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Monday, July 9, 2018


Friday night was the first chance I'd had to do some stitching for a week.
I'd just collected the latest block for the Whimsical Woodland Mystery Stitchery so it was the perfect thing to get into. And a happy coincidence that it was also Friday Night with Friends. I spent the evening stitching away in the company of like minded people from around the globe.
Thank you to Cheryll for hosting this event :-)
By the time I traced, found some stabiliser and finally got stitching, time was sneaking away on me, but it nice to make a start.
After taking this photo I decided it really did need a good press!
Now I have something to enjoy in the evenings this coming week.
Ahh, that's better!!
Although I wasn't stitching and sewing last week, I did get a bit of knitting done. I mentioned in my last post that I was off to vsit my son and his family.
I started this Milo vest while on the plane and continued on with it while at my son's. 
At ED's baby shower a few weeks ago, several of her friends expressed an interest in the wee vests I'd been making so I've decided to carry on making them. Soon there will be a glut of vests in my world and I'll move onto something else....
I've switched to this pattern without the buttons. It's not as quick to make, but just as cute!
I decided not to risk taking my big cable needles on the plane so started another one on the way home (was fairly confident the circular needles would get through security ok) —
It's taken me a bit to get used to the circular needles but I'm quite enjoying them now.
While at my son's I had plenty of time to play with the girls —
 — and had the odd cuddle with our newest grand-baby, wee Xavier, a whooping 10lb3oz, who was born while I was there :-)
The idea was that he would have already arrived for my visit but babies have a habit of deciding on their own schedule! It worked out well. Although the other nana was still there, there was plenty for both of us to help with!
Xavier didn't quite arrive on my birthday, which happened while I was away. Yesterday (back home) we had a nice little family get together for it. I have such sweet daughters :-)
Also while I was away I got my machine serviced..... I'm hoping to set it back up this week....
Happy stitches,

Friday, June 29, 2018

Blink and you miss it!

My blogging of late, that is!
There's been lots going on but I have managed to squeeze in a bit of sewing.
We had a very wet day last week so I spent the day huddled in The Palace.
It was a good spot to watch the river rise. We cant normally see it at all from the house!
You may remember I've been pattern testing for Juliet of Tartankiwi this year. On my sew-day I re-made the rock wren. The one Juliet asked me to test was the 12 inch version. I've fallen in love with the six inch versions and aim to put them all together in a quilt.

These are the 6 inch blocks to date -
These are from her 'Birds on a Wire' club.
I like taking photos that show what was happening at that moment in time so I've taken these latest photos showing my current kitchen. Progress is happening!
After my sew day, I took the dogs for a closer look at the river.
It receeded fairly quickly. The MOML had to repair the sides of the bridge and put some fences up, but it wasn't what we call a proper flood so we were pleased.
I have a couple of little finishes for the month. I started crocheting this blanket a few months ago and pulled it out again when the MOML and I had a roadtrip recently.
It was a fun one to make. It went from one corner to the other, starting small, growing wide and then decreasing to small again.  
Below shows the effect of the corner to corner to corner stitch pattern.
And I've made two more of my Royal vests..I went up a needle size for these ones so they're a size bigger than the ones I've already made.
They use about a 50 gram ball each - slightly more or slightly less so I started these ones in a co ordinating wool to make sure I didn't run out!
On the subject of babies, ED had her baby shower recently. Her sister made a great looking and tasting cake -

I'm writing this on my tablet as I'm on my way to visit my son so please excuse the poor formatting. I'm so pleased I loaded the photos before I left home! I also cant work out how to add in links here right now so I apologise about that too!
And more apologies for not answering all of my comments of my last post - it really has been busy around our place. I read there are fixes for Blogger and the comments issue too but also haven't had a chance to try that out.
Until next time, 
Happy stitches :-)

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Weekend play

When I signed up for Friday Night With Friends last week, I'd forgotten that I'd arranged a Saturday family working bee at our place...aka demo day for my kitchen. Friday night was supposed to be spent emptying the kitchen so that demolition could take place.
Since we've been living here (14 years) I've had broken cupboards, drawers and doors so a do-up has always been on the cards...yaay, the day is nearly here!
However before spending well into the night redistributing my kitchen bits throughout the house, I had a little relaxed time with some stitching. After some more stitching time on Saturday evening, I finished another block for the Leanne Beasley no fuss SAL I am doing over at nofussswappers. We're aiming for 3 a are my three May stitcheries —
and two of the June ones —
I think I'm up to about 20 or 21 now.
Thank you to Cheryll for hosting did actually encourage me to sit down and do some stitching before I got busy. You can visit the link-up *here* if you want to have a bit of a browse around blogland :-)

In other news, ED has completed a few more of her Zookeeper blocks —
And I've done 3 more recently. Not too fussed on my snail but it'll do.

Many of you were delighted with the Emu block I made when I was pattern testing for Juliet of Tartankiwi... I thought you may like to know that she has now released the for those of you who were interested in making their own cheeky fellow, head over *here*.

Oh and here is my demo-ed kitchen! 

I hope your weekend's going well and you're finding a little creative time,
Happy stitches,