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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

PHD 2020 list

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As part of my planning for this year, I committed to Gail's PHD in 2020..
Yes, I'd like to get 12 Projects Half Done finished this year and Yes, I'd like to finish everything I start this year!
Tall orders.
Here is the list of 12 UFOs I would like to finish. Some are old and some are relatively new, all in varying stages of completion.

Without further ado —
Hannah and Harrington - I completed the top in 2013 and this is what I said back then....I'm very much in love with this project and I'm hoping it won't be long until it's quilted and turned into a real quilt!  HAHA!  (Forever the optimist.)
This was a quiltalong by Michelle of The Raspberry Rabbits.
This will be its year (it's actually already basted, ready to quilt) —

The MOML's jelly roll quilt - another one dating back a few years. I finished this top in 2014. It is actually partially quilted but I got stuck with what to do next —

This Mystery Stitchery quilt came back onto my radar recently when it was being used for a spot of hunt making, and I realised that it needed more quilting. It has some very basic ditch quilting and I think it will be more robust if I re-visit it - even if it's only with some more ditch stitching! Oh and it needs a label :-) Originally finished in 2010!

Friday's Garden  - this is another partially quilted one. Once again I stumbled with the quilting.... I'm doing a fill I'm not happy with and I need to decide whether to rip it out or continue on. I know what my heart wants me to do but I have yet to decide if I can be bothered!! I last worked on this quite recently - back in 2018 and I do love this quilt so I must get it finished —

So that's four that I just have to finish the quilting on. 
The Mod Bear's Paw needs an outer border (some piecing involved) then it too will need quilting. This was a sewalong on Lorna's Sew Fresh Quilts blog back in 2016. This is another quilt that I absolutely love —

International Sisters. I put a lot of energy into this last year but regrettably put it away in preparation for my USA trip in November. I'm really keen to get it sashed and finished as I love it so much (haha it seems I love all my projects!). This project started with a block shared by Preeti of Sew Preeti which a few of us have taken off with —

Birds on a Wire is a project which needs a lot more work on it. These are blocks that I made when pattern testing for Juliet of Tartankiwi in 2018. I have a plan of what I'm dong with them... I just need to execute that plan!

One of my goals for the year is to use more of my scraps. Accordingly, my Great Granny squares will be pulled out again. I have 9 blocks made, and had decided to continue on and make another 7 for a 4x4 grid. We'll see. (I used the tutorial from Lori Holt's blog *here*.) 

 And the other scrap quilt I want to finish up is my Scrappy Sprouts. I have a pile of these but I do need to sort through them and decide what colours, etc, I need to use for balance. I think I may be about halfway through this project.

I have a wee pile of Christmas quilts I'd love to make but as I'm partway through this one, I won't let myself start anything new. This is Snowflake Land from Quiltmania#80. I haven't worked on this since 2016. Not a big project and I think I have only two more blocks to do. No excuses really.

Numbers 11 and 12 on my PHD list are a bit wishy-washy. Inspired by Janice's recent post *here*, I aim to take two orphan blocks and finish them off. I don't have many projects that I've mentally abandoned, (I still love them all!) but there is the odd block that can do with attention. 
Below are some possible candidates for this —

So there we have it, my list of 12 projects that I am wanting to completely finish this year. Wow, it's a little daunting but like the elephant, I will break it down into small pieces and work my way through them. 
The next step is to actually pull out all these items (rather than finding previously taken photos on my blog!) and store them in sight. 
Thank you Gail of the Quilting Gail blog for motivating and pushing me to do this thinking and planning. Hopefully what follows is a year of finishing!
'til next time,
happy stitches,


  1. I have every faith that you will get all of them finished in 2020! What fun I will have watching!

  2. Raewyn, I think you can do it if you don't get distracted by too many squirrels!! On the quilting, when you get stuck, you could always show what you have and your readers could help with know how quilters always have opinions and are so willing to share them! I'll be looking forward to celebrating every one of these finishes with you!!

  3. I too am sure you will get these finished, as you say a little at a time. You have beautiful quilts there.

  4. well I have 10 going and 3 crochet/knitting planned - so I guess we all need to try to motivate each other to get busy :)

  5. That's quite a list Raewyn.... the quilts are very lovely so it will be great to have them done.…. I wonder what new projects will join the list?

  6. Oh my--you will be one busy gal this year as you work on those lovely quilt projects--
    can't wait to see some of them finished--
    I also have a list of about 10 projects that need work--humm?? wonder when the little fairies will be back from Christmas holiday and get going on them????
    luv, di

  7. Good luck with them all. I’m tired just reading about them. These challenges are good to get us making progress.

  8. Good luck with your goals. Everyone of them is worthwhile.

  9. Wow! What a great group of projects. Picture me on the sidelines rooting you on.

  10. Good luck with all your beautiful quilts!

  11. More power to you, Raewyn! I will watch in awe as you knock these projects off the UFO list!

  12. That's quite a list! All lovely and im sure you will make great progress. In between working at your paid job, farm duties, enjoying time with the grandies and all!

  13. A wonderfully busy list, but lots of variety, so I know you won't get bored! Good luck!

  14. That's quite a commitment. I'm sure you will manage it all though.

  15. That's a huge list of many beautiful quilts...Good luck working on your list..

  16. Raewyn, you list is lofty but totally achievable. I am of course partial to the Sisters. I also love the Scrappy Sprouts. The Granny Square blocks - I believe they look deceptively simple but the exact 1/4" seam (or the lack of) can be a huge detriment. Therefore I am even more impressed by your neat blocks. Whatever you choose to finish first, I will be cheering you on :-)

  17. Of course you love all your projects! What's not to love. Here's to getting them finished (I'm sure you will) so you can enjoy them properly and start on the next inspired projects.

  18. Raewyn you have plenty there to keep you busy all the year! Small steps will have them all finished I'm sure.

  19. Good luck with your 2020 goals, I am sure that you will accomplish all of them unless you are like me who is easily distracted by new projects - lol!

  20. So many great quilts. It is somehow very satisfying to have projects that may be several years old but you still love! Hope for them all that they get finished.


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