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Monday, September 22, 2014

Madness, Excitement and a Request

Madness on Sunday
You may recall a few posts back I made a Disappearing Pinwheel Block. After a comment to a fellow blogger recently wondering how small she could go with hers' I thought I should put my money where my mouth is and have a play —

Isn't it cute? Am I mad?
I made the HST for the pinwheel out of 2" squares and trimmed it to 2 1/4", I divided the pinwheel into 3 both horizontally and vertically, rearranged and sewed it up. The unfinished size of this block is 1 3/8". It is wonky but we don't sweat the small stuff, right?
And I don't think I could get any smaller!!
One little trick I have learnt when making little things is to start off bigger and trim down.
And I trimmed the seam allowances down to about 1/8th " as well.
Excitement for me!!
On Wednesday a friend and I are off down to Auckland to take part in a class with Yoko Saito!! How exciting is that?!! She does the finest fiddliest little applique and I love her use of fabrics and colours so I am really looking forward to learning from her :-) (Can you tell?)!!!!
In preparation for the class I needed to make myself an applique mat, so that was this morning's task. I used a piece of adhesive foam board and attached very fine sandpaper to one side. The back I covered in fabric (I didn't do such a good job of that, it's a little baggy) and edged it with binding using a hot glue gun as described by Lori Holt in her mini-design-board tutorials. I've been meaning to make myself some of her boards for ages, (which have batting on them rather than the sandpaper) so I guess now that I have the technique sussed there should be nothing stopping me :-)
Gathering my bits for my Yoko Saito class.
A Request 
Now this bit is for New Zealanders really, and in particular, those who live in or near Auckland. Our eldest daughter, Tarn, is counting down the weeks till the end of her study.... in November (or thereabouts), after five years intensive work, she will be a fully qualified Chiropractor!! Part of her training is working with clients in the school clinic with a certain number of 'new patient' visits and 'standard' visits each semester. She is down to single figures for her new patients but if there is anyone out there who would be interested in learning a little more about their body (and maybe any aches and pains) and having a new patient consultation please feel free to contact her. (No obligation)
Here is the blurb she sent me to use - 
Do you want to:
Reduce aches and pains? Improve performance and energy? Enhance immune system function? Improve balance and co-ordination? Improve digestive function?
Chiropractic care focuses on improving the communication between your brain and body via your nervous system. By ensuring that this system functions properly, chiropractic care can maximize your health, balance your body and improve performance. 
Enquire to at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic. 
Thank you :-)

Here's my latest letter from the Country at Heart Alphabet. Too sweet :-)
{I've run out of thread for my Let's start Christmas stitching, just as well I had something else to carry on with, isn't it?}

Have a lovely week, happy stitching,


  1. wow that is a mini!
    You ask - Are you mad? I would never be one to judge.
    Are you sure you couldn't go any smaller lol
    enjoy your workshop, can't wait to see what you get up to.

  2. Hmmm! Whatever floats your boat... That sure is tiny.
    Enjoy your workshop.
    Nice Y ?..
    Hope you can get some more thread for your stitchery soon.

  3. I love your little block, madness of the most inspiring kind. It's just so cute! And wow!! How exciting to do a class with Yoko, I'm sure it will be amazing and can't wait to see what you make.

  4. Yes, you are crazy! :) That is so tiny.
    Enjoy your class - it sounds interesting.

  5. I think I will leave that size mini to you Raewyn. I just couldn't cope with the stress.LOL. Congrats to your daughter, I would volunteer if I lived in NZ. Hugs.....

  6. absolutely mad! so tiny! well done Raewyn...

  7. Oh.My.Goodness!! I was going to go smaller than what I had already done, but not THAT small! You win the prize and I bow to your amazing skill! I had seen one other tiny version of this online--it was so wonky you couldn't really tell what block it was and it was 2". You get to be the queen of tiny!
    And now you are off to do "fine and fiddly" little applique? Looks like you are in fine form for it!
    (BTW, I wholeheartedly agree with making large and cutting down!)

  8. That IS tiny, but very cute!!!!

    Your sand board souns great. I have been meaning to make a few of Lori's boards too.

  9. Oh my goodness . . . that is tiny! You are amazing with a needle:)

  10. Raewyn, your block is as cute as you are mad ;-)))
    Enjoy your class with Yoko Saito !

    happy quilting

  11. Wow, I envy your opportunity for a class with Yoko Saito!! Now, about this mini, its simply over the top wild and wooly! So cute, take care and enjoy the class.

  12. Wow. TINY! And cute as a button. :-)

    Thank you for the link to the design-boards. I see one in my future.

  13. Hi Raewyn, Oohh soo tiny & sooo cute hanging there under your shelf :-) I love it. Hope you enjoy your class you are going to. Should any of your stitchery alphabet letters go missing . . . they may well be at my house!!!!

  14. I think you are definitely on the border of insanity there!!! how wonderful to be going to that workshop... I have seen her designs and they are amazing...

  15. Hi Raewyn wow that sure is so tiny,well done my friend and hope you have an awesome time with your class and good luck to your daughter with her chosen field.xx

  16. Your tiny DNP block is way too cute! Have a wonderful at your class. Your Y block is beautiful!

  17. Oh my goodness girl -- that is MINI.... now I'm going to have to try it too!! Ha ha ha!... Have a fun time in your class -- can't wait to hear all about it. And best of luck to your daughter. Hugs,

  18. I am so excited for you about the class!! Hope you have the best time! and that block is teeny! go you for persevering and having the play :)

  19. you have made a real mini mini here. Have a great time at the class and be sure to show us and tell us all abut it.Your letter Y is great.
    All the best to your daughter for her future she has certainly studied hard for this qualification, I do not wish bad backs to anyone but nevertheless trust they are enough out there to keep her busy

  20. Dear Raewyn,
    your little-one is as cute as possible and every Pachworker and Quilter will agree: every one of us is a little bit mad, but that kind of madness making happy and beeing everything all right.
    Your going to have a course with Yoko Saito? That´s completely cool!!!
    Enjoy it!!
    Many hugs

  21. Your little blocks are adorable!

    Lucky you taking a workshop with Yoko Saito! Have a great time and I hope you have lots of pictures to share!

  22. oh that is completely tiny........

    your workshop looks great too..........


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