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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Block-a-day-July Day 6

Home alone was a fabulous way to be today - it started with a new needle and some oil for my machine and can you guess what I was up to next?
I got to sew!!!
My block for today was to be another Sawtooth Star - but because I had several hours at my fingertips, I managed 7.
That gave me ten stars, which was all I needed for what I've been thinking about lately.
You may remember that I finished my Pop Star quilt top in time for Sandra's  Pop Star parade a few weeks back. Since then I realised that the young lady it is intended for has just turned ONE - I was picturing her as about 6 months old! When I realised that, I decided I wanted to gift a slightly bigger quilt. I remembered that in the link-up parade Stephanie had made her Pop Star longer by adding some more stars top and bottom.
Great idea I thought, and now I've done the same —
Looking at it now, I think I will add 2" strips to the sides as well. So it will have a third finish!!
(Sandra's pattern for the quilt is in her Etsy Shop.)
Next on the sewing list for today will be to mend a pair of the MOML's farm overalls. They've been sitting here for several months and will only take about 5 minutes to fix...not sure why I've put them off so long!
'til next time,
happy stitches,


loulee said...

Because like me, when you sit at your sewing machine you want to be creative not mending, that feels too much like chores.
Your stars quilt top is growing nicely, I'm sure it will be loved no matter what size you make it.

Lin said...

Great addition to your Pop Star and a good idea to make it larger.xx

gz said...

That is a good development for the Pop star quilt..and a bigger quilt will be used for youngest still treasures his first quilt!! I am sure one young lady will do the same❤️

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

love your stars - you must grab your sewing minutes when you can - it must have been nice to have several hours

ButterZ said...

It’s a great looking quilt.


I ask myself the same question--why do I put things off???? Like I got new eye drops a month ago--and still haven't used any (though using eye drops will be a totally, new to me, thing to do as I have never used them before--)!!!!
Love how you did your quilt--keep it going--enjoy your posting each day too--
hugs, di

Jenny said...

The Pop Star quilt looks great with the extra stars to lengthen it, clever idea. I know all about putting things off, several items have been sitting by my sewing machine for a while, and really, it would t take too long to put a few stitches in to repair them!

Anorina @SameliasMum said...

It looks fantastic.

kiwikid said...

Because mending is WAAAAYYYYY down the list of things to do!! Beautiful stars and a great idea with the Pop Star quilt. Great to have time alone at home.

Maria said...

A great way to have made the Pop Star quilt bigger…