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Sunday, November 19, 2023

Friday Night Stitching

I was keen to get home from work and the supermarket on Friday night so that I could start a new project. And it coincided with Friday Night Sew In so that was even better!
The new project is Gingerbread House by The Birdhouse. Great that it comes pre-printed, which meant I could get straight into it.
I haven't got much to show for my night's stitching though. However a start is a start!

Earlier in the week, I stitched this cute little elf. I'm not sure what it's for but I had itchy fingers so here it is!
For both stitchery projects I've used Snapdragon, a Cottage Garden thread. I like it as a Christmassy one.

I've also recently knitted this wee singlet. We had some damaged yarn at work, not really sell-able but reasonably perfectly ok, so a group of the ladies have been using it to make singlets and beanies for a premature baby unit.
So tiny - all my babies were big and it's hard to imagine that these will fit. I'm sure they would be too big for some of the babies needing them.
I've started on a second one and then will use the leftovers for a beanie or two.
Yesterday was a children day while their parents had a benefit golf tournament. Exploring the beehives, tree climbing and the swings all featured on the agenda. 

It's a quiet day for Ganma today, hopefully I will get some sewing done ♥
Don't forget to pop over to Wendy's blog to see what others got up to for Friday Night Sew In.
'til next time,
happy stitches,


  1. Lovely stitching. Our grandies have just left, phew! I'm exhausted.

  2. It can definitely be a full day with the grandchildren!!

  3. Your new project looks like fun, as is your cheeky elf! Nice use of that damaged yarn and your 'little ones' are growing up fast. xx

  4. Enjoy your sewing day. I love it when the grands are here but I enjoy the quiet when they leave. Our babies were also good sized, the little clothing look more like doll clothes. I can't imagine having a baby that small! Happy stitching!

  5. I am so grateful that none of mine were that small..well done for making small vests and beanies.
    Good to see them having a children's day and doing stuff together!

  6. Sometimes you just have to listen to those itchy fingers and dive right in. Cute project.

  7. Lovely new Christmas stitchery and cute elf.
    Sweet wee vest too.
    Those grandkids keep you on your toes and it’s nice to relax afterwards with some sewing.
    Maria lifeontheblock.

  8. I thought - oh my goodness, that gingerbread house is so cute. Then I saw the elf and I smiled. But the wee singlet is even more adorable. I can imagine little chubby hands. I completely understand the anticipation before a new project. Hope you have a sew productive week. Big Hugs.

  9. cute stitchery... I have to admit I do love Nat's ones and that elf looks a bit mischievous... cute little vests - great use of the yarn.....

  10. Have fun with you have it finished for Christmas this year? It’s good you can still use the unsalable yarn. Your grandies have great fun when visiting you.

  11. I love the Natalie Bird pre printed Christmas projects. Premmies re so tiny - I'm sure the unsellable yarn is being put to very good use.

  12. Great stitchery to be starting on Raewyn. Lovely knitting, good you can use the unsaleable yarn - the grandies are growing fast!

  13. I haven't seen the gingerbread house stitchery. I look forward to seeing yours grow.
    What a great way to use the yarn. It would have been a shame to throw it out.
    The grandies look like they had a fun time.


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