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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

A bit of this, a bit of that -

Since my last post I have made good progress on my Foxes caddy and finished it! Yes, the binding was a challenge but I was so close to the finishing line I was determined to get it done.
Annie Unrein's Catch All Caddy
 It's made using Soft and Stable - if you haven't tried this yet, it's something you really should have a play with. It's firm and bags (and caddies) keep their shape but are also very soft and pliable. The caddy has handy pockets for popping bits and pieces in —

I have another finish, this wee vest. It's a small size and quite basic knitting and I was able to knit it all while watching the Royal Wedding last weekend. So I have named it The Royal Vest. The original pattern is called Pebble and can be found *here*.  
It is knitted all in one piece and has an opening at the side and on one shoulder for easy use...ED commented that she liked the way I had done the buttons... I had to laugh and say I couldn't find enough of the same in my button jar so I mixed them all up!

Inspired by my April foray into my Omigosh! quilt (project) I have done a little more of it. I haven't had much need of a leader-ender project lately but when I have, I've worked on this.
I'm finding it very satistying to actually get some units together and think I'll move on to joining up some more 9-patches next.

The MOML is thanking his lucky stars that he succumbed to my nagging yesterday and swept the chimney. He had some perverse thought that we didn't need the fire going until the official beginning of winter - and apparently that's not here yet. Maybe the sight of his wife wrapped in a quilt to eat her breakfast yesterday did the trick as yesterday afternoon he did the job (to be fair, we have had a bit of rain lately and we all know that rain and roof climbing don't mix).

This morning we had the coldest morning so far - in fact the coldest morning in our region in May for 42 years! So a nice cosy fire was perfect.
I know it could be called poor taste for a Northlander (living in the Winterless North) to complain about the cold, but it was and we were :-)

I got this photo of a Tui in the Flame Tree yesterday.... the birds love those orange flowers so we've been hearing lots of Tui's a distinctive sound I really enjoy hearing.

Time to turn on my machine, it's been a bit quiet lately,
happy stitches,


Julie said...

That foxes caddy is just gorgeous Raewyn. As is your little vest! I love it! We had a frost this morning but I don't think it was quite as white as yours. You will indeed be glad of the fire.

Fischtown Lady said...

The bag is gorgeous! I love the fox fabric !!! I like the vest too! We have summer and it is very warm for northern Germany. 32 ° C Yesterday and today 18 ° C early in the morning.
Greetings, Marita

Lesley said...

Your caddy is amazing! Lots of details and so cool! Speaking of cool, stay warm! I can see why you need that chimney ready for the winter. We are waiting for summer and it seems to be taking too long to arrive! Great blocks and vest too!

Raewyn said...

Thank you for your comments ladies :-) It seems blogger has changed our settings so that we no longer receive comments via email. Apparently if I leave a comment and tick the 'email follow up comments' box, they may come to me.... I'll give it a try :-)

Lin said...

Great work on your caddy Raewyn and I do love your little Omigosh blocks. Keep warm. xx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work Raewyn ,love your caddy ,well done xx said...

The caddy turned out great. Love the little vest. My daughter saw something like that and wanted one for her friends little girl. The buttons are great.

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Love your finished caddy Raewyn! And your leaders and enders blocks are really cool... love the pattern! xx

Lisa J. said...

The caddy is so well done. I'm very impressed. The little vest is so cute. as well but I really love the leaders and pretty. It's interesting to hear that you have early cold weather as we have early hot weather which added to our usual humidity is making life a little uncomfortable.

Needled Mom said...

That's a fabulous caddy and I love the leader ender blocks.

We, too, had the coldest winter and our trees are really showing the effects of it at this time of the year. I think the cold affects us more when we are from warmer climates! Right?

Connie said...

These projects are wonderful . . . is there anything that you cannot do? I'm always amazed at your sewing and quilting. Beautiful and practical, these will certainly be loved and cherished.
Have a sweet day.
Connie :)

Ellie Merk said...

I love the foxes caddy - very useful :)

Julie said...

Your caddy looks great, yes soft and stable is fun to play with. We have the fire going now too, definitely winter here, 2 frosts this week so far. Loving your Ohmygosh blocks too.

gz said...

lovely photo of a Tui..
We've been having your sort of temperatures in the West of Scotland...25 by day and 12 by night!
I've got a jumper to finish...must workout what stitch I was using!!

Maria said...

The caddy is lovely and a cute little vest too.Bet you are pleased your could light your fire.
Enjoy working on your tiny blocks...

Mystic Quilter said...

Great size caddy bag and lovely fox fabric! The weather certainly is pretty chilly - it was 5 degreesC when I went outside this morning!

Karen S said...

Your caddy is marvellous. That is a great finish. It will be so useful.
And the little vest is a delight, too. Very snug and warm for a little one.
Good work on your blocks. It is lovely to see them come together.
Brrr..... That does look cold. So pleased you were ready to use the fire. Hope you are in front of it now keeping warm!