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Monday, November 14, 2016

Auckland's Festival of Quilts

Recently the Auckland Quilt Guild hosted their annual show, The Festival Of Quilts.This is a show I look forward to every year; I think it's our biggest New Zealand quilt show. I'm a little slow to blog about this - I'm not sure where the time has flown to in the last week!

Before I could enjoy the quilts though there was a lot of work to be done.
The shop I work at, The Country Yard, had a booth there again this year...the last few (or more) weeks have been really busy as we made samples, packed kits, and tried to get ready for the show.
After an afternoon spent setting up - with quilts up, quilts down, quilts moved sideways then back again, cushion up, cushion down, cushion sideways and back again, we were finally set up and were really happy with how our booth looked.
We had a good view of some of the quilts from our booth —
And also the challenge quilts —
Here is the stadium from above —
I worked in the booth on Friday and a little of Saturday; then it was time for me to be a spectator...
There was a wide variety of quilts; this was the Best Of Show —
No Entry by Norma Slabbert
This quilt had a mixture of hand quilting and machine quilting.
Typical me though, went for some thing a little more traditional for my favourite —
Red Radiant by Colleen Burr
Amazing piping finshed it off beautifully.

As usual for me my photos mostly consist of a bit of quilting, a block design, or a colour combination. Here is a very small sampling of some of the quilts that were there —

My Favourite Fabrics by Ruth Reynolds

Love Entwined by Jennry Henry
Flower Power by Chris Behersing

Catch Me If You Can by Betty McLean

Southern Stars by Mary Hawke
Amazing teeny tiny stars!
Aim for the Moon by Marie Harrison

Buona Notte by Sue Flego

Of course there were a plenty more quilts shown and there have been a good variety of photos on some other local blogs;  visit Julie, Wendy, Ali, Leeann if you want to see more. 

Lately I've been showing sneak peeks of an applique project I've been working on....I had enough of it completed to be able to share on our booth. Evandale is a BOM I am making the sample for, for next year. I think it's going to be lovely!
Another weekend has been and gone... I finally had a chance to turn my machine on and do a little secret Christmas sewing...then got back into my Mod Bear Paw's box and did some sorting... I have pieces cut and ready to sew. I'm still behind but making slow progress :-)
At the moment I am on a quick trip 'down the line' to visit some family...among other things, I have delivered the baby gifts I finished in my last post, as well as these two little beanies YD knitted for her new second cousin...yes, she is having a short break from dog jerseys - aren't these cute?
These are both Ravelry patterns she found.

We awoke this morning to hear the distressing news that there had been earthquakes further south, and nasty ones at that. Where we live in the north we are well out of the shaking zone but I did appreciate emails from bloggy friends 'just checking'. As with us all, my heart goes out to everyone who's been affected by the quakes...there's a lot of rebuilding of lives to do.


Anonymous said...

Hi Raewyn your booth looks fantastic and I love the locks thAt you made for the BOM.
Wow I am impressed with YD,she has her mothers talent that's for sure her little beanies are so cute .
Sorry to hear about the earthquakes I hope no lives are lost,saying prayers for all the people affected,so glad you and your family are ok xx

Shirley said...

Hello Raewyn, it is a long time since I have been here and I am playing catch up with everything blog related. Good to see you are keeping busy with your projects and you have shown some delightful quilts from the exhibition. i am sorry to hear of the earthquake.much love.xx

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

the quilt show looks great, I always love the traditional quilts best and lovely to see a finished "Love Entwined" in there. glad you were out of the earthquake area

Janet O. said...

I heard about the quakes on the late news and am glad to hear it wasn't in your area, but sorry for those affected!
Looks like quite a good sized show, and your shop's booth appears large and inviting. I'm with you on the favorite quilt. : )
Your applique project is beautiful!!
Those beanies are SO cute.

Needled Mom said...

I was wondering about the earthquake and your proximity to it. It looks like a bad one.

The quilts are beautiful and those little caps are adorable.

sunny said...

So happy to hear from you yesterday that you were well away from the 'shaking zone'. Prayers continue for those further south. Your booth looks quite lovely! The quilts are amazing, although I'm not sure I would agree with "Best of Show." I'm a little too traditional to fully appAndreciate that.

Lesley said...

So nice to read your post! The booth is stunning...I love so much that I see. The BOM you are working on is spectacular. Thanks for sharing pictures of those gorgeous quilts!


Am glad you are ok-was worried as I did not know just where in NZ you did live--
I need to get a map and put pin marks in it where all my friends live--
love all the quilts you showed--thanks--
don't you just want to rush home from these events and make all the pretty quilts you seen???
love and laughter, di

Cisca Heiden van der said...

I saw the images of the earthquake on the television, how awful! And i'm wondering all day if the cows on that little piece of land are still there. Of course people are more importend than cows, but I am so sorry for them!
But the booth of the Country Yard is lovely, as are your samples of the next year BOM. And lovely to see all those nice quilts, thank you!

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

It was a great show, lovely pics! The 'flower power' quilt really appealed to me,and those teeny tiny stars in Mary's quilt were a.mazing! Not nice for those who woke to the rumbling & shaking, and tsunami warnings, sounds like we need to all move 'up north'

Kerry said...

Love your post Raewyn and yes The Country Yard booth was awesome.
YD's baby hats are real cute!!
Agree it was not nice to wake up to the earthquake news, feel for everyone involved!
Happy stitching xxxxx

Fiona said...

what a lovely assortment of quilts... that's always my favourite part of these shows....

Julie said...

Your booth looked stunning Raewyn ... you girls should feel very proud. It looks amazing. I'm with you on the more traditional quilts being my choice too. Your daughters hats are just gorgeous - what lovely gifts they would make.

Mystic Quilter said...

Thanks for sharing your photos, looks like another great show, sadly couldn't get there this time. The Country Yard booth oohs beautifully bright and a good size too.

Melody said...

Looks like a wonderful show. Hope the earthquakes have not impacted on you. Poor New Zealand, terrible event

Julie said...

It was a good show, lots of interesting quilts and some amazingly talented quilters out there. So lucky we live up North at this time.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Enjoyed all the eye candy....thanks!

margaret said...

First to say had been concerned re the earthquake, good to know all is well where you are , hopefully there will be no more aftershocks for those who lve on Suth island.

Some lovely quilts you have shared and the booth looks lovely. Cannot think of a better way to spend a day han browsing a quilt show. Liking your BOM too that you are working on.

Marlene said...

Lovely to meet you at the show Raewyn. There certainly were an interesting mix of quilts from some very talented quilters. Lots of eye candy for sure. Feeling for those down south.

Lin said...

Your booth at the show looks fantastic - I am feeling jealous as I have had no chance to get to a show this year. I love the look of the applique block and those little beanies are so cute. Stay safe. xx

Maria said...

I am pleased to read you are okay but it is so sad to hear of the loss of live and destruction....

WOW sew many talented ladies who made the beautiful quilts at your show..
What cute beanies your YD has knitted.

Sue said...

Dog jerseys to cute hats!! Obviously the talent came from her mother. We woke up to being rocked by the earthquake, it was weird. Cannot imagine how horrible it must have felt down south considering how far away Hamilton is.

Anonymous said...

What wonderful quilts you shared. I'm like you and loved the quilt by Colleen Burr. That is amazing! I thought Betty McLean's was also, and of course, Love Entwined. I would have loved doing that one with the yahoo group, but it was too time consuming for me at the time ... and still. I love it, though. Definitely an heirloom. I think your BOM for next year will be, too! I wish I were there to come do it with you every month. YD's knitted caps are adorable!

Karen S said...

Your booth did look wonderful. And thank you for sharing some of the wonderful quilts on display. Glad you have managed to get back to a few of your sewing projects. Hope all the visits went well.
Yes, sad to see the damage from another quake. That area has already had to deal with too much.

Lara B. said...

What a sharp looking booth! I bet it was fun to work there. The whole show looks marvelous!
Raewyn, i just wanted to say that I hope you and all those you hold dear are safe and unharmed by the earthquake. The photos I saw only today are devastating.

Michelle Ridgway said...

The CY booth looked wonderful and very chuffed to see Pudding Ted on the wall...woohoo! Thanks for sharing all those gorgeous quilts also. Love your cute knitting xx

Chookyblue...... said...

behind in some comments but I wanted to say thanks for sharing these are gorgeous quilt...........