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Sunday, August 4, 2019

Weekend knitting and stitching

By the time Friday night came around I was more than happy to collapse into my chair to take part in Friday Night With Friends, hosted by the lovely Cheryll over at stitching cubbyhole.
I decided it was high time I finished Lily's cardigan, I didn't have much left to do, just the front bands and the finishing. By the end of the evening I had a competed cardigan so I was very pleased :-)
I used the Carousel pattern by Lisa Chemery again - this is the fourth time I've used this design. It is made on circular needles, starting at the neck, and all in one piece and I find it a quick and easy knit.
Thank you, as always, Cheryll for hosting us on Friday night. It's always nice to stitch along in the company of cyber buddies from near and far :-)
My daughter in law sent through some photos of my latest toddler slippers - I'd given them away without taking a photo, so here they are.
I love the jaunty photos she took!
I've decided I've done more than enough knitting for a while. Last night after dinner I 'fidgeted and fiddled' while we were watching TV, tidying the sideboard next to my stitching chair and putting my knitting and yarn things away for now. Needles paired up and into their packets, patterns in a folder, stitch markers, row markers, darning needles, crochet hooks and so on all away. Dusted and polished.
Satisfied, I gave the MOML a bit of peace and quiet and settled into some applique.
I'd started another Foxley Village block before my latest knitting project and it was nice to get back to it again.
One bird stitched down, two tacked and ready to stitch tonight.
You can visit Cheryll and see what other Friday Night Friends got up to *here*.
I'm hoping for a bit of machine sewing time after lunch today - just wondering which project to tackle first - the choices are endless!
'til next time,
happy stitches,


  1. Lovely post Raewyn, the cardy is beautiful and will be so warm. Your knitting/crochet supplies area looks fantastic, your new block looks wonderful too. Hope you got to some sewing this afternoon. I am off to do some cutting.

  2. Such a sweet cardigan! Hope you were able to get back to some sewing this weekend, those new blocks look exciting!

  3. Enjoying seeing all the different crafts making progress... but especially good to see the patchwork!

  4. Sweet cardigan you finished for Lily..
    Love those slippers..
    Good to put away the knitting stuff and do a different project.
    I'm sure the MOYL is happy not to have the clicking..Haha

  5. A very productive evening. I love the colour of Lily’s cardy. You may have to recruit your photographer for other projects. It looks like she enjoyed the process. Do you want to come around here and tidy some of my stitching area? You’re very organised. Enjoy your appliqué.

  6. love that blue sweater! I see you have a ceramic yarn bowl - mine is wood and I wanted to find one like you have - the wooden one isn't deep enough, yours looks deeper

  7. Great knitting finish and I love those little slippers! Just too cute. Nice applique work. Enjoy your machining. xx

  8. Very sweet sweater and booties that you knitted--I also enjoy knitting!!
    and what a cute new applique block you are working on--will be watching to see how it develops in your future posts!!!
    keep stitching--
    luv, di

  9. You had a great night! Cute sweater and equally adorable booties. That cleaning up is something I really ought to work at too. Putting everything away is not on my list of "fun things to do". Lol! Your applique block is sure to bring a change of pace again. It's so rewarding to love more than one craft.

  10. Hi Raewyn ,wow i love Lily's cardigan and those little shoes are so cute,beautiful work my friend,well done and your work area looks so tidy now,hope you have a lovely day Raewyn xx

  11. I love your knitting project, looks so soft and cuddly!

  12. Your cardi & slippers are beautiful. Well done.
    And as always your stitching is beautiful. Thanks for joining in FNwF...xox

  13. Lovely knitting Raewyn. Wow you are so organised cleaning up like that...thats one thing in life I haven't learned to do well! As you do lots of little person knitting, what yarn do you find the best for washing etc. I'm a bit out of practise with baby knitting. We are getting a few new babies in the family...scary thought...grandchildren having babies!!

  14. What a wonderful sweater - must be a good pattern if you've used it four times already! A nice tidy looking corner for your knitty things, too. The bird block is coming along nicely, as well.

  15. Gorgeous cardigan. Great to get a finish and know that there is still a bit of cold weather left so it can be used. Look s like you can safely put away the needles until next Winter.
    And those knitted slippers are a delight!

  16. Gorgeous knitting, lucky kids who will be snug and warm. Your play station area is very pretty.

  17. I am impressed by your knitting skills. How do you decide whether to knit or quilt? :)
    Cute little birds in your applique block. I look at that and just know my fingers could never do it.

  18. What a lovely job you have done with your knitting, and I am sure they were much appreciated. I am visiting your site via tag-a-long teddies and hope to visit your site more in the future. Can't believe you took time out to do some tidying up and cleaning in lieu of stitching! Ah well, sometimes we just have to clean up a little.

  19. Lovely cardigan and gorgeous booties!! You are so clever! xx


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