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Saturday, December 28, 2019

A cake and babies

From this—
To this —
(I added a few more blue dots after taking this photo.)
I got up to some very different creativity this morning. A cake had been requested. We all got together at YD's for a baby barbeque. No she didn't want a baby shower, so a family and friends day was held instead.

My cake making skills are limited at the best of times, but finding the baby doll to use was a great starting point!
I had grand plans of making the blanket look like a proper quilt but ha!
It was a lovely day and we all enjoyed relaxing. The cousins enjoyed playing together.

And talking about babies, I managed to get some photos of babies of a different sort. Some of you will have seen the Quail photo I got back at the start of the month. I was tickled pink to finally get a photo of one of our resident quails.
Yesterday I heard an odd noise and looked out the window to see a male quail on the fence —
Strutting this way and that, calling out —
There was a rustling in the bushes and bird noises coming from there as well. I figured Mrs Quail was in there. I'm sure she was asking if the coast was clear and he was calling back that he thought it was ok. There was just an odd woman on the deck but she looked fairly harmless.
After quite a bit of calling back and forth she appeared with a wee family of young chicks.
He led them away under the fence into the long grass in the orchard.
Later in the day they came out again and were taking the time to feed on the path.
Very cool. I'm hoping they pop out again from time to time!
'til next time,
happy stitches,


  1. The quail are so cute! Sounds like a lovely get together, cake looked nice.

  2. what an original looking cake!! I think a baby barbecue sounds like fun!!

  3. Nice cake for the special BBQ..
    Lovely photos of the babies and quail family.

  4. well done with the cake.... a new real quilt will be needed soon! How cute are those baby quail…. so great they visited...

  5. Oh how cute is that baby cake--you did well!!
    and the cousins in the pool are cute!
    and I love those baby quails--they are just sooo cute--
    enjoy, luv, di

  6. Quail were my mother's favorite birds, so whenever I see quail, I think of her and the joy they gave her. Beautiful pictures of all the kids and you did a great job on the cake!! Cake decorating is an art that totally by-passed me! Dreaming of the warm your pictures show you are enjoying(?) whilst it is below freezing here at noon. Have you planned out the new baby quilt?

  7. The cake is cute. All the kiddies together playing is awesome. Love the baby quail pics they are so adorable.

  8. How lovely - both the human babies and the feathered ones. Great work on the of my many previous hobbies.

  9. The cake is so cute. Love the quail family xx

  10. You made a beautiful cake Raewyn, well done! Great to have a family get together too. Lovely for the cousins to be able to play together. The baby quail are so cute. I hope you get to see them grow.

  11. I think you have great cake making and decorating skills. That is far better than anything I could do.
    Looks like a lovely family time together. Perfect weather.

  12. Oh what beauties are those quails. All the best for 2020.

  13. Do you call those Gambrel quilt in New Zealand? That's what we call them. As a teen, I spent HOURS watching them, as my parents fed them and they trotted their babies all around our acre. The funniest thing I ever saw was two male quails escorting a cat off our property, pecking at it if it tried to deviate from where they wanted it to go! The tenderest thing I saw was a male who lost his mate and was injured. Another pair let him join them, and he helped protect their little ones. I just love these birds and miss them, because TN doesn't have any. Thanks for the photos.


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