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Monday, July 31, 2023


I held out on you after Scrub Stitching in April as there was a project I worked on that I haven't yet shared. This was the last photo I took while there before we packed up and headed home - 
It was a sample for a 'Mystery Midnight Madness' class to be held at The Country Yard....
We held the class a couple of weeks ago with 5 focussed ladies - 
Taking shape - 
Towards the end of the night, I revealed what they were making, here is my quilt - 
It was a fun and straight forward pattern to sew and within a week (I think) we had these. Liz -
Maureen (quilted and bound) - 
Bernice - 
The pattern was 'Puzzled Nine Patch' by Franklin Quilt Company.

During the school holidays I arranged a sewing morning with the three younger grandie girls. Sadly one was unwell and couldn't come.
I set up two older machines and pre cut some light denim fabric - 
I pinned for the girls and they did all the rest - 
Interesting to watch them both work. One was pretty quick but her seams veered off wildly. The other was slower but more accurate.
No unpicking allowed/necessary. French seams within.
And what did they make? Simple bags -
While Saydee was busy showing hers off, Kaliah was talking about decorating hers. I was imagining all sorts of applique - but she was happy with marker pens! - 
The girls had brought a pile of books with them so they were able to put them in their bags straight away -
I walked them home. They requested the long route, winding our way along the farm races (tracks). Kaliah squeezed in a bit of reading while she walked (!!!) - 
They are really enjoying reading at the moment - long may it continue!
Photo op with their new bags - 

Loads of fun and happiness for Ganma ❤,
'til next time,
happy stitches,

Thursday, July 27, 2023


----- for another blog post!
There's been plenty to keep me out of mischief since my last post. The morning after my party we'd invited the out-of-towners/travellers out to the farm for breakfast - I cooked bacon and eggs for over 30 people!! Luckily they arrived in dribs and drabs, not all at once and it was great to spend some more time with everyone.
Mum stayed on for a few more days, and then later in the week Kiwikid Sue and her hubby called in for a night after visiting the Far North. 
We had a bit of a farm explore - 
While Sue was here, our first cow calved -  
And just like that, our winter break was over!!
We had bought some cows who were due to calve before our existing herd, and they've been dribbling in for the past few weeks.
From this-

-to this-
-to this....I have about 34 calves in my shed at the moment-
The kids have all been enjoying the calves
If you can, enlarge the photo below so you can see what the big girls have been writing on my whiteboard. Every time they visit, they list their favourite calves! -
Odie getting braver. When you're a small boy even a 2 day old calf is a pretty big body to cope with!

Just to catch up on LAST month's sewing. Very little happened but I did make my Party Dress. I loved the modern-retro vibe of this Alison Glass fabric and was pleased with how it sewed up.
The cake lady also used a photo of the fabric to decorate the top of the cake - hmm inspiration for a new quilt using the scraps perhaps??!!

I did some leader-ender sewing while making my dress and made a few more blocks for (what is now) last year's Bonnie Hunter Leader-Ender challenge. Although the year for making these is officially over I am carrying on until I have enough for a quilt. This block is a great scrap user!
I just quickly threw these down to give you an idea of what I'm doing - 

And my crochet afghan is growing - I've done little else in the evenings for the last month or so. The end is in sight and I'm just at the stage where I will be happy to see it done and get back to stitching in the evenings instead.
I pulled out another afghan I'd made several years ago to get an idea of the size I wanted, and Nigel thought it was the perfect spot for a wee catnap.

Time for bed,
'til next time,
happy stitches,

Friday, July 7, 2023

A Fabulous Time

Last weekend we had a Fabulous Time, celebrating my Birthday.

Those that know me well know that I am not a Party Person hehe quiet little Raewyn. But with the big 6-0 approaching, the desire to have everyone who I cared about together and having a good time really appealed.

Sixties theme, I'll let the photos tell the story....
Not many people recognised the MOML -
My gorgeous sister and I —
Gorgeous family; my sister, daughters, daughter in law and a grandie—
YD and her gorgeous family —
Son, a few grandies and good friend, who dressed the MOML —
Gorgeous bestie —
And gorgeous bestie Kiwikid Sue
Gorgeous cake —
No speeches allowed but one slipped through, read by my niece on behalf of my brother who wasn't able to come over to NZ —
I wanted the night to be child friendly, and the kids sure had fun —
Lily danced the night away —

The band was great and had lots of fun with the (old!) music —
Four generations on the dance floor —
Mum and her siblings (two not in the country at the time); they don't like to miss a family do -
A couple of random pics —

Normal blogging will resume at some stage!
'til next time
happy stitches,