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Monday, February 1, 2010

A Brand New Blog!!

Here I am getting started!! I feel like I am talking to myself as no-one knows I am sitting here creating a blog!! Feels kinda strange. I enjoy browsing through other blogs so much, getting ideas and inspiration and just enjoying the chat that I thought I should give this a go!!
I chose 'Lovetostitch' as my blogname as that is what I love to do!! I mostly do patchwork and quilting and all things related but have been known to do lots of different things over the years. Maybe I will share some of those things too, one day.
I have been a serious patchworker for about the last 18 months; after I got sick, gave up work, then got better, I have been able to really get into it!!
That's enough for a first post...I will push the buttons and see if this this space!