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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Monday is the new Sunday

It's become a bit of a routine that Sunday is My Day - when I selfishly shut myself in The Palace and sew and craft with little regard for the rest of the world (hmmm, well sort of!). We even have a very regular and easy Sunday night dinner of toasted sandwiches so I don't need to spend the day thinking about what to dish up - all I have to do is make sure we have enough bacon, eggs and cheese on hand.
Lately though my Sundays have become fuller and fuller - and some weekends not even a stitch is sewn - horror!
This week I decided to put that right and decided that Monday would be a Sunday! Great idea.
So after a morning (yes!!) of stock work vaccinating the herd and getting a jolly good workout, I started.

I didn't think I was going to make any yellow scrappy sprouts for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge this month as I don't have a lot of yellow, but after seeing Kathy's sprouts over the weekend, I decided I really needed to try :-)
I managed to find a few yellows....
(Here I 've decided, gold counts as a yellow!)
And sewed them to my previous greens.
I'm pleased I made the effort - the splash of yellow will be a nice touch :-)

I then had a play with my Friday's Village blocks (aka Moda's Be My Neighbour). I was tossing up whether to use more of my backgrounds for sashing, or use another fabric... I've decided on this cute grey print —

— and sewed it on before I could change my mind! 
And here is what will probably be my only finish for the month! The wee Milo vest I was making in my last post is finished and washed and waiting for my next visit to town to mail away.
It will end up in a baby pack...these are for needy babies, put together by the Little Sprouts group.

And so ended my Sunday on Monday :-) And I am thinking Wednesday afternoon is the new Sunday (or Monday?!) evening - that is when I thought I'd have this blogpost written!

This coming weekend I am tutoring a class so I had best be off again and get some prep work done.
'til next time,
happy stitches,


Janet O. said...

Yes, gold counts as yellow, and gives the sprouts great depth!
We all need some "me" time, don't we? It is so therapeutic (and has been sadly lacking in my days lately).
Laughed at the line about sewing on the grey print before you could change your mind. I hope that works for you. : )
Sounds like you just have to take your "Sunday" in parts throughout the week.
Trying to assemble the swap quilt tonight, but it may not get quilted and be in the mail until early next week. It is a crazy busy week! No matter how well you think you have scheduled things, life happens, right?

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Love your splash of yellow! Good idea to change your Sunday to a Monday :)Actually, Sunday in Arabia is Monday so there your Sunday (Monday) would be... um... Sunday.... confused yet?! xx

margaret said...

sprouts looking good and be my neighbour too have it downloaded as a BOM I want to do one day. Knitting will be so warm and cosy for the cold weather

Lin said...

Well any day could be Sunday really! Love your yellow/gold sprouts, they look great with the green and the little vest is gorgeous. xx

Michelle Ridgway said...

I really struggled with yellow as well this month. Your sprouts are so sunny! Loved all your other projects xx

Chantal said...

Lovely projects Raewyn! I do like the yellow sprout leaves. Glad you are finding time to create and stitch. Sometimes one just has to make an alternative plan. Why can't Monday be the new Sunday!!!

Linda in Calif. said...

Yellow fabric is just not easy to find. And I often don't care for the ones I do find. (And yellow is my favorite color!) So that could be one reason you don't have many in your stash - however, didn't these turn out lovely? What kind of class are you teaching?


Great projects--and yellow is always a good color to add to quilts--
and such a tiny, beautiful finish in the little vest--
is that your own pattern???
Glad you found a Sunday-even if it was on a Monday!!!
enjoy the moments, di

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Glad you found some time for sewing, it'll be sunday somewhere!

Helen said...

Lovely projects the splash of yellow looks great with the sprout leaves and the little vest is adorable.

Leeanne said...

I'm confused.....what day IS it?? creativity in your sewing place!

Needled Mom said...

I love your RSC blocks.

kiwikid said...

The yellow sprouts look wonderful. Sometimes it is hard to get the sewing time, especially when you always have lots to do on the farm. The gray print looks wonderful on the block. Well done on the vest finish.

Maria said...

Pleased you found enough fabrics to make your Yellow sprout.. Looks good with the green ones..
I like the grey for your bacground..
Sweet vest to keep a little one warm.

Sheila said...

Gold certainly passes for yellow in my books , great blocks . The little vest is adorable and will keep some little wee one nice and cosy . Enjoy your Sunday on a Monday or a Tuesday or whenever it fits in ☺

Anonymous said...

Any day makes a good stitching day, no matter what you call it. LOL You did get some things pushed along. I like the small touch of yellow in your leaf blocks. Way to go, Raewyn!

Mystic Quilter said...

Sprouts are looking good!! Love the "Monday is the new Sunday" great idea.

KaHolly said...

Loving those sprouts! It's good that you can designate another quilting day with your busy life!

Karen S said...

I am so pleased you were able to find time to set aside for you. We often give up our own time.
Lovely work on the yellow sprouts and they do look good. That is a lovely fabric for the sashing in the houses, too.
And of course a great knitting finish as well.
Any day is a great day for stitching.

Marie said...

Sundays at the Palace sound delightful, right down to the easy peasy dinner. Your sprouts are darling and that yellow will be a nice addition - it's amazing what we can find in our stash when we dig a bit, isn't it? Here's to Sunday!

Suz J said...

Ha, Monday is the new Monday... two weeks later! I love the blue print around your house blocks - great choice. And your knitting is so even! Cute little pattern. said...

I love your yellows and yes in my opinion gold works. Like your sprouts.