I love it. I'm thinking of signing up for the rainbow challenge!

  7. So much to do...
    But worth beyond measure, seeing something you made in use

  8. At home I have at least 50 quilt tops waiting for me to quilt them. Here, at my dad's home, I have 2 sandwiches ready for quilting and one more waiting to be pinned. I'm planning on getting them finished in January. Then I will be starting on a new many things I want to do, so that will take some narrowing down! Good luck with your organization and completion of projects! Love seeing your been bags being hauled around!

  9. I like to print out my goals to be able to refer to during the year as well. I don't want to be tied to them as things can change a lot in a year, but they can be helpful when I'm not sure what to do next. I hope you have a great year and a lot of creative joy as you work on you 2020 goals and projects!

  10. well done for keeping up in December with the daily blogging. Lots of lovely linky parties to join up with for 2020.... all the very best to you and yours...

  11. There is no WAY I will sign up to Gail’s great idea that it is as I know that I will not finish every single project I will be starting in 2020! AND 12 UFOs to boot? Forget about it (said with a Bronx accent lol) Im glad you follow squirrels too dangerous as they ‘may be to inhibiting getting PhDs! I like you mind map way of doing the list too

  12. I think you are going to accomplish so much in the coming year with your plans and goals. Can't wait to see all you did at the end of 2020!

  13. Good luck with these goals Raewyn. The two finish alongs look a bit daunting to me. But I suppose it doesn't matter if you get your pHd or not.

  14. Gosh... so many helpful and funny abbreviations to help us get things done! I think the dreami one is very apt! I was just reading a comment about someone's projects that are "just a twinkle in her eye" and thought that was also a good description!

  15. Lots of linky parties for you this year. I find a deadline helps me get things done, I am too g to try and do a bit map like you have done to try and keep on track and not have too many squirrel moments!! Looking forward to your 2020 projects.

  16. Hope your plans go well and that you get a lot of motivation from these groups. Good luck.

  17. Is work going well? To stick to blogging is enough to show that you are a persevering person and will succeed.


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