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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Day 30 of Block a Day December

As I'm generally an early riser I was able to do some sewing before breakfast this morning. Our visitors arrived late last night so I knew that once the day started there would be no time for making my daily block.
And the day turned out quite different to how I thought it would.

Before I knew it, this was happening. My friend and I got busy —
This is how the garden looked in October - really lovely, but that rose had grown everywhere and needed getting under control —

There was also a massive hydrangea that was beautiful when it flowered but quickly turned brown as opposed to slowly fading like hydrangeas normally do.
After a few hours work the men stopped by to help clear the mess —
The final result —

This was the sewing this morning —
Two more temperature blocks to add to November; how boring is that second block - we had very steady temperature that 'week'.

And a wee pile that hopefully will be transformed into blocks tomorrow morning while everyone is sleeping.

Here is another wee gift I made this Christmas. The design is based on a Japanese Rice Bag but I don't imagine rice will be kept in this one. Sorry no link to this but googling Rice bags will bring up a few choices to use if you want to make one.
Turned out rather sweet I thought.

'til next time,
happy stitches,


  1. Wow thatgarden looks so different. That’s a big job. I don’t think I have seen a rice bag before. I like it though. Well done.

  2. You made a huge difference in the garden, I see it is being chook checked 😄. Well done with the blocks, the rice bag is lovely.

  3. Wow, that was a lot of garden work there! Cute bag!

  4. What a busy day. Just one more say to meet your challenge. That was a huge job in the garden. So much tidier. You have made some beautiful gifts for Christmas. Some lucky recipients there.

  5. Great job in the garden....looks lovely! Your bag is so sweet xx

  6. You've been hard at work! Isn't it nice to share the load with a friend, though? I love your bag. I don't really need another bag, but . . . . .

  7. I could use you in my yard! (When it isn't buried in snow.)
    Wow--that certainly was a rather bland temperature week. :)
    That is a really cute bag. Nice job!

  8. Such lovely friends to help in the garden 🪴, looks great!

    Sew good you could get some sewing done while all were sleeping...
    Pretty bag....

  9. good job in the garden..... and I love that rice bag....


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