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Thursday, September 19, 2013

My guess...

For the last little while I have been following along with Pam Buda's Nabby Dowry mystery sewalong.  I've been using it as my leader/ender project so I've swayed between keeping up and getting behind, depending on how much other sewing I've been up to.
Week One we made zillions of Half Square Triangles (it seemed like zillions but was actually only 162). That was a bit daunting and I did wonder what I had let myself in for... however once they were done that was it and from then on it was just a case of joining them into blocks.
Here are the first nine blocks we made (one a week).
oops sorry, distracting background!!
Interesting the number of different blocks you can make using
the same components.
Initially I thought there was a bit of a pattern thing happening, swapping out the darks/lights or with the corner triangles but after a while I lost the plot and just sewed them without trying to second guess what was happening with them.

Last week was a change with these blocks below added to the mix—

This week is the grand reveal so there is a bit of thinking going on. We actually have made 11 blocks and how on earth does one use 11 blocks in a quilt?? The fabric requirements talk about setting triangles so I think they'll be on point--- maybe even in a zig-zag style setting??
Anyway here is my guess... I quite like the flying geese units radiating out from that centre block, however I have no idea if there could be a placement pattern with the outer blocks.
(Yes, it is similar to Janet O's guess but honestly, it is all my own work!!)(Kathy has also had a guess layout, see it here.)
Only 2 more sleeps until we find out what we are making :-) Thanks Pam for a fun adventure!
It seems I will have to have a delve into my UFO cupboard to find another project I can use as a leader-ender project. It is a great way to make progress on older projects!

You may remember that I have recently done a couple of postcard swaps... Sheila is organising another swap so if you are interested in having a play, visit her here to sign up. (I'm participating again - I think I am hooked!) (They are pretty straight forward to make so don't be shy).
And somehow I've found myself pushing the YES button for some secret Santa swaps - woohoo - lots of fun and -woohoo- lots of secret sewing will be happening around here!!!
On that happy note I will leave you,
Thank you for visiting, happy stitching, and have a lovely day,

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Flowers and pets, mostly...

Gosh over a week has passed since my last post. It's been busy around here but I don't have very much to show for it.
Today is Wednesday, One Flower Wednesday in fact. I'm happy to have made a couple of new hexies; I haven't done any for a little while but I do enjoy them so much. I'm still with my NZ theme and this week I made a slightly smaller one too.
(Again the Tui graces my post. He also showed up  last post)
I've also made a couple more sewing pouches, similar to the one I made here. I had fun making the spool blocks for the bigger one, and really love the look they give it.

Spring is definitely in the air here, (although there is a bit of a nasty spell of weather happening down country at the moment) and the Magnolia tree has been looking -and smelling- wonderful. It's really starting to get some height on it now.
Check out the lovely blue sky!
The spring weather seems to have really affected the animals. Yesterday I caught Timmie practising her hunting skills.....
BEFORE shot....
...AFTER shot
These birds are an easy catch :-)
(The grey bird block she is hunting is another I have tested for Juliet of Tartankiwi. More about it another time.) (Judging by the size of Timmie in these photos I really think it best she sticks to hunting fabric birds and not the real thing!!)

In spite of the spring weather, Oscar-Riley was feeling a little chilly and decided he really liked my Temecula Baskets quilt.
Now I know why I  make small quilts....
A perfect fit :-)
 Thank you for visiting, happy stitching, and have a lovely day,


Monday, September 2, 2013

More Kiwi flavour....

You are excused if you have a moment of déjà vu while reading this post. Please don't be alarmed - it is VERY similar to another post of mine recently. Be assured, however, that the pictures are completely different. Actually even the script is too.
I spoke about a fun postcard swap I did recently with Annette, and mentioned that I had also received one from Sheila (who had arranged the swap) .... and that she was waiting to receive one from me.
As it has now arrived in Canada, I can share them with you.
This landscape came from Sheila to me :-)
I sent this one to Sheila. A Canadian Maple leave and a NZ Silverfern.
Sheila has a neat postcard stamp :-)
In the same post I shared that I had tested a pattern which Juliet of Tartankiwi had designed. It was the NZ fantail, one of a series of foundation pieced New Zealand bird patterns she is working on. When she asked for a pattern tester for another block, I was keen to put my hand up again.
WOW, is all I can say. And again, WOW! Juliet did an amazing job of this design.
I'll show you the real thing first........ this is the Tui, or Parson Bird as it is also (but less commonly) known.
Photo uplifted from Wikipedia.
The yellow on its head is pollen.
When I was googling images so I would get my colours right I was intrigued to see how colourful the Tui really is. Usually I'm looking up into a tree and I see a shape rather than such a clear close up view! I really would have said the bird was mostly black but look at it!! Very vibrant! I was happy to find some pretty ideal fabrics in my stash.
Isn't it an amazing pattern?
Lots of little bits but they add to the lovely detail!
Disappointed with my eye fabric but a spot of embroidery will
sort this problem!
Juliet has 12 different NZ birds patterns in the pipeline now and I look forward to sewing more.
The Tui are everywhere in the garden at the moment, feeding off nectar and pollen. They have an unusual 'song' or call. Often we hear that, rather than actually seeing the birds. Hopefully the video below (borrowed from youtube) will work and you can hear them, too.
Carole, at Madness and mess has had some visiting lately. Visit her blog to see her lovely pictures.
Thank you for visiting, happy stitching, and have a lovely day,