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Saturday, December 9, 2023

December Day Nine

After a busy week, it was nice to have a quiet day to escape into The Palace aka the my sewing room. 
I got a bit of a production line going on the little Christmas decorations I started the other day —
And now there are six —
I used a tutorial by Irina of nordiccrafter. I have a few more hexies prepped to make some more, when I get back to them.
I bought a Lily plant recently; I had no idea what colour it was. Now I know - quite unusual and striking —
And to continue with Mamahen's adventures after last night's post, tonight at lock-up time she decided to abandon her babies and hang out at Emma's kennel hoping for a dog biscuit or two instead.
No luck there I'm afraid girl. I got her moving and thought she looked very 'fluffy-bum-ish' waddling back to the hen house for the night.
Thank you to those who sent their best wishes for the MOML's health. He had a nice couple of days away resting and sleeping. There will be some follow-up work to do with the Dr but he is feeling better now (and insisted on doing both of today's milkings by himself).

'til next time,
happy stitches,


  1. The ornaments are so simple, yet so effective. I’m glad to hear the MOML is feeling much better. Mamma Hen is certainly keeping you amused.

  2. I've got several of those lilies they are called Asiatic lilies

  3. Sweet Christmas ornies..
    Such a pretty colour the flower is.
    Pleased your hubby is feeling better.
    Mama Hen is a funny girl …

    Maria lifeontheblock

  4. Very cute little ornaments.
    Gorgeous lilies. You lucked out in the color lottery. :)
    The Mama Hen is a hoot, and that last photo, and your name for her, made me laugh!

  5. I am just playing catch up on all your posts Raewyn - gosh you do well - every day in December is a huge undertaking! Loving all the hen posts - they are such characters! Those decorations are so sweet - I will make a note of that tutorial. I am pleased to read your hubby is now doing much better. xx

  6. Good to hear the MOYL is doing better, hope he continues to improve. Mrs Fluff Bum wants to be in control doesn't she!! Nice to see Emma dog. Beautiful ornaments!

  7. Forgot to say the lily is beautiful.

  8. Sweet ornaments and the lily is gorgeous. Love the fluffy bum! xx

  9. Cute ornaments...... Gorgeous flowers and I'm glad the moml is feeling good......


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