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Sunday, September 22, 2019

Weekend sewing

As always, my post for Friday Night Sew In has morphed into a Weekend Sew In post!

My evening stitching lately has been Part 5 of Foxley Village. (A Natalie Bird BOM in the Homespum magazine a couple of years ago.)
 I'd worked through the needleturn elements and by Friday Night Sew In I was ready to start the stitchery.
The rake and shovel were completed on Friday night.
I didn't get much further on Saturday evening. A bit of chain stitch and some
satin stitch.
And here's how it is looking so far —
I'm loving this block :-)
I was looking at my photos and saw this one I took when I was doing some basting the other day.... and realised that I hadn't talked about the lovely pouch Fiona of bugzrugz gave me. You can just see it sneaking into the top of the photo —
Fiona gave it to me when she returned a quilting ruler I'd lent her. What a lovely surprise!
I'd seen her making them on her blog but didn't know one was coming my way! It's a great size, lovely to look at of course, and I'm enjoying using it a lot - Thank you Fiona ♥
This morning I made another one of my fabulous chicken feed bags. The first two I made (*here*) are working well, swapping them back and forth around the family as I intended.
There's still some sewing time left today and I think I might spend it playing with my International Sisters blocks. I've decided to make more than I originally intended as I keep finding fabric I want to use!!
Thank you Wendy for hosting Friday Night Sew In. It's always nice to spend the time stitching along with others :-)
'til next time,
happy stitches,


Michelle Ridgway said...

I love Foxley Village....really trying not to look....haha! Your stitching is beautiful. Great that your feedbag totes are working well! Those project bags are so them. A very nice surprise from Fiona xx

Lin said...

Very lovely work on your Foxley block and what a great gift from Fiona. Nice practical bag. xx said...

Foxley village is moving right along. Cute sewing bag from a friend. Love the chicken feed bags.

Susie H said...

Your Foxley Village stitchery is really coming along beautifully. Love the mix of applique & embroidery and the fabrics are lovely. The feed bags are wonderful. I heard it's hard to get the "feed smell" out of the bags -- do you have a special tip for that Maybe it just dissipates with use?

Vicki said...

As always a lovely stitchery. The chicken feed bags are a great creation too.

Tammy said...

Love the Foxley block!


I love that Foxley block--how sweet!! and I like the fabrics you have picked for it--
I am slowly--very slowly it seems getting unpacked and a bit organized--so maybe by the first of the month I can get back to sewing--
I have ordered a new sewing machine too--it should be here tomorrow--so that will be fun to play with!!!
enjoy today--
luv, di

Anthea said...

How cool is that chicken feed bag?! You clever girl, they are 'on trend' now.
Foxley Village is just gorgeous & I do believe your needleturn stitching is the neatest & most precise I've ever seen... I look forward to seeing your progress on this one.

Karen S said...

The Foxley block is coming along very nicely.
And great to see more bags in the works.
Enjoy your week.

gz said...


Janet O. said...

That is a very fun Foxley block!
And a lovely project bag from your friend.
The feedsack bags are such a smart idea.

Fiona said...

Foxley village is growing beautifully. I do love the combination of applique and stitchery and your needleturn is perfect. Glad to see the project bag in use... I love being able to see what is inside and. Those sisters are a bit addictive!! haha

Maria said...

I love Natalie Birds Foxley village and yours is looking so pretty.
Perfect pouch the lovel Fiona made and sent to you..
Great reusable bags you are making form the pellet bags..
NO staying strong no Sisters YET....enjoy sewing yours....

Needled Mom said...

Your Foxley Village is fabulous as is the cute chicken feed bag. Fiona’s pouch is super cute too.

Janice said...

Foxley Village is coming along beautifully. Did you get the fabric kit? Lucky you to receive the stitching pouch. Super cute and practical. The bag turned out well too. A great upcycling project.

KaHolly said...

I jumped into blogland this morning especially to see what you’ve been up to! And I wasn’t disappointed! As usual, your post is full of lovely projects and tons of inspiration! Your stitchery is fantabulous! I love those bags Fiona has made! Didn’t I tell you those sisters blocks were like eating potato chips?😉

Susan said...

You have access to the cutest patterns. I love Foxley Village #5. And all the other things, too. Fiona sent a wonderful pouch, so perfect for a sewist and quilter. I like those bags you make from the bird seed/chicken feed. I know friends who've tried it with dog and cat food, but there's a residual smell from the oiliness of those foods. One friend does have chickens and another feeds birds, and their bags work perfectly for these totes. You can never have too many!