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Saturday, November 30, 2019

A finish for OPAM

I've learnt over the years how difficult it is to get into sewing again after being away on holiday - I always seem to suffer from the "where do I start" dilemma.
I wasn't as organised as I would have liked to have been before I went away but I did make the time to set up my sewing machine so that I could jump straight in by giving myself a couple of prompts —
So organised!!
(I even covered it with a bag to protect it while away!)
I had a Omigosh block ready to put together and one sorted ready to piece.
And I'd made a list of the things that I'd wanted (or needed) to carry on with after that.
Here are those two completed churndashes  —
Plus one more sewn since for good measure!
Another thing on that list was to complete a baby quilt for a friend of my two daughters. The baby was born just before I went away and this was how the quilt looked last time I photographed it (back in 2018 when I put it together).
When I found out that a friend was going down to visit the new babe and could deliver the quilt for me, I got myself organised and quilted it. (Amazing what a deadline can do for you!)
The photos are a bit glare-y sorry, which I didn't realise when I took them. The quilt's been and gone now so I cant re-take them.
The pattern is Tic-Tac Hoot by Joanne of Canuck Quilter. I'd previously made a pink/dog version *here* (scroll down to see it). It's a easy and fun design to put together.
All the ditches are stitched and then I popped some simple quilting into the blocks.
I had a little dilemma when I did the binding as I hadn't got enough and didn't have anything that matched. It was about 3" too short!! My solution in the end (which I thought was quite clever!) was to cut the pieced binding in places and add in a bit of one of the fabrics I'd used. So in about 4 places there is a short piece of 'feature' fabric in the binding. It's relatively unobtrusive but looks good I think :-)
It's backed with some soft brushed cotton.
One more slightly less glare-y shot.
Delivered and in use :-)
So not bad, a finish for what has been a busy month! Thank you to the lovely Kris for running OPAM (One Project a Month) - helping us to get those finishes done and recorded.
'til next time,
Happy stitches,


  1. Lovely, lovely, lovely, I'm impressed. It’s always a challenge to get started after some time away!

    Hope all is well on the farm! We’re still dry here and praying for rain.

    Hugs from Texas!

  2. Love the OMG blocks, what a fun scrappy quilt this would make. The baby quilt is very nice (blue one of my favorite colors) and that owl looks so wise.

  3. OMG is on my list - I have the pattern and one day I really have to start working on it but I always seem to forget about it and start something else!

  4. I have that problem most days. What to do? Love your quilt and I have done that too with binding that I don't have quite enough. I think it looks fabulous. Oh that baby and all that long hair!

  5. Sew good to have made not two but three Omigosh teeny weeny blocks.....
    Love your finish and so does the cute babe. I remember when you made it and I bought the pattern. Must make it one day....

  6. A great finish there Raewyn - yes, amazing what a deadline can do for you! xx

  7. It always amazes me how a break away just puts the routine at home right out. I do love your churn dashes with mini blocks...
    The quilt is just lovely and so sweet to use it in use with new bub... always the best look for a quilt..

  8. Love the baby quilt--blues are such delightful colors-
    and your other blocks are interesting ones--
    It is always hard--to get into a sewing mode--
    I am always in the mood when I can't get to the machine--
    then when I have time--it is like--so what do I work on,now ????
    luv, di

  9. Cute litgle baby qui.t, they are always so much fun to make! And so nice to get a photo back showing the baby on his new quilt.

  10. Love the Omigosh blocks. I need to make some doll house quilts for Christmas and that might be the answer.

  11. Adorable! The quilt and the baby.

  12. Good for you on meeting the monthly challenge! Obviously you're now back into the swing of things following your USA adventure.

  13. I really like your version of the Omigosh blocks, and the baby quilt is adorable. You did well for spending half the month or more away from home!


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