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Monday, February 14, 2022

Seeing Stars

You may remember that I tried to resist starting the New Year with new hope and new promises - in other words, with new projects. The start of February was to be my 'new year'. I'm now delaying the start of my new year to the start of March as I quietly make my way through some things I really wanted to get done.
The Star Pop quilt is one of those quilts (last blogged about *here*).
I had made 49 blocks and 'just' needed to join them.
In the last week it's travelled its way around the house. Deciding on layout on our bedroom floor —
Joining blocks and in the kids' bedroom —
(It actually lasted a few days here - Odie even slept in the bed twice and it survived!)
On our bed, and deciding to add another column of blocks to make it a little wider  —
Passing the Nigel test —
(As you can see, I don't have decent floor space for spreading out a bigger quilt!)
This afternoon I got as far as I can go for now - I need one small piece of background fabric to make the last two blocks (grr!) —
I love this pattern, it's such a fun and easy one to sew!

I realised the other day that, just to confuse myself, I have another star quilt on the go with a very similar name - Popstar!!
Fiona of Bubzrugz twisted my arm and made me start it. I did the test (first) block last year so it doesn't count as a new project. A wee group of us are sewing it together, a mini sort of QAL. This is supposedly going to be my leader-ender project when I finish the Star Pop blocks. (Yes, I'll move from Star Pop to Popstar!!)
Three blocks sewn so far. The light wasn't very good for either photos, they're quite pretty fabrics, really!
This is a free pattern from the Fat Quarter Shop.

To finish today's starry story, here is a block I sewed up as a test block for The Country Yard. We launched our new projects over the weekend and this was one of them.
Test block —
I spent some time writing instructions for it, and even though it had been sewn up twice, I still wanted to make sure I had all the right fabrics in the right places. Hence a 'paper pattern'! —
Here is the shop's version. It's the centre of a medallion quilt using Laundry Basket Quilts fabric. Very pretty —

In my last post I said we were about to celebrate young Odie's second birthday. It was a fun, family affair. Seven of the grandies there, which was pretty good. The eldest was working that day. 
He loved his cake!
'til next time,
happy stitches,


  1. I prefer you test block..the other is pretty but the pattern disappears..maybe it's better in real life!
    That looks a lovely celebration and a cracking good cake!!

  2. Odie's cake is so cute! Love the block you've tested and both star quilts look great. Happy stitching!

  3. I love that cake too! 7 grands is a lot - I wish I had more than the 2 I had and they grew up pretty much away from me so never had that close relationship that some have.

  4. OH how fun! Very pretty quilt; it seems perfect for a bundle of strips I have.

  5. Stars all round! Really like your Star Pop. And what a perfect cake for a little boy - he must have been over the moon.

  6. Your star blocks are lovely and your quilts will be stunning. Happy Birthday to Odie. His cake is amazing. Off to look for the Star Pop pattern as you've inspired me to make this.

  7. That is a lot of beautiful stars. Nicely done. LOVE the colors. Glad you got to have a fun birthday party with all the grandies. Cute cake.

  8. you are a star doing both those quilts! (corny comment). I love them both. Different light can make colours look so different. Happy Birthday to Odie - great cake and lovely so many of the grandies could get together....

  9. Some very beautiful starry quilts at your place.
    I love the birthday cake. Are the diggers toys or were they edible too?

  10. Love your star pop quilt and that cake looks delicious.

  11. Wow! You must have stars in your eyes lol! It is a beautiful quilt top! That Fiona can lead you astray! Big happy birthday to Odie.....fab cake!

  12. So many pretty star blocks. Of course I had to go bookmark the one. The cake looks yummy, Happy Birthday Odie!

  13. Brilliant cake and lovely stars. xx

  14. I love all the star themed stitching. I’m looking forward to seeing your medallion quilt grow. What boy wouldn’t love that cake. It looks too good to cut.

  15. Your stars are wonderful. I love that shadowed star design. Happy birthday to the big guy!

  16. I really like that star quilt. I put it on my wish list the first time you posted about the blocks. Love it.
    And like the next lot of stars, too. It will be interesting to watch you and Fiona growing that quilt, too.
    And the last big star is wonderful as well. I know it is a centre, but it looks great as a stand alone.
    Looks like the birthday was a fun time for all. So lovely to see all the children together.

  17. Oh my that Fiona is a bad influence!! All your stars are lovely Raewyn. I can't believe Odie is 2 already, it doesn't seem that long ago that he was a new baby! (I think I said the same thing when he turned one!!) Lovely for nearly all the children to get together.

  18. Beautiful stars for both projects and the centre for the shop's quilt is stunning in both colour ways.
    looks like the grandies had a ball, amazing cake!

  19. Maybe you can postpone the new year until NEXT new year! LOL
    I love both star quilts! Pop Star is a really clever design.
    What a lively looking birthday party. So much fun!
    That is the cutest birthday cake. Gluten free, of course? ;)

  20. I love the first star quilt ...Star Pop was it? I think the white stars look fabulous on it! While the 2nd is quite clever having the shadow effect, I still prefer the simplicity of the first - well done


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