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Monday, December 30, 2013

Handmade gifts

A few more homemade goodies in our house this Christmas....
Mum made little sewing sets for her Grand-daughters (6 sets!!)
YD made this bear for Mum.
Isn't he a sweetie?
After swinging in the Christmas tree.... was time for a nap.
Great sentiment on this clever hanger made by Leeanne!
Cute bookmarks made by my mother in law.
Yesterday I got the urge to make Gingerbread men.
Nice to use these cutters - my Grandmother had the ginger-
bread man one and Mum had the little bear when we were
kids. They don't make them like this anymore!
Happy stitching everyone,
Have a great day,


  1. Beautiful gifts Raewyn - so nice to have a handmade Christmas.

  2. Dear Raewyn,
    what a lovely post. Your Mam looks so happy with her little Christmas Bear.
    And as I see the whole family loves to stitch, that´s really great!!!
    And you´re right: a day without stitching is quite a lost day ;-))
    Many hugs from germany

  3. so the whole family is clever with the needle it seems.... love the sewing sets and that cute teddy... I remember mums lovely cutters too.. sadly I didn't keep them...

  4. Handmade gifts are priceless and yummy too! :)

  5. Lovely Gifts Raewyn those Gingerbread Men look Great!

  6. what a lovely post Raewyn and i love all the homemade goodies that the members of your family made,such a clever lot you all are,.xx

  7. Beautiful handmade gifts...I love the new little Furry friend adopted by your Mum....I bet he was tired after all that hide and seek in the Christmas tree. How special to have those biscuit cutters.

  8. What a neat assortment of handmade gifts. I love that you still have your mother's and grandmother's cookie cutters.

  9. Well done all of you who made handmade gifts..they are such special keepsakes.

  10. Gorgeous hand made Raewyn. That teddy is so cute. Don't you think he deserves a come of new mini quilts? Fantastic use of the selvedges, and that little teddy cutter is marvellous. Oh why don't they make them like they used too?

  11. Homemade gifts are the best. They come from the heart.
    I hope your holiday created wonderful memories for you and your family.

  12. You got some lovely gifts, I think that beautiful bear does need his/her own wee quilt too.
    The gingerbread men look tasty.
    I couldn't take a photo & blog about what you gave me, as we ate them up too quick!!:-) Does an empty jar count?

  13. Some lovely home made gifts Raewyn. I love the sewing set and the bear is so cute. I love the little selvedge gift and I think I recognise a selvedge or 2. A home made gift is always special isn't it.

  14. I have a serious case of green envy-itis seeing that gingerbread man cutter! The newer ones are just not as cute.

  15. Sweet hand made gifts, Raewyn. They are the best kind!
    The cookie cutters are fun, and useful, keepsakes. I love family treasures like that.

  16. so many talented people in your family, cam see where you get your creativity from Mum has certainly made some lovely pieces. Ginger bread men look delicious, I expect they were soon gone!

  17. Beautiful home made gifts Raewyn. I love them all. Your daughter makes gorgeous bears, they are tricky to do, she gets their faces just right. I love the bear tucked up in the quilt:-) Also love what Leeanne has made you ... just gorgeous to perhaps hang on the sewing room wall. You are a lucky girl getting those ginger cutters. x0x

  18. Wonderful gifts, all of them, Raewyn. What a lovely bear, it reminds me of the kit I have to make one.
    The cutters are so lovely, you're a lucky lady to have got them, and the gingerbread men you made with them looks very tasty!
    Have a wonderful time and all the best for 2014, Cisca

  19. I adore her bears! She does such an amazing job. Your mom has been really busy too! She does such fine work. She made me a needle case a few years ago and I am so proud of it. That man cookie cutter is awesome. He looks like he is wearing a bowler hat! You don't find cutters like those anymore.

  20. Homemade gifts are the best! I LOVE that sweet bear.

  21. what a thoughtful gift from your mum ot her grand daughters. Your daughters bear is gorgeous, looks like your mum thinks so too.
    Looks like you are one crafty family that loves to share!
    how wonderful.

  22. Love the hanger - what a great idea! Lovely blog and gorgeous pictures. :)


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