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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

This week

Progress has been made on my Smidgeon Quilt. Rows were joined —
And borders added —
I waited for a fine day for the photo but still had to fight with the breeze. I didn't dare wait until the sun had moved across the sky to avoid the dappling in case it was cloudy, or raining, by then!
I'm really pleased with it. It will fit the Queen sized bed in the spare room ("Granny's Room"). It used a lot of small scraps but as you can see it also used a fair bit of yardage. So a sort of scrappy quilt but not totally! The pattern is Smidgeon by Jessican Dayon.

In other news, I started a pullover/vest for Odie to knit while in Australia but didn't do much and didn't finish it until I was at Mum's last weekend. 
And I went through my downstairs (non-quilty) stash and found enough polar fleece to make this, also for Odie.
They both look huge but fit ok. This is the child who will wake up having grown nearly an inch overnight.
Here he is giving the sweatshirt its first wearing —
Big but quite wearable —
Always running and on the move —

It's that time of the year when winter sports rule Saturdays for many families. Five of our grandies and three of our adults are all playing various sports (Rugby, football and hockey).
On Saturday our local club, Mangakahia Rugby Club, had a home day so it wasn't far to travel to watch. This was the first chance I've had to watch the kids play. Luckily the three x four year olds are in the same team, playing Rippa Rugby —
They were given club hoodies this week. Very cool —
And later in the day our big boy played; against another local team. That was a good game to watch. I must confess to not enjoying watching him play in the past. As a very strong and effective player he was always targeted by the other team. But he does hold his own very well and I think I have got over my fear of him being harmed!

And just to go overkill on the photos, the other night I moved the cows as the MOML had an appointment in town. We're getting to the end of the farm season now. The cows are now milked once a day, in the mornings, but in the afternoons they get a fresh paddock and some silage.
It had been a nice day and they were pretty content and just looked at me when I got to the paddock —
Finally Emma dog and I managed to get them moving —
Even more content now —
Emma resting on her laurels after a successful bit of stockwork!!

'til next time,
happy stitches,


  1. lots of things going on.... it is lovely to support the children at sport (both the big and little children).... love the way the yarn shapes the jumper...

  2. Lots happening at your place. Smidgeon looks fantastic. Worth all the effort. Odie’s new clothes will keep him snug and will hopefully fit for a while. That’s an active family you have and nice to see what is happening with the cows.

  3. farm life is always busy and then when you throw in fall/winter sports too it is extremely busy!! Maybe I should turn my winter sweater I am making into a vest and maybe I could get done with it!!

  4. Theres a lot of piecing in those quilt blocks. The fleece top looks nice and cozy, it may be a little big but I'm sure he will grow into it very quickly.

  5. Always busy at your place with the kids and farm work but great to see you had time to create .
    The Simdgeon is lovely, lots wee pieces there. The vest and fleece top look great and I’m sure Odie will grow into them in no time.
    So good you got to enjoy watching both the big kid and littles play rugby…

    Maria lifeontheblock

  6. LOVE your Smidgeon quilt!! The littlies look too small to be playing Saturday sport. Interesting that you milk the cows only once a day, do they head to the direction of the dairy when you move them in the afternoon?

  7. Gorgeous quilt - well done.

    Better to make sweatshirts a little big - kids grow so fast . . .

    Good job Emma dog

  8. How adding a border changes a quilt!!
    Great seeing them go out and do things together..big ones and little ones.

  9. Always nice to see farm stuff. Love the quilt top Raewyn, what a great design that is. The fleecey jacket looks great too. xx

  10. Good girl Emma!! The cows did look very happy in their paddock. Love your Smidgeon quilt, well done!! Odies vest and sweat shirt and vest look great, it is good to have them long to keep him warm. He is a busy young man!

  11. Your Smidgeon quilt is beautiful! I'm going to have to buy this pattern. Odie's vest and sweatshirt may be large right now but they'll probably be on the small side by the end of your winter. Happy stitching!

  12. Dogs are worth their weight in gold, aren't they? Good girl Emma. I just love your Smidgeon quilt! And wow, do you ever get a ton of stuff done - knitting, sewing clothes for the grands, quilting, and herding cows--! Wonder woman, you are.

  13. Beautiful finished top. I think I would be squeamish watching my people playing rugby too. Good that the little ones are having a go.

  14. Great work with the quilt top finish. There is so much work in all those blocks. Love the end result.
    I tend to make anything for my grandies in a larger size. They grow so quickly as you suggested. Great vest and hoodie.
    Isn't it fun watching them get involved in sport, and enjoying it.

  15. Always something on a farm! Usually work. =) Great quilt!

  16. I am loving Smidgeon. It really glows!
    And the other knitting and sewing creations for Odie are perfect for the little guy.
    You have such a busy, full life--and I love the shots of the contented cows. :)

  17. Smidgen turned out wonderful as do all your projects. It was fun to see you working on it among other things at Scrub Stitchin'. Your country is just so beautiful. I loved all of the agriculture there!


  18. Loving your Smidgeon quilt. And you certainly pack a lot into your days Raewyn, lots to do on the farm plus the little ones, and squeezing in some creative sewing too, inspiring!

  19. I love the smidgeon quilt.........
    Also I love all the pics.....esp the cows in a green paddock.........

  20. Beautiful quilt. I think i have that i my "one day" list. :) great photo's

  21. Oh nice top finish for Smidgeon! Love the photos of the littlies and Rippa Rugby is a fantastic name!! Moving the cows takes me back to younger days on the farm right by our house and the farm of an Aunt and Uncle in Derbyshire, loved working with cows and the sheep, also the beautiful Shire horses, magnificent creatures.


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