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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Not one, but two —

— finishes to share today!!
I had a good day of focusing today and got the last few stitches into my two latest finishes. And I had daylight left to take some photos so I could post by the end of the month!
Yahoo, I'm on fire :-)
(Whoops, I now see I was just a bit late for the good light and none of my colours are showing very well!) (Maybe not on fire after all!)
So here's the lo-down —
Friday's Village is a quiltalong we did at The Country Yard. This design was put out by Moda last year as Be My Neighbour.
We've done a few projects where participants show us their completed block and in return get the pattern for the next block and this is what we did with this one as well. I think we had a 'sharing of the block' every 2 weeks (or was it twice a month?) with the added challenge of receiving a small amount of fabric that had to be used in the next block. Fun fun fun. Most people used scraps to complete this and, come show and tell day, we ended up with a wide variety of colourful quilts.
Finally mine has transformed from flimsy to quilt aka a finish.
I went out to the sheds to find a wall big enough to hang this. And, as you can see, I got some good rustic shots too! Please excuse the dirty wall; no quilts were harmed in the taking of these photos.
You can just see the nice texture given by the quilting. I quilted this with allover circles. I really wanted to do some allover quilting which is something I haven't really tackled before. I purchased the Westalee Circle ruler. As you see in the photo below it pivots from the centre and you 'simply' go round and round in circles. There are 6 circles in each set. The only catch is each circle within the set is complete on it's own which means a lot of stopping and starting between each one. I got around this by starting the circles at a seam line so I could stitch in the ditch from circle to circle. (I did take a picture to explain but it doesn't show up.) That worked really well.
I thought this a great ruler for getting accurate circles and I know there's a lot more I can do with it rather than just circle after circle. So I'll have to play some more. 
We cant have a finished post without some photo bombing by the animals. The chooks were highly interested (for about a minute).
And some scenic shots.
I had a little whoopsie while quilting. Look carefully at the photo below and you will see a pin encased in the quilt! Whew lucky I didn't hit it!
I cut a wee hole to release it, darned it, then covered it with a strategically placed label!
What else? I used wool/cotton batting which I think is one of my favourites (Matilda's Own) and it's a very cosy 75" x 90½" - it sits on top of our King sized bed very nicely.

My second finish is the baby quilt I've been working on lately.
This was from a pattern by Joanne of Canuck Quilter called Tic Tac Who.
I put soft minky on the back and used wool/cotton batting. I kept the quilting fairly simple but did take advantage of some rulers to get even curves etc.
The back shows it a little better but once again the photos aren't the best.
Here is a better look at the wee dog in the quilt—
I love this design, I'm sure I'll make it again.
Tonight we put our clocks back for the end of daylight saving. I'm quite happy to gain a bit of extra daylight for doing chores before breakfast but the shorter evenings will will make it feel like winter is just around the corner. Not that that is a bad thing, we've had more than enough heat this summer!
I hope everyone is having a happy and safe Easter weekend. 
Happy stitches,


  1. Your quilts are great and I really enjoy reading about and seeing the quilting in them. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love your finishes! The Be My Neighbor quilt is delightful, and sounds like it was a fun SAL. The chooks probably thought, "so THAT is what a barn quilt looks like"--and then moved on. :) I enjoyed the scenic shots.
    Your ruler work looks great!
    I do love Joanne's pattern. Will you make the pup again (it is very cute), or try one of the other animals?

  3. Lovely finish on the Village quilt. Lovely to see all the blocks together. The circles look wonderful. Love the way you solved the problem with the pin.
    And the second quilt is finished off beautifully as well.
    Love all the outside photos.

  4. you had some great finishes and so glad you didn't hit the pin and that you found it and were able to get it out! that would have been bad to have it poking someone

  5. Great quilts and woohoo for finishes.

  6. Congratulation on your beautiful finishes. Gorgeous. Time to celebrate. I love the Westalee Circle ruler and also use it for clamshells designs.

  7. Two amazing finishes and your circle Quilting is fantastic... lucky you saw the pin and it was in a spot where you could puta label.

  8. Pretty Quilts. The block hop sounds like fun and a good way to stay motivated to do the blocks.

  9. Oh I love both of those quilts--great job on them both--
    and it must be a good feeling to have them both totally finished!!
    Happy Easter-di

  10. Lovely quilts, Raewyn and your quilting is great !!

    happy easter


  11. good to see finishes.
    I like the idea of sharing idea and scraps. The quilting circles looks interesting..I've never quilted by machine,only by hand.

  12. Love your quilting ,thanks for all the explanations and close ups. Beautiful finishes.

  13. Two beautiful finishes! I love the texture from the Westalee ruler. The baby quilt is adorable! Both look perfect! Happy Easter!!

  14. Two gorgeous quilts Raewyn - two great finishes! I always love it when the animals photo bomb your pics. Yes I will enjoy the lighter mornings too ... am always tired by evening so don't really take advantage of lighter evenings. Happy Easter to you Raewyn.

  15. These are both beautiful quilts and the quilting is superb. Do you quilt on a longarm.

  16. Love the colours on your village quilt, your lucky to have a shed or two big enough to hang them on. Great chooken photo bomb too.

  17. Both really lovely quilts and the circles are very effective..... I can see that pin holding the circles being used on a long arm but how did you do it on the table? Such a great idea to help people get a quilt finished by promising the next part of the pattern when seeing a finished block.... great idea.... I love your dog quilt too....


  18. Love your finishes. Those rulers look like a great too. I'm still mastering pantographs, though recently I've gone back to straight lines with a walking foot!

  19. I love both of the quilts, they are gorgeous and well done on your photography, love the photobombing lol. Great pics of the Westalee rulers, I have looked at them a couple of times and been really tempted, you might just have persuaded me. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. :)

  20. Two nice finishes. I really like the Country Yard and the doggie is so so cute!

  21. Both of these quilts are beautiful! And, they both have the perfect amount of quilting! Of course, we always love photo bombs! Keep them coming! :-)
    Thank you for sharing the link to the board basting...brilliant! Add to that, one of those fold up long tables....and this could be done outside (so that you don't have to worry about hitting walls or ceilings (or knocking a lamp off a table) while moving the boards around. :-)

  22. You made a Be My Neighbor! And what a fun way to make it, too. It turned out fantastic. LOVE that photo with the chook admiring it. :) Super cute baby quilt - managing last-minute finishes at the end of the month/quarter sure are gratifying, aren't they?

  23. Two wonderful finishes! and the chicken photo bomb pic made me smile!

  24. Good old/ young chook! Two really nice finishes Raewyn. Great that you have a ruler to help with those circles not always easy to do, unless of course you have a computerised machine. I have another one of the Friday Village quilts in my customer quilting pile. Crikey that was lucky not to hit that pin!

  25. Great finished Raewyn! I just need to say that chickens run a close second to goldfish for their attention spans! Super impressed by the circle quilting... looks like a really nifty ruler and I fully understood the sewing in the ditch explanation even without photographic assistance! It is hard to envisage how versatile the different rulers are... so by all means feel free to show all the different designs you can work out with it, plus any other rulers that have struck your fancy.

  26. Two wonderful finishes Raewyn, beautiful quilts and your quilting is wonderful too..interesting to see the rulers. Love the animal photos, the chook being a chook and the little dog just casually sitting nearby!! Lucky you missed sewing the pin. ..very well recovered though, no one would ever know it happened. Very happy Easter to you.

  27. Two great finishes. I love your circular quilting on the first one too.

  28. Such beautiful finishes Raewyn!
    The quilting on both is fantastic...Completes them beautifully

  29. Two beautiful finishes! Your quilting is amazing. Well done!

  30. Oh just love the "be my neighbour" one... very countryish :) And love the scenic photos! xx

  31. Always love seeing photo shoots of quilts..........its such fun to have a little play with them once they are done..........


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