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Monday, July 13, 2020

Chugging along

It does feel a little bit like I'm just chugging along with my sewing at the moment, grabbing moments to sew when I can. What keeps me sane is the evenings when I can sit and relax with needle and thread, or yarn and needles. Regardless of how much crafting I get done during the day, at least I can count on that!
I've been beavering away on my LAST Foxley Village applique block, enjoying the straight forward shapes to sew down and not having to spend ages selecting colours. 
Stem and leaves —
Fussy cut main flower —
I purposefully didn't prep the other flowers, which are fussy cut circles, as I needed to put the applique down and finish a wee pair of slippers I'd promised to make for my niece's toddler —
Mission accomplished —
If they look familiar it is because they are identical to a pair I made a month or so back. I had more wool that colour so that's what the young fellow got!

They were some of the family that came out to the farm on Saturday to celebrate my father-in-law's 80th birthday.
We had an afternoon tea, I made a cake —
And there was lots of playing. A lovely afternoon —
(The kiddies are enjoying the new play area recently completed. The swings are out to the right.)

And speaking of birthdays, finally I can share the completed Buggy Barn Tractor/Truck quilt I started during lockdown. My One Monthly Goal for May was to complete and gift the quilt to grandson Xavier. I decided to wait and give it to him for his birthday which was the beginning of this month.
The quilting was a mix of 'light custom' —
With a background fill like this —
I matched the thread with each fabric colour so the back was a bit of a colourful mix.
labelled of course!
Labelled of course!

I think he liked it! In fact, he loved it ♥ 

I was battling with snakes in my last post; trying to get the right 'design' to block out the light in Odie's room. Finally, prototype three (a single with a flap) worked perfectly (even better than rolled up towels apparently) so I have now made a total of five! I've told YD I'm taking a break from them for a week or so as other sewing needs to be done. I think I have enough beans left for two more and that should be enough to cover all his curtain rails. (Odie's room is a corner room and has two walls of windows.)
The flaps are random fabrics from my 'other sewing' stash, as quilting cotton was too light. It's yucky old stuff that I don't know why it's still here! It can be easily unpicked and tossed once the snakes become draught stoppers or play things (or whatever). Each snake is about 33" long so it's a good scrap sewing project.
And to finish on a cute note, here are Lily and George getting very brave feeding the chickens when I looked after them the other day. It's a very drawn out process as small hands only hold small handfuls of feed...!
'til next time,
happy stitches,


  1. love the quilt! and that fussy cut block and the baby slippers all so nice. Hope your FIL had a great birthday - love seeing the cake and temps me to make one but hubby is having a lucky streak on loosing a few pounds so I better not - I will stick with a couple pieces of dark chocolate while I quilt instead

  2. Happy Birthday to your FIL.... the cake looks great and so lovely the family could get together.... well done with the snakes! and I love the quilt... just gorgeous and looks like yhou had a bit of fun with the quilting!


  3. Happy birthday to your FIL....mine had a birthday too! Foxley is just lovely....gorgeous fussy cut flower. Another pair of toes cosy in those cute boots. The playground looks to be a big hit with the troops as does that very cute quilt! Cannot believe Lily and George a big enough to feed the goodness!

  4. The kidlets play ground is fantastic! I love your buggy barn quilt, I am making one for my grandson, I bought it as a kit, I like your fabrics way better, brighter cheerful.....mine are the buggy barn fabrics which are bit dull for my tastes. Never mind, I figure it will had the dirt!

  5. You may only be snatching small amounts of sewing time but you have achieved a lot.
    The truck quilt looks amazing. Not surprised that he loved it.
    What fun to see all the play out on the playground. And how special to be able to get together to celebrate an 80th birthday. That is wonderful.
    I am sure the chooks didn't mind how long the feeding took.

  6. YOu've been very busy! The truck quilt is so cute no wonder he loved it! Lovely cake and celebration for your FIL! The play area is very cool and I'm sure the kids love it. What cute little ones feeding the chicks!

  7. Of course he loved his truck quilt. It is stunning. Snatching small amounts of time still gets quite a bit achieved. The kids all look like they had fun, especially feeding the chooks.

  8. Sew lovely to have the family to celebrate your SILs birthday , and with a yummy cake.
    A stunning colourful quilt for darling Xavier. Great photo of him on his quilt.
    Cosy slippers.
    A cute photo of Lily and Geaorge feeding the chooks..

  9. Happy birthday to your FIL. I’m sure he enjoyed that yummy looking cake.
    I love the truck quilt. It turned out so well and will be loved.
    So glad you got those snakes sorted out. :-)
    Loved seeing the cute little ones feeding the chickens.

  10. The tractor quilt turned out really well - I am sure he must have been over the moon with it. Nice applique and little bootees. Yes, that really is a cute picture! Happy sewing. xx

  11. That is a really great fussy-cut flower!
    Another pair of adorable booties. :)
    How nice to be able to gather for your FIL's birthday. I look forward to family gatherings again someday--real ones, not just sitting out on the deck 6 feet apart.
    That is the cutest photo of the wee grands feeding chickens. I remember doing that on my grandpa's farm. Never occurred to me then that I was slowing down mealtime.

  12. I just love the Truck/Tractor quilt! I guess you know I finished one in February. They are super fun!

  13. Great post Raewyn, so good to see the finished quilt and the very happy recipient! Great cake you made for your FIL, The children look to be having a wonderful time on the play equipment. Good to hear the problem has been solved with the windows in Odie's room. The little slippers are so cute!! The twins look very cute feeding the chooks, hope the chooks were patient!!

  14. The tractor quilt turned out wonderfully. I love that pattern.

  15. Xavier is a lucky boy with the new quilt and what a super photo of the twins feeding the chooks, do they help collect the eggs!!!

  16. Your stitching looks great, something I have not got into yet, those slippers sure are cute, and I love the finished quilt, and am sure it will be well loved.

  17. Raewyn - the tractor/truck quilt is adorable. Isn't it so hard not to share a secret until it is "time"? Well done, my dear - this will be treasured for years to come! I must admit that my stitching time is extremely limited right now - I would much rather be outside in all the hours that God gives! Enjoy your weekend!

  18. Raewyn, it’s always so delightful to pop in for a visit to see what’s going on in your little corner of the world. Stay sweet!

  19. Lots going on here :-)
    I like you fussy cut flower very much.

  20. lots have been busy.......the tractor quilt is lovely.......


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