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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Tidying up loose ends

I've spent the last week or so trying to tidy up some loose some projects before starting something new.
In my last post I was working on two test blocks I made for Juliet of Tartankiwi; a Scottie Dog and a Basset Hound. I was turning them into cushions and was up to quilting them and their backs.
I finished the Scottie Dog last week —
Can't see it? Here's a better shot —
The girls tested it out for me and decided it was fine!
It's fun playing at Ganma's!
Today I finished the Basset Hound —
As with the Scottie dog (in my *last post*) I had a good old time playing with different quilt designs for the front and back —
The flower and spiral design was inspired by Lori Kennedy's tutorial. I loved doing that one! (Quilting spirals on the stripes was extra challenging for the eyes!!) 
I really struggled with what to put in the border of the Basset, but the alternating squiggles ended up working really well.
Two fun backs :-)
And two fun finishes.

Another loose end I had to tidy up was to put buttons on Lily's cardigan.
Done, tried on and worn :-)
Rolling over to show us the back.
Well modelled I would say.
So yaay, another finish for the month :-)

I got a little distracted this week and 'whipped up' a tea towel.
Decorated some tea-towelling and hemmed it to make a tea towel, to be more accurate.
I used a washaway stabiliser for the first time and was very impressed with how easy it was to use. I traced the motif onto the stabiliser, peeled off the backing and stuck it onto the fabric, Stitch through it. Easy.
The stabiliser washes away.
The little motif is a Bird Brain design and I think he sewed up quite cute.
(Whoops I meant ot take a photo of the back to show how well I'd done keeping it neat; you'll just have to believe me with that one...!)
I'm cutting it rather fine for an end of month report but I'm nearly there, with less than an hour until the calendar turns over. I feel quite organised for once!
This weekend I'm off down to the Auckland Festival of Quilts Show. So I'd best get to bed so I can be up bright and early to pack my bags. I have one play day and one work should be fun. And hopefully next post will be a report on the show :-)
'till next time,
happy stitches,


  1. Great finishes. Such cute models too. I have some of that stabilizer. I bought a bolt of it a while back. Can't quite remember the reason why though. I know I had a plan.

  2. My you have been busy finishing up! Love those dog pillows! I don't knit so I am particularly envious of your ability to create such a sweet cardigan! Thanks for the washaway stabilizer tip. I may try that!

  3. have fun at the quilt show! the little ones are so cute

  4. Those two little dog cushions are so cute--great quilting on them!
    But they are not half as cute as those two little girls! :)
    And your sweater model is adorable, too--along with the sweater. Beautiful job!
    You whip up stitched patterns faster than I can blink an eye. Snowman tea towel is sweet.
    Oh, enjoy the quilt show! Wish I had something like that to look forward to about now.

  5. Great finishes. Lovely cushions make from the Scott's and Dashound.. Pretty cardigan finished too.
    All tested and modelled by your beautiful grand daughters...Gee Lily is growing sew fast.

  6. Its always tempting to get new things started,so that you don't forget the ideas...!!

  7. Your cushions are beautiful Raewyn and fantastic quilting. Great photo of the girls and how much has Lily grown??? The cardy looks so cute!! I see the little pup in the background too 😆. The snowman teatowel looks great too. Have a great time at the quilt show.

  8. Gorgeous finishes! Your Little Lily is growing fast!

  9. Love your new cushions Raewyn. Gosh that little Lily is growing up SOoo fast! I have been stitching a snowman teatowel too but a different pattern to your one. I hope the Quilt festival goes well for you all Raewyn Xx

  10. Love those sweet doggie cushions and perfect quality control officers there. Lily's cardy lolks gorgeous and love that snowy tea towel. Enjoy the fair xx

  11. Lovely pillow, beautiful grands! I'm glad to know about the stabilizer for embroidery. I'll have to try that sometime. I'm always afraid it really won't work.

  12. Some lovely finishes, the cardy is so cute!

  13. Lots of lovely things there, especially your gorgeous grandies

  14. Those little girls are just adorable and look great with your creations. Of course I loved seeing the different quilting you did.... the cushions are great for trying out new patterns. I like the idea of that stabiliser, particularly for dark fabrics when it's hard to trace on the actual item...


  15. Lovely finishes there Raewyn - the tea towel is brilliant! Have fun on your travels. xx

  16. It does feel good to tie up loose ends at times. Well done on the finishes. Love the cushions and the cardie is so gorgeous, especially as it is being modelled.
    Gorgeous tea towel stitchery!!

  17. I love your dog pillows. We had Bassets for years. Have a great time at the quilt show.

  18. Your cushions are so cute, but Lily is adorable!!! Love her cardigan all buttoned up. The tea towel is great too; I wish I'd make some, LOL... I know you'll love the quilt show in Auckland. I haven't been to one in ages, must try to remedy that!

  19. I do like the way you have used different colours on the reverse of the cushions. They turned out terrific. And while I know logically that kids get bigger... can't believe how big the girls are now!

  20. Combining Juliet's designs with Lori's quilting is genius. Love the Scottie especially!

  21. Those doggies are so cute!! As are the girls :) You got quite a few odds and ends done, gives a great feeling, doesn't it! Now you can start something new :) :) xx

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