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Friday, December 20, 2019

Friday Flashback

I was driving home this afternoon wondering what Day 20 of my 31 day blogging challenge post would be about.
I realised it was Friday and a perfect excuse to do another 'Flashback Friday' post.
I had a scroll through my blog to find my first finish since starting blogging - and this is it ¬
There are some readers out there who have slept under this quilt. It hangs in our guest room, where it has been since I completed it in May 2010.
I remember hurrying to finish it. I used a fabric range that was a relatively new to The Country Yard and I finished it in time for the shop to hang it on its stand at a local quilt show.
That's interesting (to me at least) - I can never remember when I first started working there, but I don't believe I was when this was finished.
The quilt is a design in a wee booklet by Australian designer Anni Downs. Still recognisably her style.
Interesting to me also, is that this is a pattern I'd want to make today if I came across it. Does that make me stuck in the mud, or just constant?! I do believe my tastes have broadened since then but obviously I still have the same simple pleasures :-)
I used leftovers from this quilt in my hexie-flower quilt which I started not longer after this was done. It's a flimsy waiting patiently some finishing treatment :-(

I also find it interesting that this is what I wrote on the blogpost about this wall  hanging —
 I think that making this quilt helped to get me REALLY hooked on this whole patchwork and quilting journey. The sense of achievement in finishing this quilt was really immense. I've been hard at it ever since :-)

Hehe do you want to know something else? This quilt has NO label! Grr! I must put it on the list of things to do!
Tomorrow I have a 5 hour road trip down country. That gives me a fair bit of time to ponder on tomorrow's post... I thought I'd be so organised and have posts scheduled for my busy days but that hasn't happened.
'til next time,
happy stitches,


  1. A lovely trip down memory travels.

  2. Great quilt Raewyn and I love those little stitcheries. I wonder if that book is still available! xx

  3. So nice to see your early quilt, I love stitchery blocks and patchwork together. And you are doing so well with your blogging challenge, it's so busy this time of year.

  4. Well done on keeping up with your posts

  5. I have this pattern in my box of 'one day' quilts. It is such a lovely design.

  6. What sweet quilt. I can see why you love it so much.

  7. Beautiful quilt, I thought it looked familiar , love the sayings. Interesting how we are drawn to the same things over time. Great work with the posts.

  8. Lovely post and it is a gorgeous quilt.... those sayings are timeless … have a good trip...

  9. Oh it's so lovely Raewyn and Anni's designs have been wonderful from day one! Safe tripping xx

  10. I also have loved Annis designs and still make them..
    have a safe trip.

  11. And for history, put that quote on the label, too! It's a beautiful quilt, and I'd make it today, too! That makes you loyal and consistent and still interested in the same things, but it doesn't make you stuck or a stick in the mud. =) It makes your taste timeless!

  12. What a sweet first quilt! Yes, get that label on there, at least you have a record of when you got it done!


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