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Sunday, November 7, 2021

Weekend progress

I made a bit of an oopsie when I traced out the stitchery element of the final block of The Santa, The Tree, The Turkey and Me.
This block is a long narrow-ish one and has two overlapping design of course I traced the lettering off one sheet, changed sheets and for some stupid reason traced the overlapped lettering a second time. Being night time I didn't see that I already had writing on my fabric. And of course they weren't perfectly lined up —

(It almost looks like it reads 'Now Disaster'!! hehe)
I couldn't see a way that I could stitch this tidily so I had to come up with an alternative way to complete the block. Most of the blocks on this quilt have a extra piece of linen which is decorated with stitchery or wool applique and then attached to the block. I realised I could do the same thing here.
So on Friday Night with Friends I set about to correct this, and got this far. I actually think it's going to work!
Thank you Cheryll for hosting us on Friday night as we all stitched along. You can visit her blog *here*.

I got a wee bit of sewing done over the weekend. Firstly Lily needed some tights sorted. You know when tights are baggy, they're no good! (And I do know quilters don't do 'mending' but occasionally this one does!) I've done a trial bit of seaming so that she could try them on for size....which she has....they were now I can tidy them up (and do the second pair) and get them back to her.

I continued on with the scrappy Christmas Ornament quilt. I've decided to add a piano keys border top and bottom to make it just a little longer so it will fit better on a single bed. I spent a nice bit of time going through my Christmas scraps - pleasingly some of the fabrics I'd used for the ornament blocks were already all used up and now a few more are finished as well!
'til next time,
happy stitches,

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

October update (in November) —

We've had lots of wet and/or drizzly days lately which have been great for the garden and for my sewing.
Even though we're at that time of the year when we are supposed to enjoy every drop of rain before the summer dry, we're not appreciating the continual up and down of the river, causing all sorts of hassles and dramas.

I had two requests for 'small' sewing lately which boosted my October finishes - from 0 to 2!!
Firstly three year old George requested a Paw Patrol sunhat like his sister's. 
I made her one last summer. This is it, which she really loves wearing —
And below is the matching one for George. I used a totally different pattern, which we felt was less 'girly'. I found the pattern *here* at Red Poppy Designs.
His favourite colour is green so he wanted the same green lining Lily requested for hers, but I found something I thought he'd like better —
And speaking of tractor linings, Odie has inherited the vest I made for George last winter. Apparently he had a really fun time discovering the tractor lining of that! —
The second bit of requested sewing was a new pair of Wayfarer Shoes for Odie after major foot growth. The oilskin I have been using for the outers is working really well, and I still have plenty left for future projects. And the camo fleece on the inside is a good match.
This is the third pair I have made in this combination now! The photo below shows how these can be reversible if you wanted. There was just a 2"  gap to handsew after turning them through.
Finished! —

Once the serious sewing for children was finished, I was able to get back to my fun sewing. (Working at getting my Christmas quilts done by the end of the year.)
In my last post I'd started joining the Scrappy Christmas Ornament blocks together. After adding fabric to one side or the other of each block, I finally joined them into columns —
And now the columns are joined —
I have added borders to the two sides, but not the top and bottom yet. 
Really pleased with how it's turning out —
I've not joined in with Patty D's One Monthly Goal for a while but I've decided to get November off to a good start and sign up this month. I would like to see this quilt quilted and bound by month's end.

The next photos belong to the "Why I make Quilts" category.
We had five of the cousins here playing one day. Of course the games got busy and involved. Lots of quilts and cushions got pulled out to use for props. I love seeing the kids do that - the quilts are just part of the furniture here at Ganma's.

Must be off, I'm hoping for a little more sewing time before I start the evening meal prep :-)
'til next time,
happy stitches,