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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

A yarn on Day 3 of my challenge

In spite of my resolve to get into some stitchery in the evenings I haven't as yet. I've been quite content to continue on with the crochet I had started a while ago while roadtripping with the MOML. It then went to the States with me..... and there the story unravels....
It all began when I spotted some Caron Cakes on sale at a local store —
They were dirt cheap so I grabbed a couple. 
Of course I had no plan in mind, but I decided one of the older girls needed an afghan and found a pattern I liked.
It was simple and looked great —
Even Oscar thought so.
It was easy, alternating 3 rows of one stitch, 3 of another and so on.
But once I got to Nashville, I decided it was too narrow. I came up with a cunning plan to join on along one of the sides and start crocheting in another direction. It sort of worked but although I kept telling myself it looked fine, I wasn't really happy with it.

Enter Sandie, my SIL, with a pile of afghans she'd made for me to take home for all the babies we'd had in our family lately...
As well as being an extremely generous gesture, they were extremely gorgeous!
Here's one of them (not very well laid out sorry) —
It's worked corner to corner
And finished with a beautiful edging

So can you guess what happened next? 
All that I'd done has been unravelled and re-crocheted into one of this design!
I love it!
The pattern is Granny in the Sky with Diamonds.
It's getting a bit too cosy to work on in the warmer summery evenings so will slow down on it now. It doesn't need to be finished in too much of a hurry.
And while I am on topic, there was one more afghan for me to bring home. When the eldest twins were born, Sandie made a Tree of Life afghan for one of them. It was personalised with her name. She's now finished the second one and here it is —
So special!!
'til next time,
happy stitches,


  1. Well, i had to read quite a way back to find out what the challenge was... funny how not so long ago it was easy to blog every day, and sometimes twice a day if something amazing happened. Good luck on your blogging adventures! It is always fun to read... even if sometimes I need to read back a few entries.

  2. I like the plain colour with stitches making the pattern...nice and subtle

  3. Oh my the Afghans are gorgeous. Love how yours has turned out in that design. Bit warm here this week....pencils have been my choice...much cooler xx

  4. Wow gorgeous afghans and the tree of life one is fabulous. Love yours too! The colors are so fun.

  5. Designs and text knitted into an afghan is mind boggling! Absolutely awesome! Love you granny in the sky with diamonds too!! :-)

  6. I love all of your afghans and I'm pleased that I started to crochet and now knitting also - I needed more variety from breaks from my quilting - a new challenge I suppose. Love all those colors of yarn. Have you seen Attic 24 a yarn blog - she has wonderful patterns if you need more to look at :)

  7. Beautiful gifts especially the tree of life one. Brave you unrevelling and recrocheting - well done. xx

  8. Beautiful colourful afghans and the tree of life one is gorgeous. Good on you for unravelling your one and starting again, you will be much happier with it now, I'm sure.

  9. oh wow, those are all so gorgeous. so pretty and I just love the feel of a crochet blanket....

  10. Wow....she does beautiful work. That Tree of life is stunning.

  11. Beautiful afghans Raewyn and the Tree of Life is stunning. Good for you that you have pulled and started again, not good if you are not happy with what you are making.

  12. I am pleased you ended up pulling out the first lot of crochet. Especially when you know you will not be happy with it. Much better result.
    And all the extras are lovely, too, especially the tree of life. that one is really special.

  13. All of them are beautiful! I like that Caron colorway, too.

  14. What a great way to use the Caron Cakes. I look at the colours and only think of apparel and they don’t often work. If I see some super cheap ones next year I may think of a rug as well. I love it. The cream rug is a work of art. Too beautiful to use.


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