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Sunday, November 29, 2020

Friday night Sew In in November

Friday Night Sew In was a week late this month, but that suited me. I was determined to make some time for myself as I had a busy weekend ahead of me.
I finished up another block of the Life Is Beautiful quilt; the project I work on when I have nothing prepped to stitch in the evenings. I didn't have too much left to do and it was satisfying to have it completed  —
Below is the next block I'll stitch for this project. The applique was done a while ago, so once again it won't take me long to compete. But I'll tuck it away until I have a few spare nights between other projects.

This is what I am usually stitching in the evenings at the moment - The Santa, The Tree, The Turkey and Me, by Anni Downs. I completed this one (block two) during the week.
I've done a little of block three but need to do some more prepping before I can continue.
(That's the start of a very long dog!)

The rest of the weekend was taken up by children children children. We had the two year old twins for their first ever overnight stay. Plus the next door three for a few hours. Oh and the 14 year old and two friends camped one paddock over from the house. It took a bit of juggling but it went pretty well. I got more sleep than I imagined I might but less than I needed! All children were returned to their parents unscathed by the experience ♥
(If you look carefully you should be able to see some of the bubbles that kept them 
entertained for ages!)

Thank you Wendy for hosting Friday Night Sew In. You can visit her blog and see the line up *here*.

'til next time,
Happy stitches,

Monday, November 23, 2020

More trees and sprouts

There's been more sewing and decision making going on around here lately.
And there are more Truffula Trees for the Brown Bar-ba-loots —
A small forest now, The Lorax will be pleased. Four more added to the two in my last post
And now comes the exciting bit; piecing the blocks and somehow making these blocks and The Lorax block work together in a quilt for young Odie :-)

I looked up at my design wall to use and it was covered. A month or so ago when I was still in my calving-funk I put my scrappy sprouts blocks up in the hope that they would inspire me to get working on them. (After all, it was one of the many projects I optimistically wanted to complete this year for my PHD). However they didn't inspire or motivate and have just sat there glaring at me. 
And now I needed the space for The Lorax quilt.
Instead of just packing it away I told myself I had to sew another block. 
The problem I have had with sewing this project together as I go is that I put too much thought into planning the next colour; the transition from one colour to the next. My stumbling block was where to go after the blue/green blocks in the row second from right. 
(The Sprout photos aren't the best colour-wise I'm afraid. I took the photos too early in the day.)
Anyway, after forcing myself to put some thinking power into it, I realised that if I am doing it in rainbow order (as seems to be happening) then blue is the logical next step on that row.
And, what do you know? Sewing flowed —
Four more blocks which equals two more 'sprouts'. 
The blue works well —

After that bit of inspiration I packed it away so I could use the wall for The Lorax quilt. The first rounds of borders have been added —

A little while ago I got a message from Lou of the Manxgirl blog. She and her hubby were going to be 'up north' and wondered if we could meet somewhere. Of course!
As I was still busy with feeding calves I wasn't sure how I would do it, but we started weaning more and more calves and I could see light at the end of the tunnel. One mob (of 20) left on once-a-day meant I could leave them to the MOML for a few days and work in a visit to Mum's as well as a drive to meet Lou and Tony. Mum moved about 6 weeks ago from the farm she'd lived on for 60 years (and about 49 in the same house) and I hadn't been able to get down to visit.
It was so nice to meet Lou; we've been bloggy friends for a while and I knew we'd get on :-)
Lou and I exchanged gifts, as you do. I wasn't organised enough to make her something but made sure she had the materials to make herself something!!
She made me a lovely zipped pouch.....
Tucked inside is something to open closer to Christmas time —
Thank you Lou, I love it, and thoroughly enjoyed meeting you :-)

Time to be off, there's a Lorax quilt waiting for attention,
'til next time,
Happy stitches,

Thursday, November 5, 2020


It was gardening inside and out yesterday. I got some seedlings planted  —
And after a bit of pottering outside, headed inside for some more (garden) work on The Lorax quilt.
It's time to make some Truffula Trees for this quilt.
I hadn't decided how to tackle the Truffula trees but came across this block (below) recently when I was looking for something else. It's on Cath's Wombat Quilts blog. I used it as inspiration and re-drew it up in EQ8 so that I could play around with the size, finally deciding on a 6" bock for now.
It's an easy foundation pieced block.
A start - yes, I think this will work —
Making up more units —
And a completed block —
A second one —
I have a black and white stripe I thought I could use for the trunks. I had a quick play but don't feel totally smitten with it so I'll think on it some more —

I received some gorgeous mail recently. Joanne of the Threadhead blog is very talented and one of her crafts is weaving. I admired some tea towels she'd made earlier in the year...little did I know that one was heading my way :-)
This design is called Huck Lace (I think!). Lovely!!
Her son has a business making and selling metal cutouts (garden art), and this adorable cat arrived with the tea towel. It has a bent over metal bit along the neck so it can be attached to a post or fence. I'm still deciding where to put it but it will be somewhere visible, that's for sure! 
Thankyou Joanne for your generous and beautiful gift ♥

And now, back to the garden —
I've been trying lately to get my jungle back under control. It doesn't always happen! Being spring, I'm being rewarded with some lovely blooms. 
'til next time,
happy stitches,

Monday, November 2, 2020

My Happy Place

I had a few quiet hours in my happy place aka The Palace over the weekend. Not that this is the first time I've sewn, but it was the longest stretch I'd had for a wee while.
High on the agenda was to make a start on young Odie's quilt. He's nearly 9 months old and while I made him a (very well used) floor/play quilt when he was quite little, he's still waiting for his proper cot quilt. 
Nigel did his best to thwart my efforts —
According to YD, Odie's favourite book is The Lorax by Dr Seuss. I think she loves the rollicky rhymes and the fabulous made up words as much as she appreciates the environmental message. Apparently, young Odie has requested the Lorax for the centre of his quilt.
So yesterday in, my happy place, I created the Lorax.
(Buttons for eyes for the photo, but I have decided I will applique them instead.)
Although he's cute in a funny sort of way he does seem a little 'cross' for a baby's quilt but I think the quilt will end up quite okay!!!
It's a foundation paper pieced pattern from the Fandom In Stitches site. (The same place I found Eeyore for George's quilt.) I enlarged it by 50% and it went together really easily.

Last week I completed my first bit of Christmas sewing. A small child's backpack.
This was a kit which had all the bits needed - I must say, a very easy way to do a project! (I don't buy kits very often.)

I have no great expectations for my Christmas sewing this year. No big lists of things to make, etc. As and when it happens, it will happen. With my sewing time so limited these days, I'll be happy with that. Glad to have made a start with this bag.

Also finished is another block for Michelle's Wings and Pretty Things quilt. Progress is slow but steady :-)
It's time to be off - calves are calling and soon the day will be over. This post has already taken me two days to write!!!!
'til next time,
Happy stitching,