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Sunday, May 26, 2019

Weekend bits and pieces

I've been doing quite a lot of knitting lately but for Friday Night Sew In I decided to pull out my current Foxley Village block... I say current because it's the one I'm working on, but it hasn't been worked on at all for well over a month, I think!
I was getting hassled by all the small satin stitched leaves which seemed to be taking me forever. I was tempted to change the stitch for the second tree, but in the end carried on with the satin stitch.
After a false start —
Hehe cuteness galore
We're looking after this grand-baby this weekend.
— and a bit more stitching on Saturday night, I've got this far —
There are also some berries to be stitched amongst the leaves! Sigh!

I finished off these wee slippers during the week. They have sheepskin soles so I'm hoping they will be 'just right' for the three walking babies in our lives at the moment.
I've cast on for another pair which I hope to make some progress on this afternoon in the car. The big grandie-girls came back here after netball yesterday and we'll be taking them home later.
As always, they've had a nice visit, and there's a batch of muffins being made, as I write :-)
They might even be ready now, so I'd best get upstairs and see how they are....
Thank you Wendy for hosting Friday Night Sew In. Head over to her blog if you want to check out what others got up to.
'til next time,
Happy stitches,


  1. those are such cute little slippers for the little ones! and love your stitching too :)

  2. Beautiful leaves!! How cute are those are clever Raewyn. Very nice to have cooks in the kitchen making something yummy xx

  3. Those slippers are lovely and will keep the little ones feet nice and warm...
    Oh! Sew cute is your grand dog.. we have a Jack and they are cute when sleeping...😁
    Bet the muffins were yummy and the girls enjoyed making them.

  4. Love the house block and those trees. I have not seen leaves done like this and they look so elegant.

  5. The satin stitch is a pain, but so worth it for the finished results. Those slippers will be so cosy on little tootsies. So nice. Enjoy the muffins.

  6. Your stitching looks gorgeous. Sweet slippers.

  7. Love the little booties/baby slippers.

  8. the leaves do look lovely so its worth doing them.... love the little boots. I remember one of my littlies being given something similar (but crochet) and they were so very useful. I wonder if there is a big size pattern!
    Lovely having visiting bakers...

  9. The leaves look amazing Reawyn, well worth the angst!! 😊 The slippers are beautiful, perfect for keeping those little toes warm. Your grand dog is very cute! Lovely to have the big girls over, I bet those muffins were wonderful.

  10. The quilt block is lovely. Looks like you had a bit of assistance.
    The knitted slippers are gorgeous. Great with the sheepskin soles.. They will be so warm.
    Hope the muffins were delicious.

  11. Cosy looking slippers. Very cute grandbaby to look after.

  12. Does the fur grandbaby get 2 pairs of those adorable knitted slippers!!!!!! I am sure the muffins were delicious.

  13. The Foxley Village block you're working on is so pretty. Who wouldn't like to live in a house like that! Hope you enjoyed the muffins.

  14. Beautiful block for Foxley Village! Those satin stitch leaves are worth the effort, they look pretty?
    That’s a very cute assistant you have there sleeping on the job.
    Love the knitted booties too

  15. LOL! I love the pic of your embroidery helper :) Probably as useful as Sapphy is with me, but oh well, gotta love them!!! I agree with Marina - the satin stitch leaves are well worth the effort - they look great! xx


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