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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Red and White Challenges

You may recall that SewCalGal is inspiring us with a year of Red and White challenges. As you (could) know I am a sucker for challenges, especially ones that stretch me out of my comfort zone, so I here I am, taking part :-)
A bloghop and phase one have been and gone but the links are still up if you want to spend some time visiting and viewing some gorgeous Red and White quilts. Visit the bloghop and phase one here.
Now we are into Phase Two. For this we design a quilt!
Yes, that's all!!!
I have used EQ7 for mine but computer software is not necessary.
Anyway, here is what I have come up with......
During the EQ7 bloghop, I took a simple block and played with it, seeing what happened; my Bears Paw became this 'serendipity enhanced kaleidoscope' block.
I really loved this new block and decided I would like to use it as the basis of my quilt design. Examining the block, I am sure the best way to sew it would be by foundation paper piecing. Even that would not be a 5 minute job but I think it would be so worth it! One setting I tried used 4 of these and looked really neat with its secondary patterns emerging, but it would take forever to sew so I ditched it!
Because of the nature of this block I decided it was best suited used as a bigger block; the settings below use it from 12" to 24".
Quilt One -This version has a simple border which I think frames the
main block nicely.
(22" finished, EQ7 estimates I would need 1/2 yd white and 5/8 yd of red).
Quilt Two - In order to make the quilt a little bigger, this version has a
simple chain block to frame it, and an outer border.
The Bears Paw in the border acknowledge the block's beginnings.
(52" finished, estimates 1 1/4yds white and 2 1/2 yds red).
Quilt Three - Here I got even more complex. I really do like the way
the chain blocks frame and mimic the shape of the centre block.
(60" finished,  estimates 1 3/4 yds white and 3 3/4 yds red). 
Quilt Four - This is the same quilt with the addition of the narrow borders,
which I guess could also be red.
(63" finished,  estimates 2 1/8 yds white and 3 3/4 yds red). 
Quilt Five - Inspired by the previous attempts I also came up with this version.
Less complex to sew. I decided the Crown and Cross blocks in the
outer border suited the centre block better than the Bears Paw.
(28" finished, estimates 1/2 yd white, 7/8 yd red
48" finished, estimates 1 7/8" yd white, 7/8 yd red)
Something I do a lot when I am playing around like this is to do print previews to check the cutting requirements to see if a block, size, design is feasible. All of the above 'worked', but of course differ in their complexity. They are all different sizes too, it really was a case of having to do the maths to get everything to fit right.
These designs all passed my 'go out of the room and view it' test. If they didn't look good from 6 metres away, they didn't last.
SewCalGal is amazing at getting great sponsers for her challenges. Island Batik is a sponsor of this particular challenge. They will select their favourite design and the winner will receive fabrics from them to make up the design! (To be eligible for entry to this, I needed to state the estimated yardages of my design/s.) 

If you go *here* and scroll down, you will see the link-up to see what other 'designers' have come up with. I am enjoying reading the stories that go with every-one's designs.
This challenge ends on March 23rd so if you are interested in taking part, it's not too late. The next phase of the year of Red and White Challenges is the 'make it' stage so I would love to know which design you like best - and your thoughts on them all too  :-)
Thank you for reading along,
Happy creating,


Janet O. said...

Some gorgeous designs, Raewyn! I really like the fourth one (the first one labeled "fourth"--you have two), but, of course, it looks like the most work. I hope you win for whichever design you choose!

Marjorie said...

I like #3 as it flows better from the center. But truth be told, I'm probably going to steal your design and make a 60" version of the original blown up super sized!!!

A Consuming Passion said...

What a great challenge Raewyn! I like the block you chose and think the first one is the easy version!
My favourite is Quilt 4. The centre block (made up of 4 by the looks of things) is highlighted by the 'white' border. It sits well within the outer blocks which to me, lead the eye in towards the centre too. I was thinking a smaller version of this block for the corners would look good too........especially if you're foundation piecing. Looks like you've a busy time ahead :-). Finger's crossed you win this challenge.

Suz J said...

A red and white challenge is my idea of challenging to start with - red not being one of my go to colours. I am fond of the first design with the simple red border. But of course, I'd do a 80" version supersized... with scrappy red fabrics... ahh... bliss!!

The Knotty Lass said...

Oh, I do hope you make one of these! Any would be gorgeous but my favorite is #4. I don't know why, I just like it a lot. Can't wait to see what you do!

Anonymous said...

i love them all Raewyn,you clever chicky.xx

Karen said...

I am very partial to red and white quilts, too.
I love the variety of designs you have come up with. They are all stunning.

sunny said...

Wow! They're all very nice, but my favorite is Version 3!Someone else liked #4 with the tiny white border, but I think that detracts from the flow. Whichever you choose will be beautiful.

canuckquilter said...

These are all gorgeous! If pressed, I would choose #3...or maybe #4...or...OK, you're on your own to choose!

sigisart said...

Dear Raewyn,
I like your designs and the Fourth is my favourite :-))
Hugs from a lucky girl!!!

Charlotte Scott said...

I think Quilt one would be nice as a wall hanging, but if you want a bigger quilt, you need the borders or it will just look like an oversized block (which is fine too, but maybe for a more modern style of block/fabric/colourway).

So I think quilt two's inner borders look like a reflection of the snowflake type thing you've got going on with the centre, a good choice.

OR quilt four is dramatic and I prefer the addition of the narrow white borders (can't say why, I just do!).

But any which way you go, this is going to be a lovely quilt!

Julie said...

Hard to choose Raewyn - I liked them all. I must confess alot of what you are saying is way above my head ... but I do know what a bears paw block is !!!! And its one of my favourites.

Sharon @ OSEWDIVINE said...

Love them all but can't wait to see you make one. Wish I had more time in the day to play with my eq6 programme , maybe you have just inspired me thanks

margaret said...

can see how EQ7 helps in blocks, have been thinking about getting it but so far have not justified the cost but maybe one day

Jean said...

I like the first one best as that is a gorgeous block and would look wonderful in read and white. Which one are you going to make?

Carrie P. said...

WOW! those are some really awesome designs. I really like #4 the best. I will be watching to see which one you do.