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Sunday, December 20, 2020

Day 20 of Block a Day December

It was a real effort to get anything done today - it was hot and I was tired after yesterday's driving and general busy-ness, I think.
However Odie had requested his Santa sack and I couldn't let the young fellow down so I got busy.
When YD asked me (on his behalf) to make one, I had grand ideas of using some of the cool ideas I've seen around. However YD asked me to make one similar to his two big sisters' ones.
The story behind them is they were bought when YD and hubby was extra poor so they were cheap and nasty. About 4 years ago, she asked me if I could fix them up, so I pulled off the tatty glued on bits and added some applique. After all, you don't change Santa Sacks mid-childhood do you? Too confusing for Santa, This was how they ended up — 
And here is Odie's after my very slow work today —
I still had the silver and gold ric-rac and the elf fabric to fussy cut, so the three sacks all have a very similar look about them.

After that, it was onto the block for today.
I finished the last block for August (Temperature quilt). The last seven days of August  —
Here are the rest of the blocks for August —

(And what they actually looked like up on the wall - it's turning into a real muddle!)
Here is August sewn together —
Nearly caught up on this project now :-)

'til next time,
happy stitches,


  1. It's a lovely Santa sack and I'm sure he will love it. You are making great progress on the temperature quilt.

  2. An important moment.....a special Santa sack! Great job! Wow your design wall is showing lots of great progress xx

  3. your design wall is looking so nice! so many different blocks. The Santa sack and the gingerbread man look very fine to me.

  4. Odie’s Santa Sack looks great.. love the elf sitting on the gingerbread mans hand...
    your design wall looks fabulous with all your different blocks... lots of projects there to work on...

  5. Your Gingerbread Santa sack looks great. I'm sure that Santa will have no trouble finding it.

  6. The Santa sack is such a lovely tribute. It will always be special. Good for you xo

  7. great fix on the santa sack....

  8. Love what you have done with the Santa sack, Odie will be very happy and it matches beautifully with the girls sacks. You are doing really well with the temperature quilt.

  9. Look at the blocks collecting on the design wall! How fun!
    That is good of you to prevent Santa trauma by keeping the Santa sacks consistent. ;)

  10. Love the Santa sacks, and how cool you could make them similar. Yay for getting more temperature quilt blocks done.


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