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Saturday, June 3, 2023

June already!

And the start of the month means a Friday Night with Friends, hosted by the lovely Cheryll over at Gone Stitchin'.
I haven't joined in for a little while but was feeling organised this month so signed up :-)

The MOML and I have a few days away next week so I wanted to organise a crochet project to work on while we are away. I've been dreaming about making another afghan for a while; I love seeing the two I made years ago (Ripple afghan and Wavy afghan) being used and figure there's always room for another one or two around the place. Better still someone might claim and adopt one. 
The design I've had my eye on is the Snowflake version of the 6-day blanket by Betsy McKnit. There are various versions of this design and you get a different effect depending on where you change colours.
I have this yarn waiting for a project - originally purchased for a project I later ditched - and in typical Raewyn fashion the afghan will likely turn out reasonably uncontrolled looking colourwise.
So after that big introduction, this is where I got to last night. 
Hmm doesn't look very exciting just yet but I'm sure it will one day!
The pattern strongly advises doing a swatch but I didn't - I don't mind the size it turns out and felt confident enough of the pattern to not need to do it for practice!
(Although it's called a 6 Day blanket, I think know this will take me a lot longer. I understand the earlier versions in chunky yarn were very quick to make!)
Thank you Cheryll for hosting us :-)

In between cows and children I haven't done a lot of sewing since my last post. The only achievements are these two blocks....
Another one for the 20-year challenge for The Country Yard. The theme this time was The Rustic Barn. If you look at their website you will notice that I have stitched the logo. And the shop is in a barn-style building. (Also YD designed the logo for the shop so how could I not include it?!) I added the wee quilt to give the block a little more colour.
The second block made recently is another test block for Juliet of Tartankiwi. This is the third in her Grumpy series and is possibly the easiest of the three blocks so far. This pattern hasn't been released yet but Juliet has shared her own sewn block on instagram so I am sure she will be ok with me posting my picture!
He definitely lives up to his Grumpy Pup name!

'til next time,
happy stitches,


  1. Your yarn colours look wonderful Raewyn ... crochet is one thing I would love to master the art of. I love the Country Yard block - how perfect & the red is the exact colour of the barn. Enjoy the long weekend Raewyn. xx

  2. Your crochet looks interesting! Have a lovely time away. xx

  3. I’ll enjoy watching your progress with the crocheted blanket…nice project to take on your trip.
    Nice heart block and how cute is the grumpy puppy.
    Maria lifeontheblock

  4. Your new Afgan will be lovely...... crochet is perfect for this cooler weather....

  5. Your new rug will be the perfect pick and put down project when you find time.

  6. Nice quilt blocks. Love your new crochet project. Be careful what you wish for, each time Torstein goes home he want to take one of nanny blankets or quilts with him. I'm running out! LOL

  7. I followed your link to the crochet patterns and found myself lost for a long time looking at all the inspiration. I can see why you enjoy that one.
    Good luck with your crochet plans and enjoy your time away.
    And grumpy pup looks gorgeous!

  8. Very nice little barn block, and the dog test block - wow! I love the fabrics you chose for him!
    Crochet is so satisfying and perfect for travel. Some yarn these days is just so soft and cozy compared to what I crocheted with years ago.

  9. That's a great start for your project. I like the barn block, too.

  10. What a cute grumpy pup! Love your yarn colours...going to be very pretty no matter how big it is or when its finished.

  11. Hope you enjoyed your time away. Your new afghan will be lovely. Nice quilt blocks x

  12. You had a very productive Friday night. Getting the first long row of chain and then the first row of crochet done are the most time consuming. It’s an effective pattern. The logo in the heart is cute and so is the grumpy puppy. You always do a lovely job of her patterns.

  13. Love the start of your crochet blanket Raewyn. Both your blocks are great, that dog sure is grumpy!!


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