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Saturday, September 16, 2023

Don't bleed on the quilt!

The other day I started quilting my Cross and Crown quilt top (featured in my Crazy post last month). I really thought it would be done by now, but that's just how it is :-)
I decided to use my Westelee circles template. I used this for my Friday's Village quilt. It's been on our bed this winter and every time I look at it, I am pleased with how the quilting turned out. This was finished in 2018 and I haven't used the template since so I determined it was time to play with it again.
This has a pin/large thumb tack inserted into the quilt which the template spins from (remembering I am at a sit-down machine so the fabric moves, not the machine).
It's quite straight forward and has lovely results but you do have to mind where you put your hands - particularly when you are in the groove - 
I had a warning stab the other day - and then one that drew it was time to Stand Up and Walk Away.
Since then I've made some blood free progress - maybe I was just getting tired and careless and needed a break anyway!
I've quilted on most of the blocks - 
I will do more circles in the gaps - hopefully that won't take too long.

I found this photo the other day. I think I made the block in July. A kiwi quilter put a call out for Gumboot blocks which she could sew into a quilt (or two) to raise funds for Gumboot Friday. Gumboot Friday raises funds to provide counselling for young New Zealanders. It's an effective and worthwhile cause so of course I was happy to add my stitches to it.
My block was a foundation pieced one; part of a set of patterns called The Potting Shed by Jo Westfoot of The Crafty Nomad. Slightly fiddly in places but I was really happy with how the boots turned out!

I took some photos while out feeding calves the other morning. I now have three mobs out on the farm, getting a fresh paddock every second day. These are the younger ones, about 3-4 weeks old -
This paddock floods fairly regularly but you can see in the below photo, how high the house and sheds are in comparison, and why we always say we're safe and high and dry in a flood!
Next onto this mob, in another area of the farm; these ones are about 5 or 6 weeks old. They're in front of the calving mob of cows. New calves are coming very slowly - two one day, then none the next, maybe four the next then none!
And lastly, the oldest calves. Sometimes I squeeze these in before breakfast; sometimes they have to wait till after I've had my breakfast before I get to them! These ones are nearly ready for weaning - most of them about 8 weeks old. They're in a paddock I've not put calves in before - it's over the brow of the 'back hill', surrounded by bush and very little flat ground to park the feeder. However they've had a ball in there - it's very sheltered and has a good feed of grass which they've enjoyed. The top of the paddock is pretty high up - as you can see - 
Happy calves with full tummies!
As you may be able to tell, I quite enjoy getting out on the farm with the animals!
Ok, I think that's about me done for the night. Congratulations if you've got to the end.
'til next time,
happy stitches,


  1. Your quilt is beautiful! I've never tried the quilting templates, my machine quilting is extremely simple! Another month and the last mob of calves will be ready for weaning and you'll have more time (maybe?) for stitching!

  2. Love your quilt. As for that sharp point, I'd cover it with something like a foam ear plug or even a marshmallow, a cap, etc. My luck with sharp points is not good.

  3. Okay.. the quilting looks like the same ruler I used for my hand quilting., great work. As for the farm is to hard for me so congratulations for what you manage.

  4. Oops the last comment was mine..

  5. Lovely quilts..I don't use a machine, but hand quilting can be just as perilous!!
    Lovely to see your farm and the must be glad to see Spring.

  6. I always think your farm looks so pretty and reminds me of my brothers love for the farms. The quilting boots look great! I can't figure out the machine quilting other than straight lines if I try to do others the back side looks a mess and I want both sides to look good

  7. Love the circle quilting on your beautiful quilt. The gumboots are very cute. Lovely photos of the calves & the farm.

  8. Looking at the quilted boots makes me think of quilted boot liners....

  9. That's beautiful quilting on your Cross and Crown. So sorry you drew blood. Painful! And I hope either didn't get it on the quilt or were able to get it out easily.
    Your gumboots are fabulous! Such a good cause. In real life, wouldn't they be fun to wear?
    I enjoy seeing your property and your calves and cows. Such beauty there in New Zealand.

  10. Those rulers are great, I've seen a few pieces finished using the Baptist fan one. Your gummies block looks great, perfect for the cause too.

  11. Interesting to see your quilting with the Westelee ruler, I've never heard of them before, I must be slowing up!! I always love to see the photos of your farm, especially the calves, having lived by the side of a farm and helped with calves and milking your photos take me back quite a while.

  12. I always stabbed myself with that pin, too. But I came up with a solution that you can see in my blog post here:
    If you have any enamel badges, grab one of the rubber pin backs, and put it on the Westalee pin. Works like magic! (You can buy pin backs from the internet if you don't have one handy.)

  13. The circles are looking good, and blood free. I do like the gum boots. All those calves must keep you on your toes.

  14. The circles you quilted look great and can you not find something to pop on top of that pin?
    Love those gum boots you made for a worthy cause.
    Always enjoy visiting with you on the farm.
    Maria lifeontheblock…

  15. Oh no, bleeding means lots of spitting to get rid of the blood!!! Your circles look wonderful and I love the gumboot block! Always great to see photos of the calves in the paddocks, I can picture you driving about delivering the feeder!.

  16. Love your quilt and the quilting on it. And catching up on your recent blogs as I am way behind and loving your farm photos and the calves. Ah the memories!!


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