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Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Still in Australia

It's a while since I updated my weekly walking tally but it doesn't mean I haven't been walking.
I found a walking buddy at Scrub Stitching. Lea and I walked every morning before breakfast.
It was a great chance to see, and listen to, the Galahs-
And the Kangaroos. We saw them most mornings but I struggled to get decent photos-
She got a beauty though-

Once Scrub Stitching finshed, Kiwikid Sue and I had a nice meandering drive back down to Tullamarine Airport at Melbourne. We took an extra day so that we could visit the Dubbo Zoo. We walked 10kms that day!
I hadn't seen a Tasmanian Devil before so was intrigued to see this legendary creature. It was more interested in seeing if we had any treats for him, than being scary!

And we also clocked up a few kms in Wagga wagga exploring the botanic gardens and their street art-
A wombat at the Wagga Wagga zoo-
Bronze sculptures-
The Jolly Swagman-
And to finish my two weeks in Australia, a couple of selfies-
Goodbyes at the airport-

Already we're looking forward to next year's Scrub Stitching and wondering what routes we will take.

'til next time,
happy stitches,


  1. what a great trip and in such great company!

  2. lovely pix raewyn....esp the wildlife...kangaroos, wombat, tasmanian devil...

  3. Scrub Sitchin' sounds like a wonderful get-together! It was very nice you were able to spend an extra day with your friend. Now you're back home, I hope you find some time for happy stitching!

  4. What amazing wildlife. Thank you for sharing!

  5. You had such a great time both going to and from Scrub Stitching and also while you were there.
    We have Kangaroos 🦘 on the block everyday as well as galahs etc.

  6. Dubbo Zoo is amazing in'st it? It was good to see you at SS and glad you and Sue had good trips there and back

  7. Some great photographs there Raewyn - I love the bronzes, they were a great find. xx

  8. Great pictures, Raewyn! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  9. I’m so glad you got to see lots while you were here. We loved having you

  10. Always love to see what you girls find on your travels.......
    Kangaroos are often flighty so hop away to quick for photos....... Great to have a walking buddy......

  11. Great post Raewyn and beautiful photos. I have been thinking about our next tiki tour!!


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