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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Some February sewing

My One Monthly Goal in February was to complete another column for my Foxley Village quilt.  (This pattern was originally in The Homespun magazine, and is now available *here*.)
It shouldn't have taken me too long to complete but with two weeks jury duty and other general busy-ness I nearly had to report a fail. 
Luckily I'd sorted my fabrics early on, and another time, I did the cutting, so this afternoon when I had a spare hour or so, I got busy on the machine.
Two friendship stars, some trimming of the applique blocks, a bit more piecing and this part of the column was done —
and joined to the first half —
Small progress but some progress. Thank you Patty of Elm Street Quilts for hosting the One Monthly Goal linkup, I doubt I would have completed this if I hadn't joined in this month!

I have (belatedly) rejoined Cheryll and her WOOFA challenge this year. Foxley Village is on my WOOFA list so I'm pleased to report the progress on it for that too ☺

Something else I achieved this month was whipping up a pair of shoes for wee Odie. I've been eyeing up this pattern for Wayfarer Shoes by Twig and Tale for a while. 
It looks like lots of pieces, but it's not complicated. I used cotton on the outer, fleece on the inner and a ridged denim for the sole.
The pattern has multiple sizes so I am thinking some of the other kiddies might like some to use as winter slippers.

I knew I saved my Moda tapes from fabric bundles for a reason! —
Here they are being modelled —
And in action at playcentre. Great for walking on the pumice —
This was an experimental pair and YD and I have some cool ideas for the next pair!

I did do some other sewing in February but I'll save that for another post.
'til next time,
happy stitches,

Monday, February 15, 2021

A flimsy!!

It's well over a week since my last post - where has the time gone and what have I been up to?
(A week ago) We had two small children for the weekend (two whole nights!) so their parents could attend a wedding down country. 
While the kiddies were staying, we had their cousin's first birthday to attend.
YD made him a fun lawnmower cake - it's his favourite thing at the moment!!
After the busy weekend, I spent a quiet Monday recovering (!) with a bit of sewing added in.
I finally got my 2020 Temperature quilt together —
I'm pleased with how the temperature scale came out in the borders —
But it is a very white quilt so photographing it with a coloured background was tricky. I had to be very careful to keep it clean! —  

Some photos from that weekend. The birthday boy, Odie, and some balls (and cousins) —

Lily feeding the chickens. George ends up dumping his bucket of feed on the ground. She likes to sit and dish out each grain one by one (almost!) —
Taking the 'family' for a farm ride —
Two small children running and dancing —
And finding a very dry 'thing'. "What's dat?"..... "A cowpat".....they didn't realise a cowpat is another word for cow muck and had a grand old time stomping on it. Luckily it was so dried they didn't break the surface and create a splatter!
And somewhere along the line I made another bib for Odie —

From Tuesday onwards I was on jury duty, yes, I got randomly selected to be on the jury...the trial is still going. Today (Monday) we had off but we'll be back to it tomorrow for the next few days. Interesting.

'til next time,
happy stitches,

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Block count and a goal

This month I am joining Patty of Elm Street Quilts and her One Monthly Goal link up.
I made very comprehensive lists last year and because I didn't make much headway on them, I'm working off the same lists for this year's projects.
Foxley Village was something I did pretty well with last year. I completed all the applique blocks. And I even made some of the pieced blocks.
There are four columns. Here's the first two completed columns —
And here's part of column four —
This month I aim to get column four completed!!!
Please visit Patty *here* to either sign up yourself or to have a good little look at other bloggers' goals.

I completed Block Three of The Santa, The Tree, The Turkey and Me (by Anni Downs) recently —
And have made three more Omigosh! blocks —
And another two Scrappy Christmas blocks —
Although I was focused on getting The Lorax quilt finished in January, I squeezed in a little block sewing time!
With the temperature quilt blocks and other bits and pieces, these latest ones took my block tally for January to 24. I've signed up with Shelly of Prairie Moon Quilts to do the 350 block challenge - January's goal was 31 so I'm a bit short but oh well.

I thought I'd finish with sharing a photo of Lily wearing the hat I made her, shown in my last post.
It's passed the test - she loves it!

'til next time,
happy stitches,