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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Another Cyclone.......

of sorts......
I'm putting it down to two x seven year olds plus one x 4 year old but it really felt like another cyclone had hit recently. When I surveyed the damage in The Palace on Sunday afternoon, I couldn't believe the upheaval.
I'd had two very enthusiastic grandies who had decided that they needed to do some sewing plus their brother, who was a very enthusiastic chair mover and magnetic device operator, visit for a few hours while their mother was at the gym.
I ended up setting up one of my old machines (kept in operating order for exactly this reason) so both girls could sew at once. I was kept on my toes re-threading the 'ribbon' (according to one) and changing thread colours to satisfy their creative needs. (As well as make sure none of my 'precious' or already allocated fabric was cut into!)
They did learn to leave long tails so less re-threading was needed!
Both girls had started off by drawing a design of what they wanted to make. It was interesting to see how they then worked. Kaliah cut a piece of fabric the same size and shape as her drawing, and drew, glued, etc, on it to create a replica of her original design.
Saydee enlarged hers by cutting a big piece of fabric in the same rainbow shape as her design. She then sewed squares of fabric onto her background in a similar arrangement to the original.
Saydee with her finished piece —
Kaliah's initial one on the right. Then she made a second 'one' in the style of her sister's. 
These went home to be used as "snugglies" for bed!
(The girls had raided my box of brushed cotton downstairs so they are nice and snuggly.)
Younger brother wanted to sew a little bit as well - no, I did not set up the second older machine I have in storage but together he and I did a little sewing on the only other free machine, my Sweet 16.
And here we are —
Saydee beaming - very proud!

EDIT to add this photo - finding this on my small chalkboard made all the mess worthwhile ♥ —

Sewing is obviously a thing at Ganma's; Lily and George stayed for the weekend earlier in the month and they NEEDED to sew as well! They made wee pillows.
"Oh I love it, Ganma!"

I really need to sort my fabrics so the pieces that the children can use are easily accessible and everything else is stored neatly away!!
Anyway, I spent the rest of Sunday clearing and sorting and tidying and The Palace now has some clear floor space, nicely stacked boxes and a cutting table I can use! 

It's an understatement to say that it's a while since I've written a blogpost. I've started plenty in my head but I haven't quite got any further than that 😔
After the dramas of Cyclone Gabrielle, it took awhile to get back to feeling normal. And then I just got busy.
Since this has become a 'family post', here is another of YD's efforts in the birthday cake arena.
Jhana turned 14 and this is the third time she has requested a Turtle cake!
Her and her friends had a lovely time camping on the farm for her birthday treat.

There's plenty more to share but I will try to do some more catch up posts SOON!!!
'til next time,
happy stitches,


  1. Hi Raewyn how lovely it is to see your grandies being so creative,i love the turtle cake.
    glad you are all ok after the cyclone,they have been talking of one up our way this week ,so fingers crossed that it doesnt happen.Take care and hope you have a lovely weekend xx

  2. OMG, you can see that the creativity in your family does NOT stop with you. So wonderful to see these budding fabric artists, and that cake - amazing!

  3. Lovely fabric and food!!
    And appreciation too, makes it all worthwhile.

  4. love that turtle day and it sounds like it was an invigorating day with the grand kids

  5. It is so nice that all your grands enjoy creating. They are fortunate to have your Palace and guidance. They appreciate it and it shows by the sweet message they left you. The cake is magnificent, how fun.

  6. Oh my, what creative goodness and fun. I think they will all remember this day and what they created forever. I love your turtle cake too! Turtly Awesome!

  7. That turtle cake is sooo cute--
    Glad to know that you are developing quilters in a much younger generation--good for you!!
    and then to let them do their own designs on top of that is well--just lovely!
    hugs, di

  8. Oh my gosh, that cake is amazing.
    Lovely that your grandies can spend time with you and create, even if it does make a mess.

  9. It is obviously very fun for your grands to visit at your house! You are good to work with them to fuel their creativity and teach them about about machine use.
    I do love that turtle cake. It really has personality!
    And I'm glad it was a different kind of cyclone this time!

  10. Ahhhhhh, so cute. What with all the mess they made while be creative, the lovely message on the chalkboard makes it all so special. Lovely turtle cake, wonder if the birthday girl is hankering for a turtle quilt?

  11. ha.... you are a brave woman.... I don't think I could manage more than 1 at a time with a sewing machine going... lovely to have them creating

  12. What a fun love-filled post! Whenever Brady comes, we sew something too. He was pretty pumped to tell me that they're now sewing in school! He's an old pro ha. Well do I know the 'cyclone' that hits when they're in our palaces. The best was the note you found afterwards, makes the stress (and there is that let's be honest) of it all disappear. They will treasure these days for the rest of their lives and you cannot put a price on that. And isn't it fascinating to see how they work? And so uninhibitedly too!

  13. I think this cyclone is named “Fun”. The smiles in their faces says it all. YD is quite the expert at cake decorating. It is perfect.

  14. I can so relate to this post, Raewyn. Keep it up as they will eventually become very proficient at it and be great sewing companions. They may actually one day be threading my "ribbons" for us!!! ;-) Love the turtle cake!

  15. It sounds like chaotic fun. How exciting that they are all sewing and looking to do more. The turtle cake is beautiful.

  16. Good to see the young ones getting into the sewong

    That turtle cake is great.

  17. Great to see everyone sewing. The turtle cake is wonderful.

  18. It is a delight to see your grandchildren wanting to sew. Perfect age to get them interested. I have been asked to teach our 8yo grandie to knit when she is here for Easter. That will be fun!
    The turtle cake looks amazing.

  19. Definitely a cyclone..... They look pretty happy with themselves...... Cool cake

  20. Now this sounds like the good kind of cyclone.


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