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Friday, December 6, 2019

Flashback Friday

Sandra from mmmquilts has a throwback Thursday post on the first Thursday of every month. It's to showcase quilts we made in our pre-blogging days. I've always been interested but thought that all my quilts have been made since I started blogging.
But I was wrong!
It all started with a bit of hutch making the other day.
I had two girls over for a few hours. After a bit of baking —
Hehe don't you love how they've arrange the biscuits!
— they got busy playing. Which morphed into Hutch building.
Not hut building. They have pet rabbits so hutches make a lot more sense to them. Of course Ganma was asked to get more quilts as there was too much daylight showing. Apparently the rabbits couldn't eat their fruit with too much light.
In the blurry photo above you see a blue and white quilt.
It's one I'd not seen for a while so I hunted through my blog to find out when I'd made it.
It wasn't here. So here it is.
This quilt was a Mystery Stitchery project we did at The Country Yard when I first started working there. The stitcheries were some out of copyright ones, and we put it together with the blocks. From memory, we discussed ideas at work, then I came home, made the blocks and wrote the instructions. I've found them on the PC this afternoon and that's the only way I know it was made in 2010!
It's waited all this time for a label!! Guess what I'll do with it next?!
Here are some closeups of some of the stitchery blocks—
What intrigues me with this quilt is the lack of quilting!! I've ditch stitched around the sashing of the stitchery blocks and that's it! I'm thinking it would be quite good to come back to it and add a bit more!
Sandra is not running Throwback Thursday this month; instead Andree of quiltinglearningcombo blog is hosting it. So I'll head over there soon and link up.
And I've named this post Flashback Friday as it's Friday here today!

Tonight is Friday Night with Friends with Cheryll of stitchingcubbyhole. I may see you there :-)
'til next time,
happy stitching,


  1. When they are all grown up, they will have memories of building huts from grandma's beautiful quilts. How adorable :)

  2. Wow the girls are getting big. Of course a hutch needs total darkness. Great quilt.

  3. Isn't that an adorable quilt, and almost ten years old! I find it amusing that children the world over, without speaking a word of the same language could play games like this and feel right at home. I've never known a child who didn't love some "hutch" building! I really like the patterns for the embroideries, too. Especially the first one. That's such a nice young lady! If the patterns aren't copyrighted, and you did a SAL, I bet you'd find people doing it!

  4. Loving the hut building! Lucky you have plenty of quilts for such serious business! That stitchery quilt is a blast from the past....boy oh boy I have quilted my fair share of those over the years!

  5. Such a good way to arrange those biccies. Bet they tasted good ??
    Great hatch and of course it had to be completely dark.....
    Beautifully stitched quilt...

  6. The blue quilt is precious! And there’s nothing better than a rabbit hutch to play under!



  7. It's so much fun to go back in time (and yay for documenting on a PC!) and see our older makes. Such beautiful work! I love the photo of the twins baking, so adorable. :-)

  8. I had to laugh when I read about building a Hutch to play under. My grandsons have bunnies and I'm going to have to share this with them...that they need to build a hutch instead of a hut. So fun to have company to help with baking. Makes it so much more fun when you can share with loved ones. Love your quilt with the stitcheries.

  9. How cute are the twins!! Love how they have arranged the biscuits. 😁 Hutch making sounds good to me..How special they can use Ganma's quilts. Lovely to see an unpublished quilt, interesting how your quilting process has changed over the years Raewyn.

  10. That is so cute about the girls and their "hutches".
    You had a sweet little pre-blog quilt there. I am impressed that you wrote the instructions for the store. That is no simple task.
    Will you add hand or machine quilting?

  11. Oh your girls look so grown up....baking into the bargain! Very individual bikkie placement there lol! I Love your sweet blue quilt....It's nice to look back on our early quilts....they document our stitching journey xx

  12. Love the 'hutch' making photos, love the quilts too! And yes, it is nice to look back on our older quilts, they still have lots of stories. You seem to be coping with the blog-post-a-day idea, well done!

  13. Those stitcheries are brilliant! I love the quilt - and the hutch! xx

  14. What a delightful quilt.... just lovely. So great to see the quilts out for those gorgeous girls to enjoy.... they make the best 'hutches'...

  15. Loved reading about the hutches! The biccie making looked great fun!
    Love your embroideries, and there’s always time to add more stitches!
    A nice trip down memory lane.
    Barbara xx

  16. Since they are out of copyright, means they are free to use now? In that case could you post the patterns for us to embroider if we choose? Thank you.

  17. Making hutches - that makes a lot of sense to me. Great idea. And lovely to discover a quilt that hasn't been posted before. It is lovely.

  18. What a sweet quilt. The stitcheries are so cute. Isn’t it lovely to have your quilts used to make a hutch.


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