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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Mostly photos —

This fabulous gadget is what is keeping me connected with family and friends during this lockdown time :-)
Until about a year ago we were only able to receive our internet via satellite and it was very expensive and relatively slow. Because of all the hills around us nothing else was able to reach us here.
Lucky for us some younger people moved to the district (our son included) and they were able to convince a local internet business to put up a tower.
Anyway, long story short, that's where I walked to today.
I went over the road and up the first hill, then turned left and walked through the bush reserve next door.
At the top of the neighbour's, next to the bush reserve, is the tower.
Again, I was able to play where's Wally with the kids - a bonus I didn't expect when I left home!
Excuse the quality of the photos - these are cropped out of a bigger one but I was surprised with how well the zoom works on my little camera!
Out came the binoculars again!
Looking down at the sheds and our house —
Along the ridge to the back of the photo below you can just see a bit of track - that's the route we take to get to the rest of the farm out the back.
Just below it you can see a valley that has a lot of quite big Kauri trees in it. Some may remember the fire that went through this area a few years back, it's the fifth photo down in the post I wrote then. Those bigger trees in the valley were mostly spared and it's good to see all the regrowth around it..
Younger Kauri 'fruiting' —

After that big walk there wasn't much of the morning left. ED has asked me to replace a zip in a sleep sack. Because of the lockdown she'll have to make do with a shorter blue zip - but it will do the job. I unpicked it today and will sew the new zip in to pace these mending jobs!
I made good progress on the trucks today but will share them another time, once I've trimmed them all and laid them all out.
Ok that's it for now. I'll try to go easier on the walking photos next time! (It was a lovely walk!)
I hope you're all doing well and keeping yourselves happy and healthy.
'til next time,
Happy stitches,


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

so nice there is an internet tower in your area now - you have so many hills there for sure it must have been like it was here at one time. We had poor service for some time before towers were built and added to our area.
glad you are still "seeing" the kids

gz said...

It was a lovely walk..a breath of fresh air for you, and visual fresh air for us!

loulee said...

I enjoy your walking photos, and playing where's Wally sounds like fun.
Not much of a walking day here. I'll just have to sew instead! LOL

kiwikid said...

I enjoy your walking photos too and that you play where's Wally with the family. Wonderful to see the trees growing back, also the fruit of the Kauri, I have not seen that before. Raining here today, good for sewing.

Ali Honey said...

Being a country person I love your photos . Aren't Kauri cones delightful.

Janet O. said...

Loved seeing your walk photos. It was a bit cool and breezy this morning, so I put off my walk until this evening, since the weather was supposed to be nicer now. Didn't happen. Rainy and windy now. So I will enjoy your view and your game with the grands! :)

Angie said...

Raewyn - no need to go easy on the walking photos for me! It is terrific to get a fix on where you live. Beautiful. And what a fun game for you and your family - where's Wally? Stay well over there!

Janice said...

At least you have decent internet now. Lots of rural Australia is reliant on satellite internet. With everyone at home the system is being seriously overloaded. I’m enjoying your walking photos. The scenery is beautiful.

Michelle Ridgway said...

How I envy your walk in such beautiful surrounds. Those tiny binoculars make my heart smile so much xxx Great that you now have a better service! said...

Thank you for sharing your walk photos. They are so lovely.

Fiona said...

you are doing some lovely long walks... not sure I would be able to keep up with you. Love the special little binoculars...

Karen S said...

Your walks are wonderful and I love the fun you have with your grandies.
How perfect to have that tower now to help with the internet reception. What a difference.