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Monday, May 20, 2024

A new crochet project....

I was pleased with myself when I remembered to join in with Friday Night Sew In on Friday, and equally displeased with  myself when I forgot to do a blogpost about it before the end of the weekend!!

On Friday night I snuggled into my comfy chair and continued on with the the Quinn Blanket I started a few weeks ago when we were on a road trip.
I made a good start and was part way through another one when wee Tammy woke up and decided that the crochet she had (mostly) ignored previously looked very tempting after all.......
After a bit of untangling I was able to continue!
I've amounted a good number of them but still need a lot more if I want a decent sized blanket!
These will be crocheted together so we leave a long tale to do that (meaning there are messy threads everywhere just at the moment!).
And here are the half hexagons for evening out the edges -
I'm really enjoying making these, as long as Tammy keeps her paws to herself!!

To see what others got up to on Friday night, please visit *here*. Thank  you Wendy for hosting us :-)

'til next time,
Happy stitches,


  1. Se ven muy bonitos, será una estupenda manta. BESICOS.

  2. love your new project.... it's going to look great...

  3. All those crochet hexies are wonderful. They are going to make a gorgeous blanket. Your Tammy is very sweet....and as for those paws of hers, kitties will be kitties.

  4. Its looking beautiful Raewyn - love your colour pallette. They remind me of english paper pieced hexies. Gosh Tammy is adorable ... probably not so adorable when she is tangling up your yarn though. xx

  5. Your hexie crochet blanket will be gorgeous even Tammy thinks so….

  6. That's looking great and as it has been Tammy approved you know you're on the right track. LOL

  7. That is beautiful Raewyn, your buddy obviously likes it too!!

  8. so pretty and they look so perfect Raewyn!!

  9. Love the color palette. Was it planned, or just what you happened to have on hand? Looks like you are producing them at a pretty good clip. And with Tammy"s "help", you'll be done in no time! LOL
    Hey, we are cruising New Zealand in March. I'll be in touch to see if there is a port we are visiting that is anywhere near you. We start out from Sydney and Chooky and Betty are hoping to meet up before we leave.

  10. You have a very nice crochet project going, Raewyn. I've never seen that pattern before. It will make a nice blanket.

  11. That will be lovely when its all together

  12. Your Quinn blanket is looking lovely despite kitty's help lol!

  13. You got quite a bit done, and the cat seemed happy too.

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  15. Thank you for sharing your passion for crochet through your blog. It's a joy to see your creativity come to life in each stitch! Promotions


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