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Monday, October 31, 2016

Wrestling Zebras....

...and cuddling Pooh....
I had a chance this past weekend to catch up on some much needed baby gift sewing —
First of all, the zebras....Wrestling was the name of the game when finishing the caddy I started as a class sample and talked about *here*  
The last step of sewing the binding on is a good little challenge; best attempted at the start of the day with a coffee or two inside.
So happy to have it finally done though —

The inside has handy little pockets in it.
We're going to fill this with baby goodies and hope it will be well used.
Such a neat design, the Soft and Stable batting really makes it a quality product. There have already been orders from my household for more of these...!
(EDIT: I've just linked up to Elm Street Quilts for Patty's Bag It event. Click *here* to go and visit and get some more bag inspiration - there are also some great ideas and tutorials for gift making...)

My second baby gift this weekend was this cot panel which I quilted up ... no piecing at all ... to complete this I free motion quilted around the animals and other printed features.
I put some nice soft minky on the back and used cotton:wool batting so it has turned out nice and cuddly.
It's hard to tell from the photo but in the sky I quilted the newborn's name; no arguments over who it was made for!
And I turned the minky to the front to bind it. Quick and easy :-)
Only one scrap was harmed in the making of this quilt! Oops!
I'm looking forward to delivering these baby gifts in person in a couple of weeks time :-)
Today the wee dog had to take a break from his farm duties..... model YD's latest creation.... the Country Club Golfing Sweater...
...another one for the wardrobe :-)

As you can see there's plenty happening around here... I feel good about my first finishes for AGES but there's still a humungous pile of things I want to get through!
Have a lovely week and happy creating,

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A little progress —

My main focus at the moment is an applique project - top secret right now -
This is all I can share.....
I had to have a bit of a break from it the other day though after cutting myself. It was nothing dramatic but it was at the top of my thumb which made the handwork difficult.
So I spent an afternoon trying to catch up on my Mod Bear's Paw quilt which is the quiltalong currently being run by Lorna of Sewfreshquilts. I still haven't quite completed all the Bear Paw blocks but I was itching to work on the bear!
I made the first set of blocks and was SOLD!! I loved how it was looking...luckily YD was on dinner duties that night so I was able to sew for a bit longer :-)
I was pleased with how easily this came together once I focussed - yaay we have a bear!
Doesn't he look supercool emerging from those blocks?
And I'm really happy with how my colours are working too 

On the knitting front YD has finished yet another jersey for her wee dog.... she's really caught the bug!
Here is Oscar-Riley modelling his newest jersey.
He has enough to (nearly) fill a wardrobe now! She's basically making them up as she goes, refining the pattern for each one!
The best dressed dog on the farm!
[Don't mention to her that summer is coming....!]
My cut thumb has healed quickly and so it's back to the applique for me... another sneaky peak showing some progress —
— this is the reverse side. For this project I've returned to my favourite method of hand-applique; Back Basting. I first learnt about this method *here* and find it a no-fuss and convenient method to use.
Must get back to it now....this flower aint going to sew itself while I play on the computer :-)
Happy stitching,
and thanks for stopping by,

Thursday, October 20, 2016

My Friday Mystery

Give us a Churndash —
Give us a Butterfly —
How about some Flying Geese —

From time to time this year I have mentioned a Fabulous Friday mystery project that I was leading through my local quilt shop, The Country Yard. I realised recently that I hadn't shared the final quilt so thought it time for a catch up :-)
The ladies participating were given a piece of the proposed border fabric and a couple of Fat Eights to get them started on a colour scheme (the cost to join included the balance of the border fabric).
Each meeting they were given a set of instructions for a block ... they had to show this block before they could get the next set of instructions.
Being a complete mystery I tried to keep them on their toes and there was plenty of guessing going on as to what the finished quilt would look like.
After making the larger block below, many were sure it was going to be a medallion style quilt —
But then they received instructions to make this block below which was also a big one —
Finally however, reveal day came and I gave out the finishing instructions.  I had my quilt top ready to share —
Friday's Garden, the Fabulous Friday Mystery quilt.
A month later we had a Show and Tell day - how exciting to see all the wonderful creations! —
I think we had about 11 completed quilt tops turn up for this. So much fun for every one to see what fabrics others had used and how different they all looked.

My photos don't really do the ladies' work justice; some had added extra embroidery or fussy cutting. Two had quilted theirs' already in a Quilt-As -You -Go manner. They all looked fantastic!
The one below has just been finished. This sewer opted not to use the supplied border fabric.
I had also made a scrappy brown version, as a way of testing my instructions... I loved diving into all my fabrics and finding all the different shades of brown!
Both my quilts are largely unquilted (in other words, I've started them but that's about it!)..... between July and October life on the farm rules and very little other major things (like quilting) can happen.
My Friday's Garden in it's semi-quilted state.
I had a huge amount of fun with this project; it was very rewarding to see the enjoyment of those taking part, and so fun also to see the finished quilts.
*This link* takes you to the gallery which shows some of the completed blocks. We haven't had a chance to upload the individual quilt top photos yet.
'til next time,
happy creating,

Sunday, October 9, 2016

A little crochet, a little sewing

After a busy week it was nice to settle into my cosy chair and spend Friday Night with Friends working on my Mandala Madness CAL. I haven't worked on this for a while as my evenings have been taken up with applique (and so on) so I've been getting a renewed joy from making a little progress on it again.
I'm up to Part 11 (there are 18 parts and a total of 111 rounds); I've just measured and my circumference is now 3 metres!!! No wonder it is taking me several nights to get around one round!!
I finished the light blue and started the dark on Friday night.
For those who haven't seen me working on this before, below is a bigger picture. The CAL is well over now and there have been some real beauties produced. I'm hoping this will be another one by the end of the year!

On Saturday I joined in with the FNwF crafters from the northern hemisphere and spent some time working on my Mod Bear Paw QAL . We're supposed to be up to making the large bear block (Lorna is setting a cracking pace!) but I'm still on the bear paw blocks, now totaling 6! I've continued on using the 8 HST at a time method I showed *here* so they are coming together pretty quickly - when I get the chance to work on them, that is!
I still cant get a photo that shows my colours correctly - this one below is a little better.... the light coloured background is a light grey-blue-ish colour.
Thank you Cheryll for hosting us all on Friday night. Pop along *here* to see who else was crafting away with us.

With school holidays drawing to  a close, our step grand-kiddies who were staying have gone home. They had a great two weeks on the farm with many new experiences; so many animals to take care of :-) One of the highlights of the second week was their dad building them a treehut.
I was a little sad when the MOML had to limb up this Oak tree in the autumn.... the branches were getting in the way of the milk tanker when it came...but it gave a perfect shape and space for the treehut. It's had more sides put on since this photo was taken. The next time they come I'm sure it will be the perfect spot for spending their summer days!
I hope I have a long Sunday in The Palace today, the due baby I mentioned in my last post has arrived so I'd best get sewing his welcome gifts!
Happy stitches and thanks for visiting,

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Weekend Wanderings and Palace Pottering

[A mouthful of a title but oh well :-)]
I got a chance to do a bit of pottering in The Palace (as the MOML calls it) last week —
One more block for my Snowflake Land project —
(from Quiltmania#80)
I love these chaps and always get a thrill when I finish one!

And a yellow Honeypot Star —
It took some effort to find enough yellow scraps but I guess that's a good thing!
Six made now, three to go.
A friend of ours' had a special birthday recently so, being quilters, we made her a quilt...she loves brights and gollies ... here is the block I made —
(without his eyes of course)
and here is the finished quilt.....Leeanne of qultmekiwi beautifully quilted it - she shows more detail in her blogpost *here* —

And my weekend wanderings took me down south for a couple of nights - Kerryn from The Country Yard and I visited with The Village Green Quilters where I led a 2-day class making a caddy.
The ladies were a lot of fun and I really enjoyed the class. What's more they were focussed too and nearly all of them finished their caddy by Sunday afternoon :-)

This one was finished (soon) after the class  and the photo sent through to me :-)
Thank you ladies for an enjoyable weekend!
Since the weekend the class samples have laid around looking neglected ... I have a great-nephew due shortly so I hope to get this one sewn up pretty soon —
'till next time,
happy creating,