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Monday, March 11, 2019

Text It! Blog hop (and giveaways)

I am delighted to be taking part in the blog hop promoting Sherri Noel's new book, Text It!
The Counting Sheep baby quilt was an obvious choice of project for me..... my niece is due with her second baby this month so here I am with the gift all ready to go!!
Counting Sheep was a great quilt to make - simple and effective applique, with the addition of some fun text, and a bit of straight forward piecing around the edge. A good "quilt in a week" project - ask me how I know :-)
All of the projects in this book have some element of text in them, there are a variety of fonts to choose from and - yaay - they are already reversed.

I had an idea that I could put the new baby's name on the quilt as well, maybe instead of the 1 Sheep wording, but as he's not born yet, that stayed an idea and didn't become reality!

One little change I made to this quilt was to add an inner ear. I'd been struggling with how to add an element of my Dad (Pop to the grandkids) into the quilt. Other family baby quilts have had a Winnie-the Pooh focus which is a nod to Pop and his poetry recitals and bed time reading. Rummaging through my scraps I found some of the fabrics I used to make him a quilt when he was ill. Hazelnuts in Dad's orchard and sheep go hand in hand so incorporating this wee bit of fabric made so much sense for one of his great-grandies.

What else? I machine appliqued the shapes on (in the method described *here* ) —
Used wool felt for the lettering —
 which gave me the idea to trapunto the circles. I realised later that it might make the quilt difficult for baby to lie on but it may also give a little dimension for fun play!
The puzzle quilting was something I'd been wanting to try on a kiddie's quilt for a while.

What is a bloghop without a fun little giveaway or two, and a whole lot of blogs to visit?

I have a copy of Sherri's new book to give away. Most of the book draws in this blog hop are open to US residents only. HOWEVER this is a giveaway with a difference - my draw for the book is open to NEW ZEALAND and AUSTRALIAN residents only!! To be eligible, please comment below. You will need to state that you live in New Zealand or Australia.

A SECOND giveaway - this is open to anyone living anywhere in the world. Two spools of Aurifil thread will come your way if you are the winner of this draw.  Again, commenting below will get you into the draw.

Please, for both giveaways, I need to be able to contact you. In my last giveaway draw nearly half of those commenting had no way for me to email them. If you've never heard back after posting a comment on a blog, maybe you are one of these people too? Please include your email address in your comment if you are unsure of your 'status'.

Below is the line up of everyone taking part in this blog hop. Feel free to go back to the start as the projects are still all up and the giveaways are still open.
Mine will be open until the end of the blog hop.





LOVING YOU Wall Hanging



LIFE IS SHORT Wall hanging



If you are really keen on this new book and cant wait for the draws to be held, here are some links to get your own copy —

Or you can visit here:

Good luck for the draws, don't forget to include your email address :-)
Happy stitches,


GranChris said...

I adore the Sheep. I am in the US so hope to win the book elsewhere. Jmikebalou (at) aol (dot) com

kiwikid said...

Beautiful sheep quilt Raewyn, I like the idea of the trapunto circles. Good to have a choice of letters. Great to use something associated with your Dad. Your puzzle quilting looks great too. So you know this quilt can be made in a week? No doubt that how long it took you to make 😊 as you know I am in Aus 😊

Fiona said...

I love your quilt Raewyn and great way to put in a little bit of your Dad. Always good to have a pattern that doesn't take months also. I am in Australia (surprise) and would love to go in the draw.

Betsy said...

I have been covering this book. All the projects during the hop have been a delight.

tubakk said...

I love that sweet little sheep quilt. Thanks for the thread giveaway. greetings from Norway.

eileen said...

The book looks great, fun ideas! Love you sheep!
Hello from Spain, would love to win the thread!

Maria said...

Great book.
I love ❤️ love ❤️ the Sheep 🐑 Baby Quilt and the special piece of hazelnut fabric in the inner ear is fantastic...
Will hop over and check out some other blogs...

Maria said...

P.S I'm form Aussie and thanks for a chance to win the great book.

sam said...

Love your interpretation of the quilt. I think adding a bit of padding to the circles was genius. I am in the US.

Sherri @ said...

Your niece will love this! ❤️

Sally said...


QuiltShopGal said...

Your counting sheep quilt is so adorable. Just looks some comfy cozy and cute. Great job. And, those spools of Aurifil look even more yummy next to those cookies. Too cute.

Ellee said...

Hi from California! You're quilt is beautiful. Thank you for sharing about your dad. The quilt will mean so much more because of the special touch. -- soparkaveataoldotcom

Susan Stanton said...

Such a cute idea for a baby quilt. Beautifully made as well! I live in the US.
yoyopattycakes at hotmail dot com

Tami Von Zalez said...

I saw the 1 Sheep and thought, "It only takes one to fall asleep (from counting them)." Silly, I know.

Diane H said...

Hello from Canada! Really fun hop. The sheep quilt is adorable. Love the idea of using felt for the letters.

barbara woods said...

love your's , I am in USA

loulee said...

Your 'One Sheep' quilt is cute. And very apt for over here in NZ too!

Janet O. said...

A really sweet quilt, and the addition of the hazelnut fabric is a very nice touch.
Do you think you could send the macarons too, if I win the thread? :)

Rozz01 said...

Adorable Sheep quilt & love the text addition to the quilts. Living in Arizona rozz01(at)cox(dot)net

Leanne Parsons said...

I love the addition of trapunto for the circles! The hazelnut fabric as a nod to baby's great-grandfather is so sweet. Congratulations on having the baby gift all ready to go :)

Sewgirl said...

Your quilt turned out sweet! I really like the puzzle quilting you did! I live in the US, but am on my way to visit NZ and Australia Wednesday!!I. have heard so many great things about these two countries that I am super excited.

Jenny said...

Thats a lovely little sheep quilt, and will be a hit with baby and parents I'm sure. Thanks for the chance to win the book, and yes, I'm a Kiwi! Will go and check out the other blogs now.

Anna brown said...

Very very cute love this sheep.

Patty said...

Darling sheep!

Sharon Aurora said...

I love the sheep. I'm in the US, so count me out for the book.

Cecilia said...

This is an adorable pattern and I love that you added that extra fabric as a nod to your Dad. I’m in the US
cecilialyoung at gmail dot com

Sandra Walker said...

That quilt is just so perfectly precious for your niece's baby! Yay, for a non-US residents only giveaway LOL. Count me in for the Aurifil as I'm in Canada, bu you knew that. ;-)

Anthea said...

Beautiful work on the quilt Raewyn & I love the way you incorporated the special fabrics in honour of your Dad. x

Julie said...

Hi Raewyn, I love your sheep quilt, love how you wool felt appliqued the words & love the slight texture that the trapunto gave. Thanks for the chance to enter your great Giveaway Raewyn. Xx

Quilty Joyce said...

This is such a delightful design! As I am in the US, I am only eligible for the thread giveaway, but it would be wonderful to have two new spools of Aurifil to play with.

Karen S said...

This is a lovely result Raewyn. Such a gorgeous quilt and a very special gift.
I love the little touch with the fabric in the year. That will mean a lot to your family.
Cheers from Aus.

Michelle Ridgway said...

I love your Sweet Sheep quilt and having a little tribute to your Dad is so special! Your family is definitely growing!

Lee said...

That sheep quilt is awesome!! Hello from Michigan USA

Kay said...

How sweet is that quilt! Thank you for a lovely giveaway. I live in England. x

Danette said...

Such a wonderful quilt! I live in the US. Thank you,

Anonymous said...

HI,I love your Sweet Sheep quilt! Thank You for a sweet Giveaway too!

Cathy L Wilson said...

I love your version of the sheep quilt! I’ve visited NZ and wish I could live there but, alas, I’m a Texas girl.

LakeMGal said...

Your quilt is adorable! Really like the puzzle quilting.

Laura said...

Love your sheep project. I live in Canada. Am so glad there is a way for those in NZ or Aus to get a prize.

rosemaryschild said...

Your sheep baby quilt is so sweet! Thank you for sharing, Susan in Mississippi!

Beth said...

Thank you for sharing the sweet, meaningful details of how you incorporated your father into this quilt. Thoughtful elements like that help to make quilts into keepsakes.
I'm glad to see NZ and AUS quilters have a chance to win this book. (I'm in the US) Isn't Sherri a gem?

Susan said...

I love what you have done with your project!

I don't live in NZ or AUS but hope to win the book through one of the US bloggers.
Good luck to ALL!

Lin said...

I do love your sheep and especially that you have added a little personal touch. What a great design that is. As you know I am round the other side of the world to you so am only eligible for the thread giveaway. xx

d said...

What a sweet quilt! Thanks for introducing us to this book and for a nice giveaway (not a NZ or AUS resident).

nic_003_5 said...

i love the sheep but will have to find another way of getting the book as i live in the UK

Unknown said...

I collect sheep, so would look forward to making this sheep quilt! Becky

linny said...

Love your sheep quilt, especially your extra inner ear touch. What a great idea. I live Down Under so sheep are definitely in our culture as well.

Farm Quilter said...

Your sheep is so cute!! I love trapunto!! USA here!

Jollygirl said...

The sheep quilt is so cute and perfect for either a boy or a girl. Thanks for sharing.

Kathy E. said...

Such an adorable sheep and the border is the perfect touch! This will be treasured always! duchick at gmail dot com

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Hi Raewyn, Just got caught up on your posts. Foxley Village looks awesome...I had noted that quite some time ago to look for the pattern. THis little quilt is adorable. You do such wonderful work. Happy Stitching from me!

Sue D said...

Wonderful quilt. I like the special fabric you used for the ears.
slrdowney at hotmail dot com

KaHolly said...

This one is my favorite, too!