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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Sewing time at Scrub Stitching

I was really looking forward to having a good four days of interrupted sewing at Scrub Stitching. I tried to be reasonable in my packing but of course took more than I could accomplish in the time frame!
Last year at Scrub Stitching, a wee group of us decided to make the "Corner Star Quilt" (by The Missouri Quilt Company) and show it off this year.
I procrastinated all year about what fabric to use and it wasn't until I was packing to go away that I made a decision on my fabrics!
First block made - 
I had hoped to do all my cutting before I left home but that didn't happen. So it took me half a day to make my first block. And another day or so to make the next four!
Grand plans of finishing this quilt at Scrub Stitching evaporated and I'd only made 5 out of 16 when I put them away for the weekend-
(in need of a good press, sorry)

Sue just needed to sew a few seams at Baradine and then she had one to show off (she chose to use just one fabric for each block)-
I think everyone else had finished top or quilt to show off-
Lea, myself, Sue, Georgina and Kylie.

I put it aside on Saturday morning to start a new project. Chooky had come across a cool quilt for us to sew using a ruler produced by a local quilt shop.
She'd started hers on zoom one time so many of us took a jelly roll and bought a ruler...!
Here was the original, made by the quilt shop-
Cut and sew and sew and sew and sew....

You make one big long length and then cut it into shorter strips. Chooky's long one-
Ahem, some silly person modelling it as a scarf-
Chooky's cut up-
I laid mine out for a photo shoot-
With Sue's-
Group photo-
Top left, you can see Betty made hers double ended, and top right, Stephanie made a smaller one - both as runners rather than quilts-
Betty, Kylie, mine, Sue, Betty and Stephanie

Louise asked about the ruler and I realised I didn't show it - 

A fun quilt to make! I have 16 more strips to sew onto mine, and Sue about the same. We thought we might finish them one evening on our way back from Baradine, but sadly that didn't happen. 

See you next time,
happy stitches,


  1. Love the progress you made on both of your projects.

  2. What is the name of the ruler? What does it look like? Thanks, Louise

  3. such a long pretty piece - the finish is really nice looks like you all had a good time.

  4. very tempted to make a corner star quilt..............I didn't realise Sues was one fabric until you said now.............I like that also..........
    the quilts look great together.......nice to see everyones choices.......the small one is Stephanie.......Love the pic of you with your scarf.........

  5. Your Star blocks look great Raewyn, I finished my strip sewing last Friday while the football was on, now to measure and cut. The Star quilts look wonderful together as do the braids. Best intentions do not always happen when we have busy days!!

  6. Sorry Raewyn, that was me above, I didn't realise google had signed me out again!!

  7. Your stars look great - maybe a finish for next year! I do love the zig zag pattern and like the ides of a table runner. The one the shop made is stunning. Great trip Raewyn. xx

  8. lovely photos of your adventure! looks like lots of crafting was done and fun had!

  9. Love the photo of you with your 'scarf'!

  10. Would like to know the name of the quilt pattern. Thank you.

    1. HI Leslie, there is no pattern as such. We cut the pieces from jelly rolls, added wee strips (1 1/2" x 2 1/2") to the ends and joined them braid style.

  11. I love the fabrics you selected for your zig zag quilt. I look forward to seeing it come together.

  12. Looks like you had a fabulous trip with Sue exploring and a great, fun time at ScrubStitchin.

  13. Lovely ideas for quilts. I look forward to seeing them completed.

  14. I imagine the "Corner Star Quilt" isnt the quickest thing to put together so - when you had to cut as well, I'm not surprised it took a while. but the braid thing is great...keen to get to making one . . . .I may need to create a jelly roll first!

  15. Oh, I really like both of the designs you worked on. It is always fun to see the different interpretations among a group using the same pattern.
    Your zig-zag is in a wonderfully soothing color scheme.
    And if ranching doesn't keep providing for your family, maybe you have a future as a quilt model. LOL


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