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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Churndashes large and small

(And a few other things)
(Hmm I've just had a thought - I think these are Shoo-fly blocks not Churndash blocks. Never mind!!!)

I had a  couple of quiet days recently that I spent catching up on some sewing. Days like this are few and far between at the moment so I must say I did enjoy myself.

Since my last post, I've made four more Churndash blocks for my scrappy Omigosh quilt (a long term project). I know churn dashes can be whipped out pretty quickly but when they're made up of lots of little units they take a bit longer!
But oh so satisfying!
And because it was too tempting not to, I joined a few blocks. Looking good! Busy but good.
Very scrappy :-)
The next bunch of churn dashes made up even more quickly when I remembered there's an 8-at-a-time method for making the half square triangles. Yaay for google which helps out in times of need!
There's quite a few tutorials if you do a search, here's one for starters.
Two larger squares, two drawn lines; 8 HSTs
Not much to trim, just a few dog ears.
And, pretty quickly, a wee pile of churndashes for my row-by-row QAL.
I'd gotten quite behind on my Row-by-row QAL being run by The Country Yard. Five row ideas have been released and before the weekend I'd done only the first two.
We get a suggested block, a required size and a piece of feature fabric which must be used.
One reason I stalled (aside from a lack of time!) was that I realised I'd become too mitchy match with my fabrics and I was going to end up with a whole lot of samey samey.
Rows One and Two
It took the house row for me to break out of the rut and add some more colour and variety.
The four rows I've done together —
I don't often use a darker background fabric but I'm loving this one! The compulsory fabric is the pastel coloured script you can see in some of the blocks.
Four rows done now - just one more (some stars) to catch up on.
One of the ideas of QALs like this is to use scraps and claim a bit more storage space. I decided to rebel and am trying to create scraps of these fabrics for another fun quilt I've got my eyes on (hehe).

In other news, I've been chipping away at the blocks for my One Monthly Goal of getting Whimsical Woodland to a flimsy state. This is the last of the stitchery blocks that needs assembling.
I'd like to do a shout out to QuiltGranma who has been leaving me some lovely comments recently. Thank you! Sorry that I can't reply as you show up as a 'no-reply commenter' and I don't have your email address. You asked specifically about the possum fur in the yarn I used for the shawl I made for Mum. It's fairly readily available as a mix here in New Zealand, although it is a little more expensive than standard sheep wool. Here's an article that might be of interest and explain New Zealanders' keen use of this fur in our textiles.
The morning has disappeared on me - it's time to go get some firewood in and let my chickens out for a run.
'til next time,
happy stitches,


  1. I love both of your projects - quite different to each other but both will be stunning. You have to love the eight at a time HST method. I’m so glad I discovered it a while ago.

  2. I love all your blocks no matter what the name! the colors, the scrappyness - they are calling out to me

  3. I love the projects you're working on! I love scrap quilts. It's so nice to use up that fabric stash! Beautiful work!

  4. Loving all the scrappiness happening at your place! Both projects are looking great! xx

  5. Your projects are insanely wonderful . . . i love all the detail you put into your work. I wish I had the patience for detail like you do. If I tried, I know that my work would come out wonky. Your's is always perfect :)

  6. Whatever those blocks are called, they are beautiful. Those little four patches on point are wonderful. Each of those rows looks fantastic.

  7. Sew good to have had time to spend in your sewing space....
    Your teeny weeny blocks look great and I the was your rows for the QAL is going....
    Always great to get good tuts on making blocks quicker.
    I'm sure your Woodland block will be sashed in no time.....

  8. These blocks all look wonderful! The Tilda ones are so pretty, and I love the layout you are using for your 'churndashes'. Glad you were able to get a little sewing time in too!

  9. Lovely scrappy projects Raewyn and I especially love the row by row. xx

  10. Those wee blocks are amazing! Love all your are have definitely made great use of your sewing time xx

  11. Wow Raewyn, your little blocks are so amazing!
    your row by row looks beautiful too..
    have fun making scraps for your next project.

  12. Love that work! busy and happy!

  13. I love those scrappy blocks Raewyn, and the row by row project looks fantastic (and tempting!!!). I love the colours on that background fabric too. I just checked that link for a refresher on the quick HST - those measurements are handy!

  14. Oh Raewyn - I love the Row-by-row QAL - the houses look great in the not so matchy mathcy all looks like a lot of fun.

  15. Amazing piecing. Almost makes me want to put down the applique and head to the machine. Almost. ;)

  16. Fun fun fun post -- love the way you scrappy-fied your row quilt project. Those tiny omigosh blocks are WONDERFUL!

  17. Wow, lots of lovely blocks here! :-)

  18. I just love all your blocks and projects you are working on--
    nice colors in each one too--
    so keep on stitching--
    luv, di

  19. Was für schöne Blöcke. Tolle arbeiten sehe ich!!
    Viele grüsse aus den andern Ende Welt.

  20. The no-reply is so frustrating isn't it. I do love your Row by Row and wow you churned those rows out, especially love the houses (almost tied with my love for star blocks) and the posies! I also really like the 8 at a time HST method. Love those fabrics for your row by row and I chuckled at you saving the scraps for another idea!

  21. you are doing some really fun and interesting projects. I love that background that you have chosen for your row by row too.... and of course I love those scraps and tiny piecing that you are doing... amazing...

  22. Each of your first two projects leave my mouth watering. If I didn't keep it closed I'd be drooling.
    The stitchery is so cute and I love the scrappy border.
    I have NEVER heard of a possum fur yarn blend. Fascinating. :)

  23. Beautiful projects you are working on Raewyn, you Woodland creatures will be finished before you know it! I am glad possum fur is used in yarn, it makes it so soft. Good to read you have had some time to sew.

  24. Raewyn, I love everything about this post! I want to stop what I’m doing and make everything you’re making, but I want it to be as beautiful as all of yours. I absolutely love those scrappy, pieced churn dash blocks that you led off with, but when I continued scrolling down, I became smitten with your rows! You have so inspired me today!

  25. I started to read this post the other day Raewyn & then someone turned up & I have only just now gotten back to finish reading it. I love everything you are working on - you are so clever with your projects. Is that Tilda fabric in your QAL ? Very pretty. Happy weekend to you Raewyn xx

  26. What an inspirational post... makes me want to run upstairs & sew...xox

  27. I'm sure I'm not the only one who wondered about the possum fur in your yarn. Thank you for sharing here, so more can see the answer. Very interesting.

  28. It all looks really lovely. So many beautiful projects.

  29. Some projects are just long term aren't they? Lovely to see some progress and things getting bigger!

  30. Your OMG quilt is coming along. That is on my bucket list, but I started cutting parts for summer wedding while cleaning scraps. Love your rows. I am getting read to make some mountains too!

  31. I like both churn dash blocks ......


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