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Monday, December 9, 2019

A day with the Sopwell ladies

(...and Jamie and Claire).
(Watching the Outlander series while I sew.. I've just started Season Four.)
I knew I had a day to myself today so decided to get busy on my BOM project, The Sopwell Ladies Basket Society. Because it has so many fabrics I like to pull it out when I know I have the time and space to spread out.
I have been doing bits and pieces of it lately, and today it was time for some turned under machine applique.  And lots of small circles.
I usually make my circles by gathering fabric over template plastic. It works well apart from it being difficult to get the circles exactly round as I cant cut the templates smoothly enough. Time to pull out my newly acquired Perfect Circles by Karen Kay Buckley. I was excited to see if they really were as good as they say.
I didn't realise that there were four of each size which makes it handy when you have lots of circles to make. They slip onto a supplied ring - easier to sort through them rather than diving into the bag all the time.
I loved using the Perfect Circles - they are really accurate and mine are Nearly Perfect!
I prefer to baste my applique shapes down. I've tried pinning - they moved too much, and I've tried glueing but I find that messy. (I never seem to get those tiny, neat dots of glue I see others do!)
Basting is a bit untidy perhaps but it suits me. But once I've done my invisible zig-zag, it doesn't take long to pull them out.
By the end of the afternoon, I had this part of the block sewn —
It was great to make some progress. I'm enjoying how this is coming together
'til next time,
Happy stitches,

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Scenes on Sunday

Here we are Day 8 of my 31 day blog writing challenge!! As it's Sunday, I've decided to have a wee breather and just post a few photos that I took today :-)

Looking from the cowshed towards the back of the main farm.
 Cows catching a nice breeze on a muggy day.
Near the cowshed showing a huge 'Old Man
Manuka' in flower
Quail on a post nearby We have a family or two of Quails that live close to the
house. I've been trying really hard to get a decent photo!
Pretty happy with this one!
Then slightly to the left, we had a Tui singing in a Gum Tree. My camera was
on maximum zoom - the Tui must have been 20 metres or more up in the top
The small local primary school runs a Trail ride each December. It was on today. It goes through quite a few local farms and takes about 1½ hours to get around. Lots of noisy motorbikes. You may have to enlarge the photos to see anything!
ED and I took the kiddies out the back to see if they could see their Daddy or Uncle. (No luck.) They both went around twice and had an 'awesome' time apparently.
Coming through the neighbours towards our track
Turning onto our track. A tight turn if you're going too fast.
Lily enjoyed waving at the riders. They weren't too interested!
And then up and over the hills and far away.
"If I can't ride those bikes I'll have to get onto the buggy..."

'til next time,
happy stitches,

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Friday Night with Friends and Family

I spent my Friday evening babysitting two wee toddlers. Once the house was quiet, I settled down to carry on with the afghan I've been working on lately. Although I thought I'd leave it for a while because of the summer heat, it's easy to pull out and put away when there are interruptions. 
Steve helped
And then he helped a little more
And even offered to help lay it out to check my progress.

I'm definitely getting somewhere with it!
I had one little squawk at about 9.30pm. Apart from that it was very peaceful. Thank you Cheryll for inviting us along to share in with Friday Night with Friends.
This morning there were more Ganma duties and I had a last minute birthday cake to make. No time for fussing with decorating. It was still a little warm when I spread the ganache but still looked quite edible!
While it was cooking and cooling I made the next two Temecula Quilt Company blocks for their Tiny Tree Sew Along. 
The first one was Broken Dishes
They had made the next one, called Homeward Bound, in brown so looked to be part of the trunk. While hunting out some brown scraps I came across a partial orphan block. 
I sometimes get laughed at for my extreme scrap collecting , but I was pleased with what I did with these bits.
We needed to make half square triangles and I realised I could cut some ready made ones.
A bit less sewing to do.
And a completed block —
The edges of these HSTs were bias because of the way I'd cut them so I'll need to be careful handling this in the future.
Momentarily I am up to date with this project and looking forward to seeing what tomorrow's block will be.
This afternoon I delivered the cake. The party (a 13th) was in full swing when I left and apparently the cake went down well :-)
'til next time,
happy stitches,