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FMQ 2012

...with SewCalGal.
I've had a fun and interesting time this year joining in with the free-motion-quilting-challenge she has organised for us all. There has been an astounding quality of tutors and tutorials and I learnt from all of them, even the designs I didn't really take to. The challenge has made me practise-practise-practise and I know I will benefit from even more practise-practise-practise!

As I reflect on the year I realise a few things
~ I can now back track over my stitching reasonably well
~ I am more comfortable following template/pre-drawn lines
~ I am more comfortable with freehand designs
~ I am more comfortable to give new ideas a try - rather than "I cant" I say "Why not - How?"
~ I have a better understanding of threads, needles and tensions
~ I'm my own worst critic but I am learning to be pleased with where I am at

In January Frances Moore shared with us her swirly leaves (related post here).
(Or swirly hearts!)
I used this sort of design on Dad's fruity quilt.
In February Diane Gaudynski shared her echo feathers. I felt really grown up doing feathers!! (Related post here). The echo-ing was a good way to avoid  having to travel on the same stitching line - a great little trick.
In March we were encouraged by Ann Fahl to not rely on stippling as much as we do and find other fillers to use instead. (Related post here).
In April Don Linn shared with us how he transfers designs to the quilt top. (Related post here).
I've used it several times since - and to transfer stitchery designs!
May's tutorial was by Leah Day. She showed us double stippling. Meander a line then go back and stipple along it. (Very short related post here).
In June Cindy Needham talked to us about dividing larger areas up and filling the divided space with fillers. She also talked to us about finding the Hum-Purr, recognising when our machine is humming along nicely in a comfortable rhythm. {Valuable advice}. (Related post here.)
For July, Angela Walters had us filling in tiles.
Wendy Sheppard shared her Jesters' Hats in August (related post here). I liked the challenge and effect of this design.
In September Paula Reid shared her stencil designs and techniques (related post here)
October's tutorial was by Teri Lucas. We 'wrote' our names and then filled the block with different designs. This also was fun. (related post here).
Spirals were the order of the day in November's tutorial by Sarah Vedeler. (Related post here).
The final tutorial (December) was by Patsy Thompson covering border treatments. Variety in a series of borders and mirrored feathers in wider borders. Again I learnt a lot and enjoyed mastering these designs.
(Related post here).

So, whew, we have reached the end of the series of tutorials.
[In addition there were 4 bonus tutorials,only one of which I've been able to complete.]

I sewed all my challenges onto a sampler quilt, based on 9 inch

This quilt is going to be a great reference for me in the future and an awesome reminder of this exciting year of free motion quilting.
A huge thank you once again to SewCalGal for organising the tutors, the tutorials,  the Mr Linkys, the prizes, and keeping it all very comprehensible and possible for us all.. 

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