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Friday, April 19, 2019

A Grand Adventure

It's all over!!
Retreat has been and gone, and oh we had a great time!
Kiwikid Sue picked me up from the Airport and we set about getting up to retreat at Baradine in New South Wales.
It was a good old road trip.
We did a bit of exploring —
Sue Geocaching
saw some interesting sights —
Grass Trees
And did some sightseeing —
We may have even sung a bit :-)

Mrs google maps lady sent us off on a very scenic route for the last leg of the journey
The sign didn't say "Beware this is the dirt road route"!!
But it was a lovely drive - very interesting for this farming girl!!
So disheartening to see acres and acres of drought
There were abouit 35 of us gathered for retreat - friends who had mostly met by way of blogland. It was organised by Chooky and Sonia, who both did a great job of making sure all our needs were thought of and taken care of.
We sewed —
We laughed
Photo at our first 'fivesies' borrowed from Chooky's blog
We celebrated —
Bling night

Sue and a sunset
I saw a Galah —
 — or three
Retreat was fabulous. (More about what I sewed in my next blogpost).
After it, and on the way back to Melbourne, Sue and I spent a night at Chooky's.
We three in front of the Chookshed
An oasis in the middle of the drought
Feeding time on the farm
More driving and a goodbye at the airport —
Flying off 'into' the sunset!
After a little more driving 'before I knew it' I was home again and the adventure was over.
Happy to be home, happy to have done it - and itching to go back next year!!
'til next time,
Happy stitches

Monday, April 8, 2019

Slow Stitching!

I feel like I've been working on this block for ages!
It's my third applique block from the Foxley Village BOM I'm doing. The needleturn was pretty straightforward with long straight edges and not too much in the way of fiddliness.
But I'm finding it slow going with the satin stitched leaves, and there's another tree on the other side of the house!
There may bave been a few distractions —
Hehe I bet you didn't expect a photo of my latest chickens!
But maybe you were expecting one of these?
This is going to be my quickest post ever written - and probably the shortest too, and with the least amount of photos....It's very much a quick pop in and say hello post as first thing tomorrow morning I'm heading off to catch a plane to go to Retreat!! So exciting :-)
Yaay - I think I've just got my toothbrush to pack and instructions to write for the MOML on how to look after the baby chickens.
I was going to be so organised and have projects cut all ready to sew but today I've just thrown random stuff in my bag so it will be a real surprise what I end up doing!
So Hello - Goodbye,
'til next time,
happy stitches,

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Mid-month catch-up

We have just returned from a beautiful weekend away. The MOML and I plus ED and her family had a jaunt up north. Houhora is a small settlement in the Far North of New Zealand. The area is only about 10kms (as the crow flies) from coast to coast. It's quite far north, but still about an hour's drive to Cape Reinga, at the very top of the country.
The map's a bit blurry but the best I could find (not many of them had Houhora on the map!).
Image result for far north NZ
It was incredible to walk along the unspoilt, peaceful beaches with no-one else as far as the eye could see and think about this crazy world we live in - we were still reeling from the tragic and horrific mosque killings that had happened the day before.
No, I was not directly affected.
Yes, I live at the other end of the country.
But still it hurts.
Looking for dinner
The only family photo we got - without ED
I needed a car project so started a cardie for Lily. It's the same pattern as some of the wee cardies I made when the babies were newborn (*here* on Ravelry). I'm not sure whether I'll carry on and finish it now, or leave it for our next road trip in a couple of weeks time.
My sewing machine has been a little idle the last week or so, but yesterday I stitched up some heart blocks. These are in response to the call for blocks to make quilts for those affected by the Christchurch killings. The facebook group Kiwiquilters is hoping to make at least 100 quilts.
A small thing to do, but a something all the same.
Greens were asked for, plus some coloured blocks for rainbow quilts.
A few minutes sewing will see the bottom ones finished.
Angels in Gumboots is also involved in this drive. *Here* is the link to them and a pattern for the blocks.

After finishing my first two Foxley Village applique blocks I have spent some of my evenings lately catching up on my mystery quilt stitcheries. (Not Even A Mouse).
Block Two
Block Three
I have two weeks before the next clue is released so I'm feeling rather good here!

One last thing to do before I sign off and carry on my day {it's Ganma day for me today :-)} and that is to announce the winners of the draws from my previous, book bloghop, post.
Julie was the winner of the book, Test It! by Sherri Noel.
Cecilia was the winner of the Aurifil thread.
Congratulations ladies, and thank you everyone else for visiting and your sweet comments.

A final photo from the weekend —

'til next time, 
Love one another,