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Sunday, September 6, 2020

Circles and calves

Spring has sprung!
We've had some lovely days lately; it's so nice to work in the sunshine and the dry :-)
I've been working on my Wings and Pretty Things project again. I didn't have much left to do on the centre block but I'd needed to put it away for a bit.
This weekend I opened the box, and out came the circles —
Circles prepped
And basted
Centre block completed :-)
Gosh the colour is different in every photo!! The background fabric is probably most like that in the second photo, sort of creamy.
I've made a bit of a faux pas, thinking I'd signed up with Cheryll and the gals for FNwF the other night. When I went over just now to link her blog to my post, I realised it hadn't connected properly and I wasn't on the linky list!! 
Thank you Cheryll for having us all over on Friday night, it was lovely to stitch with everyone, even if you didn't all know I was stitching with you 😕

(Scroll on down if you're not interested in seeing my beautiful calves!)
Some of you may remember during our Level Four lockdown I tried to climb a hill every day. One of my favourite climbs was to the peak across the river. I've never put calves up there before but, because it is nice and dry, and I can get the bike and feeder up there, I've challenged myself to use those paddocks.
(When it's been raining, it's too greasy to tow the feeder up the tracks and not so safe on these hills.)
It's been great fun - a buzz to get up there and then lovely to have the view. One of my bestest things at this time of the year is to take photos of my calves with a nice backdrop. 
Day One, the first hill paddock.
Day Two, next paddock over. Feeding at the peak I used to
climb to. Hmm not a good place to feed as the ground wasn't
level enough for a feeder (uneven milk flow) but we got there!!
A good run down the hill
Hehe I could have fed them down here but it was more fun up the top!
Day Three, next paddock over, on the other side of the peak.
So happy with how well they've grown.
Then a bit of a stroll down the hill for a graze.

The kiddies helped me feed the younger mob this morning (in a paddock at river level).
Three Goofy Grass Angels!

'til next time,
happy stitches,


  1. Your circles look wonderful Raewyn, the centre is looking great. I completely forgot FNWF this month!! So good to see the calves, they look very healthy and happy, I remember how they come running after the feeder! How cute are your grass angels!!! I thought at first they were exhausted from walking up the hills!!

  2. Wings is looking lovely! You will have been very busy with all those babies. Very cute Goofies in the grass xx

  3. Those lucky calves with a different place to dine daily. Many people would pay huge amounts for such lovely views. Your applique is always so gorgeous. So sweet your grass angels

  4. Love the looks great.....
    So much fun having the calf photos in different locations.... Not sure the kids were much help 😂

  5. Your centre block looks lovely , nice you sewed along even if you didn't know....
    The grass is so green and to see all the calves and those grass Angels are so cute....

  6. The center block looks lovely, so nice you have time to applique again. The calves look very healthy. I'm sure you have a renewed appreciation for spending time with the grandchildren. Happy stitching!

  7. I love putting circles in applique they add so much to a block I think. Getting your exercise again - love all your hills!

  8. I always enjoy seeing the calves. Your Applique looks beautiful too. Nice circles!

  9. lovely colours in your centre block. Love the circles.
    Great seeing all your calves, they are very cute
    Must be nice having the grandies to help and entertain...

  10. Those circles certainly do make a difference to the block . Love to see the calves and all that green grass.

  11. Love the added touch of the circles! And this former farm-girl always likes pics of the cattle, especially in all those lush hills! (It's completely flat where I live)

  12. Of course we are interested in seeing your beautiful calves! Dont they look bonny, growing well, it seems. But what would I know, I'm a townie!

  13. Your circles are perfect!
    Love to see the countryside around your home, and calves are cute.

  14. How wonderful to see your paddocks looking so lush and the calves so healthy. I’m sure you enjoyed soaking up the views while the calves fed. It looks like the kids are enjoying spring as well. I do like your version of Michelle’s quilt.

  15. Your center block is gorgeous! Very nice work.
    Love seeing your countryside and the friends you care for there. What a great view from the hilltops.

  16. The centre block looks lovely. I am pleased you have had time to get it out again.
    It looks like you are making the most of your lovely weather. Hope the calves appreciate those gorgeous views, too.

  17. Your Wings centre looks fantastic... and lovely you have had time for a little bit of sewing.... the calves are sweet and the countryside looks beautiful...

  18. That block is gorgeous! Don't you just love appliqueing circles? I could do it all day long. Your calves are simply beautiful. You take such lovely photos of them in this beautiful environment, that I can almost smell their sweetness!

  19. I just love the calves photos, as well as seeing the peaks. :-) Gorgeous applique piece! You do such beautiful work. grass angels ha!

  20. Raewyn - what a fascinating post - I have never seen calves being fed milk that way! They really get stuck in, don't they? Lovely block - I think I might lose patience with appliqueing those tiny circles!

  21. Love the centre block, gorgeous. Dinner with a view!...

  22. Certainly well worth the photos , beautiful country. Love the applique too.

  23. I’m pretty glad I popped in today! Seeing your calves and the beautiful scenery was a wonderful way to start my morning.

  24. So lovely to see green paddocks and happy cows! Just love your applique block! xx


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