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Friday, May 3, 2024

Bits and Bobs from Scrub Stitching

Looking through my photos, there's still parts of our Scrub Stitching adventure that I haven't mentioned.
After our Stars Dress-up dinner on Saturday night, we had a Make It, Fake It or Bake It gift swap. Luckily everything survived Chooky and I collapsing the table it was all sitting on when we tried to move it (gulp!). Random numbers are drawn and gifts dispersed. Everyone seemed really happy with their gifts - the amount of creativity and imagination all around the room was amazing.
I received this cute pouch and stitchery-
It has a metal band top - one of those ones that you squeeze to open.
It was made by Christine of macdonaldspatch. Christine was another person it was great to meet after only knowing her via blogging or zooming for such a long time!
I am ashamed to say I can't remember who received the gift I made. It was a 'folder' with pockets inside for notions or a pattern, etc, etc -
A close-up of the stitchery because the above one is sun-mottled!
This is a Gail Pan pattern.
We all received fabulous goodie bags when we arrived. I forgot to take a photo of mine and by the time I thought of it, I was home and wee Tammy had destroyed it!
So I borrowed a photo from Chooky, who I think borrowed it from Christine-
How lucky were we? Di embroidered the mugrugs, Brenda made the smiley face badges and the coconut ice (that and the chocolates didn't last very long!). We each received a cup with an Australian native plant on it, and a kit for a sewing roll/case by Anni Downs.

I also won these fabrics and wee pattern as a spot prize :-) -
There was a pop-up shop at retreat to tempt us all-
(The Quilters Cottage, Coonabarabran)
And so I do confess to a wee bit of shopping while away - one must, after all, support the local economy.
Kiwikid Sue and I found these on our travels and decided to buy one each - to be made by next year's Scrub Stitching -
And a few pretties-

We had a big show and tell on Saturday afternoon and  of course there would be a big cheer whenever someone finished a top/project during the weekend. Here are just a few of the many photos I took. 
(Chooky has put lots more pictures up on the Scrub Stitching blog.)
Janice with one of Edyta Sitar's mystery quilts-
Di with her dinosaurs - 
And this one was Harriet's -
Maunreen was working on this FPP Pineapple quilt from Japanese fabrics -
The below photo shows some of the back - very intricate!
Annette spent most of her time stitching and made great progress-
Lea's work in progress- 
Janice shows us how effective the one-up-one-down setting is-
Linda with her Mariner's compass-
Sue at Show and Tell-
Stephanie also gathered up lots of our thread ends, scraps and trimmings and sewed them into a 'thread' which was then sewn into a coaster!!

Thanks for reading!
'til next time,
Happy stitches,


  1. So nice to see photos from Scrub Stitchin' again Raewyn, show and tell was wonderful! Two challenges will keep us busy!

  2. I enjoyed reading the various participants blogs about Scrub Stitchin', it sounds like everyone had a fabulous time. I hope you can find time for stitching this week!

  3. I do enjoy the different posts about SS. Lovely swap gifts & show & tell. glad you are helping to keep our shops going...LOL

  4. Qué bien lo pasasteis, la costura es maravillosa. BESICOS.

  5. Lovely photos of your time away.

  6. so wonderful to see all the beautiful projects worked on and shown.

  7. There was just soooooo much at scrub stichin it’s impossible to capture it all lol …….loving the teddies & wondering if they were bought at Narrandera as I’m pretty sure I saw something along those lines there when I visited a month before scrub stitchin

  8. Lovely gifts and purchases. Great show and tell too. xx

  9. Hi Raewyn, it sounds like such a great time! Thanks for sharing 😊

  10. Hi Raewyn, it sounds like such a great time! Thanks for sharing 😊

  11. A lovely round up of bits and bobs. Of course the kitty cat destroyed the gift bag, it's what they do. LOL

  12. Took a bit for me to round up the last pics also ..... Love seeing what everyone shares........ Lovely gifts received and given in the swap........

  13. Oh and yes you need to support the local patchwork shops.......

  14. Great post of your time at Scrub Stitching.

  15. There are some amazing bits and bobs here! Glad you had a great time.

  16. Super wonderful eye say the all the pictures. Brings back memories and it is lovely to see familiar friendly faces. The show and tell quilts are amazing. Chooky your generosity is always beautiful. Sorry to have missed it but thanks for sharing. Maureen


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