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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bits and Bobs

There's been a few different things going on since last time I posted; first of all, the mailmen have done their duty and delivered some postcards. Linda, of SCRAPMASTER blog and I took part in a swap organised by Sheila. I've taken part in these before and it is always fun to see what ideas everyone comes up with. The theme for this swap was Spring, which is something I'm not dreaming of right now - I'm appreciating the (slightly) cooler weather that comes with Autumn on this side of the world. (Besides, Spring for me means lots of newborn calves and work which I'm definitely not ready for yet!).
However I did really appreciate and love the card sent by Linda - isn't it lovely? Thank you Linda :-)
Linda has edged her card with a decorative machine stitch - I hadn't
thought of doing that.
And here is the one I sent to her —

The Whangarei Patchworkers and Quilters Guild had their biennial exhibition last weekend. This great example of quilt bombing greeted us as we entered the carpark!
Great advertising! Isn't it cool - apparently this cover was borrowed from
another guild.
Thanks to Leeanne of Quiltmekiwi for sharing this photo with me :-)
I went along for a day as part of the The Country Yard - we had a booth set up so I didn't get to have a huge look at all the quilts. However there are the ones that were opposite our booth - a nice variety to gaze at in the quiet moments!
I just took the one photo of the rest of the quilts - this is the one I would have voted for viewer's choice if I'd been able to.
Flower Garden By Jeannette Monaghan.
Quilted by John Nielsen.
A Piece of Cake design.
Photos from the exhibition have been popping up on other local blogs this week. Here are some links if you would like to see what Northland, New Zealand quilters get up to —
Leeann from Quilt Whangarei (several posts)
Leeanne from quiltmekiwi
Ms Lottie from theslightlymadquiltlady
Susan from Kamo Lady

Many of you will know I love trying out new things. I've been spending my evenings this week stitching these leaves —
They are so cool to do, an adaptation of doing buttonhole stitch in a
I found the tutorial here on Karen's faeriesandfibres blog. This is a relatively new blog to me and it is so full of interesting quilty-ness and crafty-ness that I am enjoying my visits there.
Karen is currently celebrating her first blog anniversary - click here if you'd like to know more and would like to go in the draw for some fabulous prizes.
(Now you mustn't ask me about the new project I seem to be working on in the above photo, although if you visit Karen's blog, I'm sure you'll get some idea... I'm working on the premise that if I don't talk about it in blogland, it doesn't exist...gulp!!)

Ok, time to get off the computer and plant this rose bush I bought the other day :-)
Happy stitching and thank you for visiting,


Janet O. said...

I love the lambie postcard you made! So cute!
I saw the photos of the car and booth on Leeanne's blog. I don't know that she showed your favorite quilt, though (could be wrong). Gorgeous!
And so is that rose--does it have a nice scent? Anymore, I don't buy a rosebush unless it smells nice. I am so tired of flowers being bred for looks only, and no thought to the scent. So disappointing to bend down for a nice whiff and get nothing. But that is just MHO. *LOL*

Lesley said...

The postcards are and Linda were the perfect swap mates! Thanks for sharing the pictures from the quilt show...awesome car!

Michelle Ridgway said...

The postcards are beautiful. the show sounded great. I love blanket stitched flowers and leaves...gibes a whole different look....very interesting sneaky!!!

Karen H said...

Your postcards are wonderful! And I can see what you are doing with the embroidery and I am very excited! Thanks for the shout out!

Michelle said...

The post cards are so cute!! And I agree lets not think about spring! Stitching looks interesting??

Julie said...

Both gorgeous postcards Raewyn - I do love your postcard "posts" :-) That quilt show looked very lovely - I just adore that car quilt.
Loving your new project there too Raewyn.

Doniene said...

Cute, cute postcards!!! so much fun going on in your neck of the woods!!

Love your new stitching project!! Always fun to learn something new!!

I'm off to visit the new blog!

Blessings and hugs!

Susan said...

You are definitely a creative quilter, I can see it in your postcards and the variety of projects you work on. Your "new" stitch looks stunning in the variegated thread. Might pop over and have a look now.

Fiona said...

great postcards and i love that buttonhole flower stitching...

Chantal said...

Hi Raewyn
I love the postcards - both the one you received and the one you made. What a lovely idea for a swap.
I am sure you are ready for winter and not spring yet. The timing of the seasons is just right. Love the bit of your Soupçon quilt. It's a fun one to make.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

So loved the postcards! What a cute sheep.

Barbara said...

I love the postcards Raewyn and the stitching for your new secret project!!

I voted for the quilt you liked at the show, what a surprise we both seem to be drawn by applique work.

Connie said...

I absolutely love those postcards, you girls are both pretty darn amazing. I've not seen fabric postcards before. I am sure that you put a smile on every postal service person along your routes. How fun is that . . . spreading smiles across the land. It looks like you had a very busy and fun filled week. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Your blogging sister, Connie :)

Kerry said...

Hey Raewyn the tutoral for the stitching on the leaves is great and cant wait to see what you are up to!!! Hugs Kerry

Shirley said...

Lots of lovely things to look at as ever. I shall come back later to follow the links. The applique quilt is stunning.

margaret said...

you are as busy as ever, love the happy lamb postcard you made and some lovely quilts you have shared today,

Karen said...

Lovely postcards.
The quilt show looks great, too. There are always so many amazing quilts. Fun to see the car decorated.
Good luck with the embroidery. The leaf looks great with the variegated thread.

Linda said...

The postcard swap was such fun! I just love that buttonhole stitch. I will have to give that a try.

straythreads said...

thank you for the fun little quilt show!! Someday I'm going to make postcard quilts someday! have a good one Ann

Sheila said...

Lovely postcards Raewyn , so glad you both took part . Gorgeous quilt , I think I'd be voting for that one too. Must check out the links ,thanks for that . I really like those stitches , they give great interest .

-girl from the bush said...

Hi Raewyn, beautiful works .love the stitched leaves. I might give those ago they look fun. sue~nz

Leeanne said...

Cute little postcard that you made. the show was good wasn't it?
I like your sneak peek project, lovely flowers with the button hole stitch, I did that on my Heirloom Romance quilt, it adds a bit of something special.

Charlotte Scott said...

Gotta remember that decorative stitch idea - I have a postcard swap coming up soon.

marina said...

what cute cards. I'm with you enjoying the autumn weather after a hot summer.
lovely little peek

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

I do love those postcards...

Grethe said...

Love your sheep card, really joyfull , just like spring itself! Happy days into the Autumn for you, we have our first month of Spring, still freezing temp at nights, hope the flowers will survive:-)

Sue said...

Gorgeous cards, and I love your stitchery.

The Knotty Lass said...

Hey, I recognize that embroidery thread! I LOVE using it. The sheep postcard is so cute. He looks so happy! The quilts on display are gorgeous. I was planning on going to Paducah one day this year but I don't think it's going to happen now. Well, there's always next year!

Carrie P. said...

I participated in the post card swap too. I just got mine in the mail the other day and hope to do a post later. I like yours and Linda's.
I am working on my #5 border of the soupcon block.

Trillian As said...

Wonderful cards. I love the packed car. It looks brilliant in it's quilt. The quilts at the exhibition look very nice too.

liniecat said...

Just seen your fantastic soupcon central circle on Karens blog and just had to tell you how much I liked it!
Love the fussy cut centre!
Mind you having had abrowsw your other works wonderful too! lol