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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Where to start?

You know that feeling that you have when deadlines are met, the climax has happened and you are left hanging - what to do next? Well, that's been me this week! (You can read my last post here if you have no idea what I am talking about!)
The need to sew is so ingrained in me that it didn't take long for my itchy fingers to start wriggling again.
But what to do?
I decided a good start would be to have a good look at the leader and ender project I've had in the background for the last few weeks. I always like to have a leader and ender project (ideally a scrap project so I don't have to think too hard) on the go. 'Goodnight Irene' is a good gobbler of 2.5" squares, of which I have plenty! Terry from Terry's Treasures has inspired many with this project, and it goes together very quickly and well.
Goodnight Irene so far. After looking at others in Terry's linkups,
I think I am going to slow down on my use of the creams, and try to
make those 16 patch blocks a little more colourful.
And as is the way, scrap sewing does not always use scraps - it generates them too.......!!
I've been sewing 2 seams on the X-block instead of one so that when I trim it off,
I have a half square triangle - something else to find a project for!!
Now that my head is a little more sorted and I have some direction for Irene, I will send her back to leader and ender status and poke around for my next main project - I have plenty to choose from!!
In the evenings I have pulled out my applique again, starting on Block 3 of the 2103 Quiltmania mystery. Here's the first little person from this block —
Can you guess what they are doing this time?!
 I said in my last post that I have a couple more projects (yaay, finishes) to share; ones that I've been sewing at home for the New Year's Launch my favourite quilt shop held last week. This first one is a 'Seasons' project we are doing, with the first season being Autumn (naturally, for those of us in this hemisphere!). As the year progresses we will work our way through the other seasons.
The stand for them is really lovely and I look forward to making more of these little hangings :-)
 And on the wall in this corner of the shop you can see another wall hanging I have made; the long, skinny-ish one —
When I remember the name and designer I will edit this post!
The single ladies are also very lovely and are by the same designer.
Quite clever how she has done the perspective, from left to right rather than
front to back.
Isn't she sweet?!
It's been nice to have these finishes, but now it's time for me to rummage through my sewing cupboard :-)
Happy stitching, have a great day - and thank you for visiting


canuckquilter said...

I like your "scrap gobbler" quilt in progress. I have lots of 2" squares piling up that this idea could work with... Your little seasons quilt is darling.

Julie said...

Hi Raewyn, gosh your fingers sure have been busy ... its kinda hard to switch off when you have been intensly working on something isnt it. Those skinny ladies on the wall look like a pattern I have from House on the Hill design in the South Island?? Hope I am right on this ... love the autumn hanging also & especially love the stand. Julie x0x

Lesley said...

You have some great projects here. Irene is looking great! Love your wall do such beautiful work!

Janet O. said...

You have made some beauties! I especially love the wall hanging in the shop (but the little applique person you made that looks like they are in a swimsuit is also very cute).
I got a kick out of the visual image of your itchy fingers wriggling. : )

Barbara said...

I love your leader and ender project Raewyn. It sure didn't take you long to get back into some of your own projects. I look forward to seeing your latest needle turn block.

Charlotte Scott said...

I always have good intentions for leaders and enders but I'm thinking I don't piece enough, because they never seem to progress. I like the look of Irene, and your wallhanging is very sweet, just a bit more sophisticated than sunbonnet sue.

Leeanne said...

Loving the scrappy number! I was thinking maybe we should have a scrap swap, so we get variety in our scrap quilts, but that won't work with us as we both work at the same awesome quilt shop!
The sunbonnet looks set for a spot of swimming.
I think Julie is spot on "House on the Hill' is the design & the designers name is Jacki.

margaret said...

your quilt is coming along at a good pace, there is no stopping you once you start. The frame for the mini hanging really sets the quilting off well and I love the skinny wallhanging too said...

Yes, it is always nice to have a leader and ender project, and yours is so lovely! Your Sunbonnet is so sweet, I guess she hopes to take a swim in the sea (LOL)? It's fun making them, isn't it! The project with the lady is stunning, too, you managed to make a lot of things this year. Nice stand to hang your little season quilt in, we're beginning to look out for Spring, and we're having the temperatures already ((15 degrees) and enjoy it very much.
Happy stitching, Ciscsa

Michelle Ridgway said...

You have been stitching your little fingers to the bone! Love Goodnight Irene and your other finishes x

Wendy said...

Beautiful applique work. I'm envious. Mine never looks quite that good!

Sheila said...

Your Irene quilt is going to be great and I love both wall hangings , you are a talented lady :-)

marina said...

your finishes have spurred some a lovely new project.
love your little bathing sunbonnet.
your two wall hangings are great, especially like the ladies in the fields. Well done!

The Knotty Lass said...

Oh, I desperately need some finishes! I have too many projects "in process" and yet I am chomping at the bit to start my next little people block. I love that long wall hanging. The ladies and the perspective are quite different from anything I have seen before. The seasonal hangings are going to be fun to work on and yes, that stand is lovely!

Hilachas said...

The "Good-Night, Irene" quilt is going to be beautiful. All of your projects are beautiful!

straythreads said...

love your scrappy quilt it will be gorgeous!!Really love the long skinny scene that would be perfect above my kitchen cabinets.
beautiful stitching!!

sigisart said...

Dear Raewyn,
sometimes it´s hard to work on several projects, because time runs and "what to do next"? Your wallhangings are beautiful and your Scrap Quilt looks lovely.
Have a good time in your autumn...

Maria said...

Irene is looking great and the wee little guy looks sew cute..
You are always working on gorgeous projects Raewyn.

Wendy said...

Your projects are lovely, it didn't take you long to get back to sewing!! I love the long wallhanging, I do like her designs. Hope the weather doesn't get too bad for you this weekend!

Karen said...

Glad you sorted out what to work on without wasting too much time. You have some lovely projects on the go.
I do like the long skinny one on display in the shop. Beautiful work.

A Consuming Passion said...

Hi Raewyn, how do you fit in all this sewing? I'm in awe!!!! I love the 'long, skinny' wall hanging. Such a great scene. I have a question :) do you hand or machine stitch your blanket stitch? Such even stitches and the thread please share what you use.

Joanne said...

Your finishes are all so lovely! The little autumn quilt is great! Great appliqué!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Wonderful projects. Just lovely.