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Friday, August 23, 2019

Jumping right in...

It's hard to know where to start after such a long absence here in blogland. An unexpected break brought on by too many calving cows.
There hasn't been a lot of time in my sewing room but I have kept up with my hand stitching in the evenings.

In my last blogpost I showed the start I'd made on block four of Foxley Village.
A week ago I took these progress shots for a blogpost that didn't happen —
At that stage, here were the first four applique blocks. (There's still piecing to do which goes between and around these blocks.)
And last night I put the final hand stitches in it -
Now I just need to sew some more squares to the bottom plus a row of hourglass blocks below that and this block will be totally complete.
Don't look too closely, there's still a bit of the wash away stabiliser under the
Foxley Village stitching - it's what I traced on to so I could get the design
on the front. (Too many layers to see through for tracing.)
In spite of the unpredictable weather I've got a few mobs of calves out on the grass for a bit of exercise and a nibble. They still have access to the sheds but spend most of the day and some nights out in the paddock. I love seeing them out there - growing and happy!
A bit of excitement down on the farm was the 'Reserve People' and a helicopter using one of our paddocks to lift bags of trees into the reserve next door for spring planting. The area is still recovering after *this* event. The kiddies and I got a ringside seat.
Attaching the bags of trees to the rope
Up, up and away
The kids had a quick visit to the calf shed - 
And got slobbered all over :-)
I can't believe another weekend is upon us - I have plans for some quiet time and a date with my machine. And hopefully a catch up in blogland, which I am missing dreadfully!!
'til next time,
happy stitches, 


  1. You Foxely Village is looking good.Nice to sit and stitch after a busy day with calves.
    Great to see the kiddies enjoy the farm and getting mushy kisses from the calves...
    What fun to watch the helicopter .

  2. Foxlley Village looks fantabulous, Raewyn! So much going on this t8me of year in your little corner of the world! How nice you enjoy handwork and can relax in the evenings.

  3. how fun to watch the helicopter event! My niece goes through spells of so much farm work when the calves come in that she can barely keep up and then her sheep or goats start too. She doesn't have a huge farm but enough to keep her busy and working at the school.

  4. You’ve done well to achieve so much on Foxley Village. The kids look like they enjoy spending time with the poddy calves.

  5. Oh how sweet! I just love those Foxley Village blocks! The calves are so adorable. Not sure how you get any stitching done with all that farm work. The kids must have had a great time watching that helicopter! So nice to hear they are replanting after the fires.

  6. Oh, Foxley Village is looking so good! I really must dig mine out... they are sooo pretty! xx

  7. You've been busy stitching despite everything!!
    Good to hear of upcoming tree planting

  8. Those calves are so "cute" (which is a pitifully inadequate word). Don't worry about blogland - life comes first!

  9. I’m so glad you get some stitching in during this busy season. The blocks are so sweet.

    The calves look happing in those lush green fields. Very peaceful looking setting!

    Those ARE slobbery hands.

  10. Farm life is certainly busy for you with all the little calves. Hope you get some "me time" in the weekend.

  11. Isn't it amazing how busy we can get and totally lose track of time and blogging. I remember the slobbery calf days. I was thinking about that the other day feeding calves, getting jostled and butted.

  12. Your Foxley Village block is looking great. Lovely for the little ones to meet the calves and moving trees by helicopter is a new one on me! xx

  13. If I meet you at the garden gate will you have tea and cookies ready???
    baby calves are always nice--and soon they will grow up and be big cattle!!
    just like those grand kids--so you gotta take time to enjoy them now!!
    was nice to hear from you--nice photos--
    luv, di

  14. A very busy time of the year for you....such sweet reasons to be away from blogland for a bit! YOur foxley blocks look wonderful... lovely colours and your work is so neat too. What a lovely place for the grandies to visit and experience all sorts of things....

  15. Calf slobber and a pretty smile . . . how fun is that :)

  16. I have been out of the loop for a while myself so it is lovely to see what you have been up to. I can't even begin to imagine how busy it gets for you at this time of year. Watching the trees take flight is amazing.

  17. Your 'foxley village' blocks are looking great! Looks like a very busy time of the year for you & hubby & the farm, we'll still be here when you get a chance to sew & share!

  18. Foxley Village is looking wonderful, you have made great progress. Calving is always a very busy time for you! Must have been exciting for the grand children to see the helicopter working and slobber on the fingers is just what happens at calf time isn't it!!


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