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Monday, September 17, 2012

Fruity finish

Today I was so happy to (finally ) finish Dad's Fruity Quilt and pop it in the post for him. It was a bit late for  Father's Day at the beginning of September but I'm sure he won't mind...sometimes life gets in the way of the best laid plans!
Dad has been a keen orchardist and his challenge in his later years has been to determine what fruit or nut tree will grow in his tricky climate... and see how many different varieties of a certain fruit or nut tree he could find.
So here it is —
My version of Snow In Summer by Kim Diehl from the book Simple Charm.
Lap quilt 56" x 56"
This is the first time I have sewn one of Kim's quilt, although I do have many of her books. The instructions were great and I enjoyed making it.
 I adapted the flower applique —
I changed the flower to represent the Feijoa flower (which is very similar
to the Potutukawa one). Possibly the most popular fruit that Dad has grown
has been the Feijoa. 
Having photographic fun, playing with our mirror. 
Quilting was kept relatively simple. All the snowball blocks
were quilted with the heart/leaf design we learnt from
Frances Moore  in SewCalGal's FMQ January challenge.
I outlined the appliqué and that was all.
A tree shot - this old Plum tree has seen better days but we don't have
the heart to do anything about it. 
You can see the brown backing - I used minky which I thought might be a bit tricky to quilt but it was actually very easy and came up beautiful and soft. 

And now a plea for help - I used a 50:50 woollen -cotton mix batting in the quilt, which is the first time I have used it. When I washed the quilt, tiny fibres came through from the batting to the outside (front and back)  - what a shame!! - does anyone know why this happened, is it just a wool batting thing, should I have  gently hand washed it? (I only ever buy quality fabrics etc). Any advice for next time will be greatly appreciated, I quite like the warmth of the wool compared to the cotton I usually use, and would like to use it again.

Whew, now that I have this quilt lovingly posted I can get onto another project - I am trying not to start anything new just yet, still have plenty to get on with, although Joanne's quiltalong does start next week...!!! Ah, one new project won't hurt, will it?
Happy creating everyone,


  1. I really like this quilt!! Such a wonderful gift!!! I've never used the 50/50 batting, so sorry I can't help you!

  2. Hey its lovely and I know your Dad will treasure it. One for Mum in the making, or does she already have one of your masterpieces!!

  3. I really like the applique on this one - and the flower adaptation is perfect. I have used the cotton/wool batting and washed in a front loader machine with wool wash on a wool setting. No problems with fibre migration - but I wonder if it has to do with the backing (minky is a weird sort of fibre). Was it worse in the areas that were more heavily quilted, or in the areas that were more lightly quilted?

  4. Never used that type of batting--sorry. This is a fun quilt, but why is my mouth watering? : )

  5. It looks awesome Mum! Cool idea about putting mink on the back

  6. Your Dad's quilt looks fabulous.
    You have done a great job iof the quilting....
    Love your photo shots.

  7. Your dad's quilt is great. And about the batting? no idea, sorry.

  8. Wonderful,this gift for your dad!!!
    many grettings
    Gitta from germany

  9. Beautiful quilt Raewyn and your dad will love it.

  10. Wow I'm with Janet, my mouth was water too!!
    You did a great job. As far as the batting goes, I did a quilt for one of my daughters many years ago & I had the same problem.I hand quilted mine with a pure wool batting & cotton backing.Thoughts of it now, are that the quality of these products now days are most likely much better. But maybe it is as Suz said something about the combo with the Minky? Oh dear who was it that encouraged you to use that minky?
    I'm sure your dad will love it no less.

  11. I love this quilt very much. It is so beautiful. I have no idea why your batting misbehave.

  12. If the batting came out the front also, it really has nothing to do with the minky. I once got some bad batting that did the same thing. I asked around, but I was told there was nothing to be done about it. Might try a razor on the front to "shave" it.

    It's beautiful, though.

  13. Wow Raewyn you dad's quilt looks great. Having seen the fabric selection I so enjoy seeing the finished quilt. Another great outcome which is no surprise.

  14. What a great quilt you made for your dad, it's fabulous! I didn't know there is fabric wth all those fruit and vegetables. Your dad must be very glad with it! The quiltwork is lovely, love the heartshapes!
    Sorry, I can't help with the batting.
    Have a nice day, Cisca

  15. Wow! This is quite creative! I just love all your ideas and designs in this quilt. Wonderful stitching.

  16. lovely quilt.........sorry can't help with your problem.......maybe it is just the brand you used........very frustrating.........

  17. What a thoughtful quilt for your dad. It's a little late, but it's just in time for the cool weather. It is beautiful.

  18. Your Dad is a very lucky chap! It has turned out beautifully. Sorry no ideas here on the batting though......

  19. Oh your Dad will love his quilt , so much thought has gone into the making and your quilting looks great . I am sorry I can't help you with the batting question , hope you get it answered as I love the wool batting too.

  20. The quilt looks fab. I'm sure it'll be a hit.

    I've only seen the bearding problem with polyester batting. And there are plenty of quilters out there who use wool and swear by it. So maybe it's the mix? But I do know there isn't much you can do about it except a periodic shave with a good ol' safety razor.

    Frustrating after all that work, huh?

  21. Oh this quilt is so worth the wait, and I bet your Dad thinks exactly the same. Your quilting is perfect for it, and your photo shoot is fabulous fun! Brilliant job!

  22. Wow Raewyn you have made a fantastic job on your Dad's quilt. I love the special quilting you have done and the feijoa flower stitching. Your Dad must love it!

  23. Perfect present for your Dad! Love the luscious fruity colours and backing it with Minky was inspired! Love your special flower quilting too. What a winner!

  24. Your dad must be thrilled witht he quilt! t's turned out yummy.
    Love Leanne

  25. wow, I´m sure you dad already loves this quilt. Your quilting looks so great. Sorry about the batting!


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